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(Budget) Combrei Midrange

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Eternal Brew


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Budget midrange deck that focus on 2-3-4 unit slots.

Game Plan
Land units with great stats and buff them to land crucial face damage. Few synergies to come by: Awakened Student + Intrepid Longhorn; Kosul Battlemage / Steel-Eyed Pistoleer / Leyline Tracer + most spells. Main goal is to preserve units you have, you can't afford to loose them. So prefer defence vs offence and use battle tricks wise.

Cards & Reasoning
- Awakened Student: not the best unit, but scaling thou. Usually it dies on cast or scales up to 4/4-5/5.
- Intrepid Longhorn: great unit overall and best common for sure (in my opinion).
- Auric Record Keeper: another off curve stats and great value.
- Kosul Battlemage: really hard to deal with unit, great mind games one.
- Steel-Eyed Pistoleer: surprise you dead unit, especially with amount of buffs and protection we have in our deck. Make note that it is more beneficial to go for kill with Aamri's Choice + Xenan Initiation targeting less HP unit, than attacking into blockers.
- Leyline Tracer: good unit with bad base stats. Vital Arcana cast makes it huge. Make note that you do not need to target him to get buffed, so you can distribute damage over all of your units.
- Timekeeper: weakest unit in this deck, but it has potential to scale.

- Bubble Shield: unit protection from removal.
- Finest Hour: ok'ish buff and combat trick.
- Aamri's Choice: buff/face reach/tempo removal
- Vital Arcana: hand refill, buff for Leyline Tracer. I thought of Ancient Lore, but i don't like curve i am getting with that card as well as cast requirements. And as a turn 4 i would like to cast units, not refill. Turn 5 is fine, coz we get our top curve units on the field.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
21 21 16 1

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Deck Rarities
12 53

Card Types
28 0 20 0 27


May 4, 2021


Eternal Version

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