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Tournament Meta Snapshot - Week of 8/30

Analysis by Darkness3827 - August 31, 2017

Hello, this is Darkness3827, once again bringing a quick insight into the Eternal Tournament Meta. For those interested in a more in depth look, you may find the complete data here. Before I begin, 1 disclaimer: This is by no means a definitive guide on what decks are the best, there simply isn’t enough data to make any of these conclusions definitive. This should however provide a solid understanding as to what decks are strong as well as show what decks might be underrepresented.

This past week marked a Season 5 ETS invitational, so there wasn’t a great deal of matches throughout the week (the Invitational runs about 1/3rd as many matches as a typical ETS weekly). This however did not stop significant shifts in the leaderboards. Before we get into the nitty gritty of the ETS, there was -- as always -- the TCG eSports weekly. Combrei Midrange ended up taking the top spot, beating out Calcium Control. There was also the introduction of a new archetype, as Dinosaur Midrange made its first appearance in a tournament setting. The deck managed a solid top 8 performance, beating Hooru Fliers but ultimately falling to Calcium Control.

Top 5 going into the week:
1. Hooru Fliers
2. Elysian Midrange
3. Rakano Plate
4. Praxis Midrange
5. Icaria Blue

Top 5 after TCG eSports weekly:
1. Elysian Midrange
2. Praxis Midrange
3. Rakano Plate
4. Hooru Fliers
5. Icaria Blue

With cash prizes and an invite to the world championships most players chose to stick with the staple decks rather than branch out to some of the more uncommon decks at the top. Of the top 10 decks, the 4 decks with the most players made up half of all the decks at the Invitational (Combrei (5), Plate, Praxis Mid (4 each), Chalice (3)). Meanwhile the 6 other decks made up only 3 of the 32 lists present (Elysian Mid, FTJ Mid, Icaria Blue (1 each), Armory, Feln Scream, Hooru Fliers (0 each)). For one of the few willing to take it, the risk paid off immensely. Elysian Midrange managed to outlast nearly all the other top decks, in the end falling just short with a 2nd place finish behind Stonescar Burn. Although Stonescar Burn claimed the title, lackluster results in some of the weeklies means the deck still finds itself outside of the top 10, currently sitting in the 13th spot. This could change though, as the gap in win-rate from 8th to 14th is an incredibly thin .8%.

Top 5 after the S5 Invitational:
1. Elysian Midrange
2. Hooru Fliers
3. Praxis Midrange
4. Big Combrei
5. Icaria Blue

Due to the small amount of data, there is no top 5 for the week.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you found this information to be informative. Due to the ETS taking a week off I won’t be making a post next week, however the analysis will be back to recap Week 1 of Season 6. The data was compiled and analyzed by myself as well as ClarityGGTV. You can watch Clarity's stream, stay up to date with his whereabouts on Twitter, and join his Discord. I almost never stream, but in the rare instance that I do you can find it here.

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Beylac Eternal Version: 1.23
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