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Surely Tomorrow Davia's Aid 'll arrive...

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Slightly different version of pensfan62's Davia deck he made on his stream, focused around Davia, Azurebreaker, Aid of the Hooru and A New Tomorrow.
Gameplan is to discard some of your high cost spells like Aid of the Hooru to cheat them out with Davia, while trying to play a mix of midrange and control with a lot of discard synergies. Like every other midrange deck we try to play into the board on curve but with the ability to take a game really slow and simply focus on Davia, Azurebreaker to win the grind game. The best example to explain this style of deck is Shorthopper, he allows you to mill cards from the market like Send a Message or A New Tomorrow while still playing a unit on the board with the ability to give you even more advantage with his ultimate if the game goes long. I'm just going through a couple of cards and explain why we're running them; Garden of Omens helps you to search for any spell of your deck while providing versatile removal. As 2 cost removal we run Ice Bolt, useful for potentially killing your own unit to ramp and Annihilate, both are able to kill pale riders from Elding of the Final Hour whats kinda important rn. Bottled Insight and Forbidden Research are our way to draw and to fix influence to maybe even hard cast Aid of the Hooru if necessary while being a discard trigger. Elding of the Final Hour is just an amazing card, he helps playing into a board without paying any energy and being an amazing discard target. Savior of the Meek is also an amazing discard target and plays a token on board to help us defend and providing a unit for Elding to sacrifice or for Ice Bolt, if you need to ramp.

Turn to Seed is a market staple, not gonna explain it a lot,
Send a Message is one of our two targets for Shorthopper, faster and pretty useful if they happen to only have one unit on board. Keep in mind if we have garden on board you can even Transpose it out of the market if necessary.
A New Tomorrow is our prioritized Davia, Azurebreaker target, after you cast it the opponent pretty much has only one turn left to kill you.
Clutch of Talons is our flexible finisher, after A New Tomorrow you can play like a billion dragons to stabilize, or maybe you just play it as a 4 cost weapon on a unit to push some immediate damage.
Last card left is Experimental Forcefield, i'm testing it rn and it was pretty useful to lock the opponent out of a game when they can't attack you at all, not all decks have fliers and if we have a face aegis it's actually pretty annoying to deal with it, but it can easily be Cover From the Storm or Malediction, your choice, as your market aoe spell.

Tech cards and card replacements: I tech one End of the Line for lifesteal and as a warp spell for garden, use Fall to Ruin if you don't like it. Replace Savior of the Meek with Jotun Hurler, Grenahen or Maveloft Huntress, your choice. if you don't have Aid of the Hooru use something else that's expensive like Channel the Tempest, but keep in mind Aid is an amazing spell for stabilizing so craft them asap. i already said Experimental Forcefield can be replaced, Clutch of Talons is a tricky one, maybe you just go for Rain of Frogs to play more control or Toll of Warfare if you happen to run into a lot of reanimator, there is not really another good amplify 4 cost spell, maybe Know Thy Enemy, but keep in mind we're not running justice influence maindeck, we can only get it with Forbidden Research.

And that's the deck overexplained for you, i'll answer questions asap as always, your kira <3


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Influence Requirements
2 1 2 3 2

Power Sources
13 17 11 16

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Deck Rarities
8 16 28 4 19

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19 2 30 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Stormbreak [Set1107]

Control Midrange

June 1, 2021


Eternal Version

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