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Unseen Curses

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Update December 2019
We got cool buffs and new toys: time for a make-over. I playtested a lot - switched our third faction to Justice and then back to Time - and came up with some changes. Mainly I put Felrauk's Choice in. What a great card. Great card advantage. Kills their stuff and protects ours. Also Conservatory Alchemist is nice. All in all the deck became even more curse themed, which feels great!

Unseen Curses
If you love the Unseen and you're a sucker for synergies, this is your deck. Although I made Masters with this deck a couple of times, I wouldn‘t recommend it, if that‘s your only goal. If you want to have tons of fun though, go for it.

General strategy
We're mostly winning with Rindra, the Duskblade, Zelia, the Vain or with Skywalk Enforcer in the air. Obviously we want to pump Skywalk with curses.

Especially in longer games our Night-subtheme becomes relevant. I won lots of games with this one last night-damage. Or two damage with Nyctophobia.

Opening Hands
I usually keep hands with one or two of our powerful 2-drops and one or two pieces of removal. Really lovely is a Fenris or Miris with Zelia. That means Zelia on turn 3. Great. I also don't mind weird hands with two or three Great Valley Smuggler. Just get Infinite Hourglass from the Market and beat them down with your 4/4 Smugglers. Hourglass also gets rid of their Freeze effects.

We've got a pretty low curve, but hefty sigil requirements due to Teacher, Rindra and Zelia. We need 2 of all as soon as possible. The power base has been a struggle but now it's pretty smooth.

Some Card Choices

Vara's Intervention
This card is insanely good, especially since the last buff. Get your pumped up Skywalk or Zelia back from the Void. Kill their smaller dudes. And since the -2 is permanent, they can't reanimate them. Cool. And last but not least: win games by giving your guys unblockable. Also comes in handy if you really want your Teacher to hit.

Safe them for big nasty stuff. Don't waste them.

Fenris Nightshade
He's for card draw obviously. But also he pings any enemy that is cursed. Sometimes that will win a game.

Miris Nightshade
I love this card to death. It's mostly a 4/3 for 2 and ultimating it for that sweet Nyctophobia happens more often than I thought. Sure, the ultimate is still overcosted and I am hoping for another buff here, but still. Love it.

Best market card against control. That’s how we win.

If you've got any questions or suggestions: Keep them coming!



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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 2 2

Power Sources
11 11 12 11 4

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Deck Rarities
8 31 23 12

Card Types
29 7 17 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]

Aggro Midrange

December 17, 2019

January 28, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.47 - The Flame of Xulta

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Revisions (Since last major patch) December 17, 2019


Tazdingo Eternal Version: 1.44
Hey there...
i totally like the idea of this deck. but as a fairly new f2p player i would have to invest 12k shiftstones into it.
do you think this deck would still be able to bring me to masters?
my main concern is having to craft zelia 3 times and that it is not good in any other decks at the moment.
so im trying to figure out if i should still craft this deck because it looks fun but at the same time i dont know if it still performs good enough on ladder.
Can you help me with that? :)
thx in advance
Shackleton Eternal Version: 1.44
Thanks for your interest! This can bring you to masters, but not as easily as other decks like Rakano. It's very skill intensive and can be frustrating at first. But then, when you get to know it, and you surprise your opponent with this maul out of your market to turn a game around ... pure magic. Nobody expects this deck, so that's a plus. Still, I totally understand that crafting those Zelias is a hard choice. Although she is kind of the heart of the deck you might wanna replace her with something like Moonstone Vangard at first, until you know if the basic mechanic suits you.
Tazdingo Eternal Version: 1.44
hey! thanks for the reply... i build it already and did a few changes (cut yellow as i was having a hard time to connect with teachers)
great fun so far :)
Shackleton Eternal Version: 1.44
Good to hear, glad you're having fun. Going two colors is an interesting way to go for sure.
Tiberius Eternal Version: 1.43
Man. This looks really fun. Is it difficult to get used to?
Shackleton Eternal Version: 1.43
Yeah, it takes some time. First you might lose some games, but when you stick with it, it’s really rewarding. You really gotta know if you’re the beatdown or not. That’s most important. You gotta know what you are up against. Because you can play this deck very aggressive or very controlling and when you make the wrong call, you lose. But once you know that, it’s soooo much fun. And since this deck is pretty off meta, nobody sees you coming. Playing that Maul out of the market for instance.
bowzz Eternal Version: 1.43
cant craft it, but you deserve probs for not beeing mainstream :)
Shackleton Eternal Version: 1.43
Thanks, much appreciated.
Comment Deleted
Shackleton Eternal Version: 1.43
I‘m sorry you didn‘t enjoy this deck as much as I did. I tested it for months and can assure you, you can climb with this. It is, however, rather skill intensive and you really need to know the meta. Take your time and get to know all lines of play. It’s really rewarding.
Comment Deleted
Comment Deleted
Scarecrow9black Eternal Version: 1.43
What are your thoughts on Darkveil Agent in this deck? Also am tempted to put a scream in the board to get back Rinda but this does seem to be a very cool brew and am trying it out now on the ladder. Thanks for the cool deck
Shackleton Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
Thanks for your thoughts. Darkveil is great but New Vara is still all over the Place and makes it so much worse than Any other 2 drop in this list. I used to play scream to connect teacher and rinda. But then I lost it for more removal. Depending on the meta It still might be a good idea to run it. Maybe in the market?

Edit: Spelling
Tiberius Eternal Version: 1.43
Awesome. I may just craft the missing cards and try it out. Thanks!!!
Shackleton Eternal Version: 1.43
Cool! have fun!