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Nightmare/Dawnwalker Dredge

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Welcome everyone to a deck that draws cards in an unconventional way!

I want to start right away by saying thank you so much to Booker on the Direwolf Discord for sharing me their initial list, it really got me excited to play and adjust things to where I liked it. This deck would not exist as it is without them!

**Edit** Thanks psly4mne for the condemn suggestion, it's really given the deck a bit quicker responses to your opponents gameplan.

Thanks to Direwolf, Dawnwalker now only costs TT to bring back from the discard, and that is HUGE! We take this further with the help of our friend Endless Nightmare buffed by Clocktower Sentinel to casually recur 2-8 threats at the low low cost of FREE! (ish)

"but Kas, how does this deck beat Adjudicator's Gavel ?"

That's the thing.... you don't.

This deck is best pretending things like that don't exist. You can't really beat it in most cases, so just act as if they don't have it.

Some important things to think about when playing this deck:

- you really want to get to 4 power, that's when the deck starts churning out value, so don't be afraid to keep a hand with 3-4 power and rely on drawing your mill cards.

- you need to end your turn with 4 power up for the nightmare chain, there is a response window after the nightmares come back, and before your turn ends if you want to use cards like Worthy Cause before your opponent gets to start their turn.

- even though Malaise is a fast spell, often you want to play it on your turn so you don't miss out on a Clocktower Sentinel buff.

UPDATE: Post Valley changes include the addition of Valles Rex, and the market has changed from a condemn market to a grafter market. while condemn has been a solid option, cards like plunk and other aegis units have been fairly popular, and 1 damage effects are not as useful as a 2/2 regen body.

As always, let me know if you make any changes, and if you enjoyed the deck!



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Influence Requirements
2 4

Power Sources
20 17 16 4

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Deck Rarities
24 15 29 3 8

Card Types
43 0 12 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


February 7, 2022

January 7, 2022


Eternal Version
Valley Beyond

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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 7, 2022



Pencilholder Eternal Version: 22.03.02
Do you or any other player reading this have any experience in changing this thing up, so it works for gauntlet runs? I've tried it and really liked it, but I do think that it can struggle against fliers. I would love to also use this for gauntlet runs because I like the idea of this deck very much but I'm still missing some consistency.
genghizcohen Eternal Version: 22.03.04
I mostly play my build of this as a gauntlet deck, and it plays fairly consistently. I switched out both coslo's for 2 memory dredgers, which can help a bit with flyers. The other thing I've found is that if you know you're playing against a flight heavy deck, you should basically always save your rex's until the enemy attacks, since they can usually block whatever the biggest threat is, then attack the next turn. Often this can drop the AIs health enough that it starts reserving more flyers for blocking.

And obviously saving a worthy cause to decimate if you need to swing your life balance a bit.
genghizcohen Eternal Version: 22.02.02
I always love an excuse to play more dawnwalkers, and thought of combining them with valles rex as soon as I got the new pack.

I'm not a particularly competitive player, so this might be an awful game plan for someone trying to hit masters, but I've been fiddling around with slotting in a memory dredger package. With both shoal and valles getting to cost 2 or less pretty consistently, it seems like a good way to pull more value from all the the self mill - has anyone had any luck with something similar and if so what did you cut?
Kasendrith Edited Eternal Version: 22.02.02
I love the idea of playing a more mid-range deck with memory dredger. if I were to go that route, I would likely replace the coslo's for 2x dredger to see how it goes. I don't think you would need many of them since you can make use of the market to draw it from your discard.
genghizcohen Eternal Version: 22.02.02
That's smart, I tried cutting a couple of delinquents, but it ended up pushing the curve too much and I kept having clocktower sentinels I couldn't pitch stuck in my hand.

One nice synergy I've noticed with dredger: while it's fun to pull rex's and shoal dredgers, often I end up just recycling sporefolk. This also makes me feel better about cutting coslo, since a dredger hit + sporefolk gets you most of the dredge value of swinging with coslo.

It's more susceptible to disruption and cuts down on ambush units, but it should at the very least be fun jank.
Grundle Eternal Version: 22.02.02
I'm loving this deck! I wish I had tried it a month ago!

Normally I wait on throne until I've got my 9w in expedition. Today I had to switch to expedition after my 9w in throne!
Comment Deleted
billiy Eternal Version: 22.01.13
Wow, this is fun!
psly4mne Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Very fun deck. With the low cost market, I think Condemn is better than Smuggler. Infinite Hourglass is a neat market option allowing your Dawnwalkers to come back and block right away, and Turn for the Worse is always nice in a Condemn market.
Kasendrith Eternal Version: 21.12.16
I like the idea of condemn a lot as a market, the only downside is that it is not a unit for the shoaldredger count. I will have to test the idea though, thanks for the suggestion!
FightApathyOrDont Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Love this kind of deck!
Prior to Cold Hunt I saw one similar using Grasping at Shadows, Eremot's Machinations or a Market Vara, Fate-Touched to get the fatties on the board too. Reasons they didn't make the list? Thoughts on a market Xenan Temple or maybe your thoughts on the very-low cost market in general?
How have you found Fear to work? That's a new one to me! Cool idea.
P.S. For real laughed at loud at the "That's the thing.... you don't." Thank you for improving my day. :D
Kasendrith Eternal Version: 21.12.16
I actually had Machinations in the market for a while, but constantly found myself not wanting it whenever I needed to go to the market. having many 1 cost fast spells allow you to leave up 4 for nightmare to come back, then you can ambush + spell on your opponents turn. with that in mind, excavate kind of fills the role of grasping at shadows while also being a copy of any card in your discard that you might need in the situation. also to add, fear is an exceptional addition to the self discard strategy this deck wants.
FightApathyOrDont Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Solid logic! Thank you for the insights. Looks like I'll be crafting some Fear this afternoon.