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{Mid Budget} Rakano Aggro

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Eternal Brew


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Aggro based Rakano deck with plan for mid-end game.

Deck Design
- 28 Units with concentration in 2 slot. This amount is exact amount you would like to run in an aggro deck (28-32). Ensures you that you will have more consistent drops on each of the first 3 turns.
- 26 Power cards gets you to consistent 3 power on turn 3.
- 8 weapon cards is exact rate you want to have compared to 28 units you have, so no stale weapons in hand when no units on board.
- 5 Aggro/Protection cards, 6 Tempo plays.
- Plan B vs Control decks in scope of Sword of Icaria

Game Plan
- Make early as possible drops of Warcry units, to begin stacking triggers as soon as possible.
- All except first drops has 2 battle skills, that means that all of them gets buffed from Unseen Commando. First drops can get second battle skills from Svetya's Bravery or Reinvigorate, making all of your drops benefit from Commando.
- Mid game aggression continues with Peacekeeper's Helm and Vanquisher's Blade played with their beneficial modes on turn 5. This will remove blocker out of the way while still persisting on a aggressive attacks. Silence aspect is viable due to Vara heavy played.
- Reinvigorate being a +3/+3 buff and answer to Permafrost as well as commando enabler for your first drops.
- Rebuke allows you to be more protected in Rakano mirrors, due to Highland Sharpshooter + Warhelm charge combo. Also great way to make Hojan, Crownbreaker a useless unit. While Vanquish is too late.

Tips & Tricks
- Preserve cards.
Don't play unit + weapon unless you have protection, it's better to loose unit to removal, then unit + weapon. Due to there is no ways to draw cards in Rakano colors you lose 2 cards for 1.
- Play around board wipes.
If you see Primal influence expect Hailstorm on turn 3. Play around that, rise life of your units to 4+ and do not overcrowd your board, 2 threats on board is already signal for opponent to play board wipe. In Justice decks if no 1-2 drops were made, expect Harsh Rule on turn 5, play around it. You have spells that grant creatures Aegis and if primary threat survives board wipe, you probably won.
- Play Fast Spells only on FAST speed and only in case you trade for it card or two.
It's common error to play Fast spells on your main or miss reading situation and playing it too early. So use Reinvigorate and Svetya's Bravery in response on removal or if you bait them for single/double block. Don't play those aggressive unless it's lethal.
- Play your units that will not attack ONLY after attack.
This will apply pressure on opponent, coz you will have 1 card more in hand, open power for buffs (even if you don't have them in hand) and most of times they will think twice before even blocking your 1/2 unit with something like 2/2 or 2/3. Most likely they will not.
- Do not trade units.
You don't have resources to make a 1 for 1 trades in scope of units, coz you don't have ways to fill your hand and you will run out of gas pretty soon. Attack wisely, if you see that you trade your units, it's better to hold off on attack while you will not have combat trick. You need at least 2 threats in scope of units to proceed on aggression. Replace your threads when needed and only when needed.
- Play coldblooded.
It's a generic tip for any deck, but here it is more important, coz you can get over excited when your opponent an lethal range. Calculate possibilities of opponent's plays and make decisions out of that.
- Know your enemy
Aggro utilizes same principles as Control do. You need to count and expect exact cards played vs you on each of turns.
Difference between Aggro and Control that control plays Reactive and aggro Proactive.


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Influence Requirements
1 2

Power Sources
14 16 8 4

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Deck Rarities
25 26 10

Card Types
28 10 11 0 26


July 4, 2019

December 23, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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Revisions (Since last major patch) July 4, 2019


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