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Mikey's Transmogrify Mania

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Very fun deck , even if I feel that it needs more tweaking. So I am posting on here to get ideas from you fine people. Feel free to test it out. I have tested it out in Diamond rank gauntlet and live practice pvp. Have not tried in ranked as of yet. Even for rng it seems to do pretty well on my end, but like I said I feel it needs more tweaking.

The goal of this deck is to turn those cute little 1/1 grenadins and sheep into beefy critters that the opponent will have trouble controlling.

Vargo's Pelt is amazing and low cost. The more you can get out early the beefer the critters.
The research assistant has helped me pull off Mass Polymorph early at times. just helping me get the early primal influence along with fire along side of it first turn helps with speed.
Re-read is very helpful but I am debating to knock it out to 2 only but you tell me what you think.

Debating in replacing tend the flock, i do use those for chump blockers if need be instead of the grenadins because they only count as 0 in the cost.

I have pulled off a win in 4 turns with this deck for practice pvp and have had people quit out of frustration pretty fast.

But as most decks , there is not anything bullet proof. for 20 games in practice I have had a win ratio of 14-6.
I feel it could be better however. So hey community, want to help me make it better? If you have any suggests in cards to add and remove that I did not think of leave a comment below!

In any case. It is very fun deck in itself and less boring than the meta as of right now.
Happy Gaming All.


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August 12, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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