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The Triforce of Argenport

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Hey there, it's your residental brewer Kira again, and today I'm sharing a deck based around Minotaurs! The new set gave a lot of new tools for the tribal, including some heavy caliber (unfortunately legendary) cards, namely Gift of the Auric Bank and Black Book, Pit Boss! Both support the deck in very different ways and in combination with Tavrod, Auric Broker we have a well rounded set of cards to deal with any given situation. Hence the name Triforce or Argenport! :P
"Kira, i think people figured that out already...", "Well, i just wanted to make sure that everyone underst-" "You're talking too much as always, just shut up and get to the deck profile!" :''( *Crying in corner*

Gameplan: The most important thing about this deck is to hit 5 power! That's when the deck really starts to play, all your legendary 5 drops will provide a lot of value over time and except of Tavrod, Auric Broker, all off them do something the turn they're played, Black Book, Pit Boss takes out a card in their hand while being an annoying wall, and Gift of the Auric Bank is one of the best Xenan Obelisk-type of cards they have ever printed, it's even stronger than Sunset Stone for elves, which i thought was hard to imagine.
Since gift also buffs relic weapons we run a package of Hidden Garotte, Nullblade and Stormhalt Plating with Battlemaster Kitaxius to buff all of them, important thing to know, with Garotte he gives all of your relic weapons unblockable, and Stormhalt Plating with unblockable is not particularily fun for the opponent. Atleast 14 face damage with not much room to interact is wild and an excellent finisher! Exploit and Lost Scroll to hit/ramp to 5 and disrupt plays, Just Desserts and Display of Will as removal spells, Display also allows AP to deal with relics and sites now, which i think is kinda nuts considering it was one of the big weaknesses of the faction. Nothing Remains to sweep the board, again we really start playing at 5, so wiping the board on 4 is absolutely fine, even if you have to kill your own units. Auric Interrogator also really appreciates the buffs you get across the board from Black Book, Tavrod and Gift.

Market: Argenport Tome and Regent's Tomb to always hit your power and potentially sit on a site for some more over time value.
Belltower Shot is a really fun market removal spell, either you kill the unit that puts pressure on you, or you take out something from their hand, very versatile and most certainly not the worst grab most of the time.
Saloon Massacre as fast aoe spell and last but not least the gem of this market in any way imagineable,
Last Stand at the Gate! I was so excited to finally find a home for this card and it's so fun with some Gift of the Auric Bank on board. With one gift we're talking about 3 4/4's with endurance and a 8/7 relic weapon! It's hilarious and surprisingly strong for stabilizing!

And that's it, I'll respond to questions regarding card choices and (budget) replacements asap as always. I might also make an expedition version of this deck if people want to see that. Have fun and show them 'stinky smoothskins' who's the boss in Argenport! It's us, we're the boss, not them. 100% us.... right? right? right!

Enjoy eternal, your Kira. Get out of here :P


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]

Control Midrange

May 14, 2022


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SilentNSly Eternal Version: 22.05.13
Kira, What do you think of a market Copperhall Chancellor to counter Unleash?
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 22.05.13
Dang you're a smart cookie :P, that is definately a consideration in the future, but also a question of how meta relevant the whole unleash mechanic is in throne. So far except of the combo decks no deck really get much value out of them, simply because aggro and Kira ascending decks are still just everywhere and more consistent. Tbh the new set didn't really affect the meta in throne at all. Because he's an Minotaur you kinda want a card like this to hit with tavrod, but he's really situational so I could see this being played over like the argenport tome, which is just a consistency slot anyways. Feel free to add him :))
SilentNSly Eternal Version: 22.05.13
I see. That makes sense.

I just been enjoying the new Unleash mechanic and been making tons of jank around Eclipse, Carnivorous Terror and Rewind so probably weighted it too high.
alamat01 Eternal Version: 22.05.13
Sharp tactician and Minotaur Platemaker works well with this deck. Weapons made by Platemaker receives the buff from GotAB. I removed Battlemaster Kitaxius and other relic weapons except Stormhalt Plating
ArrowofKira22 Edited Eternal Version: 22.05.13
That's acceptable. Making the deck faster should work too but that wasn't the picture i had in mind with the deck. I wanted to make it old school armory style and i simply hadn't the space to add cards like Sharp Tactician and Minotaur Platemaker, Have fun with your version of the deck! <3
FourManaSevenSeven Eternal Version: 22.05.13
sir what should I use over exploit
ArrowofKira22 Edited Eternal Version: 22.05.13
If you don't like Exploit you have the option to either max out the other cards that are 3 offs in the deck you personally like having more copies off, you can also add Scornful Elite or you just add Argenport Blueprints, your choice.
Cat Eternal Version: 22.05.13
is this deck good for gauntlet? any modifications? thanks.
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 22.05.13
It's very expensive for gauntlet specifically, you're better of playing cheaper decks, but it should work. Only like the last fight could be difficult if a random rule is applied that completly blows you off the board but that's the risk always in playing gauntlet.
Random_7945 Eternal Version: 22.05.13
I wonder if Valkyrie Enforcer is worth playing in the list.
ArrowofKira22 Edited Eternal Version: 22.05.13
Yeah it's possible, if you miss something it's definately a reasonable addition/substitution. I tried to play as many minotaurs as possible but i still only ended up with like 15, which is surprisingly enough since we run so many control tools.