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(Budget) Time to Ramp

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Note: Downgraded to (Budget) list, it's a bit on the cheat side due to all my budget lists don't use rares at all.

Finally all stars aligned. We got second +2 power relic with recent set release in form of Ancestral Oasis. Reason for me to be pumped up is consistency in a ramp plan. If you want consistency in an even ramp you should play 12 two-drop & 8 four-drop ramps in your deck. This will allow you to play 6/7 drops on turn 4. Whole curve built around ramp plan, so you will push your power efficiency to the max, no excess power you should be left with till turn 5. One of the best examples of the tempo decks i built.

Deck Design
- 16 Threats
- 12 Ramp Units in two-drop
- 8 Ramp Relics in four-drop
- 4 Mass Buff
- 6 Card Draw
- 4 Cycling
- 25 Power Cards

Game Plan
Ramp turn 2 & turn 3 to play 6/7 drops turn 4 and overrun your opponent with threats you have. It's necessary to have 2 cost ramp unit in a starting hand, so redraw until you have at least one.

Cards & Reasoning
- Devotee of the Sands / High Prophet of Sol / Trail Maker: base ramp we have but with different upsides. Devotee of the Sands can be safely played on turn 2 due to Shift mechanic; High Prophet of Sol if multiple on the board you can loose one due to it's second ability; Trail Maker provides damage for Timekeeper but dies to anything good card to replace with Power Stone if you have those.
- Plated Goliath: nice stats for a 6 cost unit as well as combat skills. Warp gives you opportunity to play threat off the top of the deck and Overwhelm pushes damage through blockers.
- Powerbreach Sentinel: one of my favorite commons in the game. Nice stats and great effect. Pumping our Timekeeper and making sentinels with Pillar of Amar on the board.
- Corpsebloom: new addition to 7 slot with new set release. Nice tempo advantage due to summon effect as well as 7/7 body on Endurance unit. Beef and a half i would say.
- Pillar of Amar: huge advantage unit. Provides value out of nothing and great synergy for our deck. Playing "+X Max Power" ramp effects we preserve power cards in our deck and having this live through turn 4 (as early as you can play this) you can flood out board with 5/5. Great synergy with Powerbreach Sentinel.

- Calibrate: new addition with set release. Seek Power but much better. Not only you can find power cards (this is pretty much only cards you will probably need through first turns) but as well as our ramp tutor for turn 3. If you replace Trail Maker with Power Stone you will have more room for error by not having turn 2 ramp in opening hand and finding it from the top with this card.
- Family Charter: smooth your turn 2 plays by peeking into the top card of the deck as well as card draw later on (turn 4 if you are not lucky enough to have threat in hand).
- Ancestral Oasis: turn 3 ramp relic as well as cycling later on when you don't need huge amount of power you have.
- Eternity Core: turn 3 ramp relic.
- Horn of Plenty: stats up for our small units as well as buff for overwhelming threats.
- Nahid's Distillation: great draw we got recent. Most off the time you will play it for the 4 cost, coz from 2 cost ramp you probably want to attack with Devotee of the Sands and only once, when it emerges. So pretty much all the time you will play it for 4 cost. Pay 4 to draw 3 is pretty good deal.

It's so consistent to see 7 drop land on turn 4 and you just go on and on with card draw and threats off the top, applying consistent pressure to your opponent. I would say this list (design not necessary cards) is definition of the Brute Force in Eternal.

Tips & Tricks

- 4 Power Stone vs 4 Trail Maker
- 4 Sandstorm Titan / 4 Veteran Mercenary / 4 Worldbearer Behemoth vs 4 Timekeeper
- 4 Worldbearer Behemoth / 4 Caiphus, Wandering King / 4 Gnash, Desert Prince / 4 Mystic Ascendant / 4 Thundering Kerasaur vs 4 Plated Goliath / 4 Powerbreach Sentinel
- 4 Ancient Terrazon / 4 Ravid, Insect Master / 4 Rhinarc Huntpack / 4 Merizo, Gladiator Hero / 4 Bhodi & Rox vs 4 Corpsebloom / 4 Pillar of Amar

Even thou you can replace in a form of any-to-any card from the list, i would suggest to align synergies for a much bigger outcome.

Example 1: Empowering
- 4 Worldbearer Behemoth vs 4 Timekeeper
- 4 Mystic Ascendant vs 4 Plated Goliath
- 4 Ravid, Insect Master vs 4 Corpsebloom
This replacement will lean heavy towards Empower mechanics. You will have Worldbearer Behemoth & Powerbreach Sentinel units with attack triggers to benefit from Mystic Ascendant pump/card draw as well as making wide board with Ravid, Insect Master & Pillar of Amar. Just from one attack in any combination of those cards on board will result in a huge advantage on the board. (t4 Worldbearer Behemoth into t5 Pillar of Amar + Sigil Played is a 21 Attack Power on the board).

Example 2:
- 4 Sandstorm Titan vs 4 Timekeeper
- 4 Thundering Kerasaur vs 4 Plated Goliath
- 4 Gnash, Desert Prince vs 4 Powerbreach Sentinel
- 4 Ancient Terrazon vs 4 Corpsebloom
- 4 Merizo, Gladiator Hero vs 4 Pillar of Amar
This replacement will give you huge bodies on the board with pretty nasty effects like "can't fly", "killer insects and flying units toss back to deck", "big Overwhelming lizards", "huge invulnerable lizards" and "i deal damage and triple up my board presence with all that listed above".

Example 3: Budget upgrade
- 4 Veteran Mercenary vs 4 Timekeeper
- 4 Caiphus, Wandering King vs 4 Powerbreach Sentinel
- 4 Bhodi & Rox vs 4 Corpsebloom
- 4 Merizo, Gladiator Hero vs 4 Pillar of Amar

So base shell stays as is, you just upgrade your 6/7 slot threats.

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Deck Rarities
24 26 4

Card Types
28 14 8 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]


May 26, 2020

January 16, 2019


Eternal Version
v20.05.04 - Shadow of the Spire

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Rizahn Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Good idea, doesn't work.

Maybe if you have the sideboard switched in.

Fun deck. Just gets slaughtered against decks with flying or mill decks or aggro. Maybe needs healthgain? IDK

Edit: Went 0-6, had lots of fun. YMMV
Hexxen Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Hmm, I had problems vs aggro decks. But Mill and Flying units never was a problem.
Even more, I played 2 games in recent event (First unit played in turn summon same cost random unit). First time I finished 4-3, second time 5-2. I played most matches vs JT shift units.
Rizahn Eternal Version: 1.50.6
It might just be me (I've only been playing for ~2 monhts). I upvoted the deck because it's fun, maybe it's just tricky to pilot
Hexxen Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.6
It's not perfect or high competitive, but 0-6 is quite a score. In total games I played it had about 50% winrate. Problems with control and go wide strategy, but not with a mill and flyers.