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(Budget) Edge Divers

Throne Deck By
Eternal Brew


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Primal tempo deck with a Time splash. Synergy of the Flying units. Due to the low on curve concentration of units, we can scale Wild Cloudsnake to some reasonable stats.

Game Plan:
Build your board with flying units first 2-3 turns, then protect them with Obstructive Flicker and Sodi's Choice. Opponents are not ready for a deck that heavy loaded with Negates. Main negate targets are mass removal, such as Shen-Ra Speaks, Nothing Remains, Hailstorm, Trials and Tribulations, Saloon Massacre e.t.c.

Cards & Reasoning:
- Cyber Skimmer: good candidate for turn 1 play. Draw cards with it any time you can.
- Pteriax Mount: ok'ish stats, but don't lock your early turns by Contracting it turn 1. Keep till turn 3-4, coz you can have better targets to buff with it. Unfortunately it doesn't scale Wild Cloudsnake.
- Snowstorm Druid: good candidate for turn 1 play. Face Aegis as well as a stun trigger with Sodi's Choice or Majestic Skies + Spell.
- Wild Cloudsnake: our "big" unit, scales great with all our flying units.
- Yeti Gryffyn Rider: due to underwhelming stats we have this as a filler, can land some lethal damage thou, but needs to stick to the board to do so. If you have Stormtamer's Mount it will be much better fit instead.
- Windscreamer: our "lord" for flying units, we have multiple ways to trigger it's Frenzy ability.
- Windshaper: second "lord" for flying units, should be buffed with Windscreamer if possible. If you have Aeva, Eilyn's Elite it will be good replacement, you can trigger Tribute with Cyber Skimmer or Precision Plunge.

- Precision Plunge: our big threat removal.
- Trick Throw: good early removal as well as a frenzy trigger.
- Obstructive Flicker: mainly for unit protection from mass removal, but can be used as a mass removal vs go-wide decks.
- Sodi's Choice: mainly used as a protection form removal, but also can be used to land down blockers and/or to Stun units with Snowstorm Druid trigger.
- Sleight of Hand: draw for the deck, frenzy enabler for Windscreamer.

- Majestic Skies: cheap wide buff as well as added value in scope of tutor.

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September 9, 2022

January 2, 2019


Eternal Version
Enter the Arcanum

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theftpnewbie Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Great deck for FTP. replaced scaletender with journey guide as i think it synergises better
Hexxen Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Scaletender draws you unit that can get +1/+1 and/or Berserk. Same true for Scaletender itself.
Where Journey Guide is a one cost 0/3 that reduce cost of units. I would play in some kind of Clockroach build, but in this deck there are not that much to reduce in cost, 4 power is the top cost you will pay for card. So it's impact is less valuable than drawing a unit.
Also you are loosing Scaletender + Meditation value, coz playing Meditation on Journey Guide provides less value.
And main reason to evade all together one drops.

But do what works for you.
Beanchilla Eternal Version: 1.51.6
I made an account to say this is my favorite deck. I am a newer player, and not all that great at the game yet, but this has been my first non-aggro deck and I am finally getting the hang of it. I love it. I love seeing my juiced up dinos clean up towards the end of the match. Thank you for posting it!
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.51.6
You welcome!
Westuary Eternal Version: 20.08.10
Me too!
Hexxen Eternal Version: 20.08.10
Now I know what deck will get YT video next.
azurre931 Eternal Version: 1.50.8
I started playing gauntlet with this deck and it was very good. Then I played some Throne game and I am 1-10, losing almost all my games. Everyone against whom I play have between 5-10 legendaries, I can't do anything :(, I tought Eternal was not a pay 2 win
Hexxen Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.8
It's not pay to win. Eternal generous game in scope of legendaries you get and how hard to get those. Try (Budget) Argenport Gunslinger Scums, this requires less interaction with your board, e.g. less complex to play. Stick to aggressive lists as a beginner, you will get into other archetypes as you progress with the game and matches you play.
SmartJava Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.8
Been playing this deck through a few rounds of gauntlet and now going to try it out in ladder. I enjoy putting the units on top of the deck and pumping them up-- the card synergies are great.

Your comments for each of your budget decks are excellent. As a new player, it helps to know how to use the cards and what the game plan is. I plan on trying out all of your budget decks to see which deck types I like and to use your gameplay notes to learn more about how to play Eternal well.
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.47.8
Thank you, this means a lot. Feedbacks like this motivate me to create/upgrade/support my decks.
jemini Eternal Version: 1.47.6
Following your decks. Thank you so much,
Any upgrade in this deck?
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.47.6
If you want scalable deck you probably should look at (Budget) Argenport Gunslinger Scums
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.47.6
I don't think it's a viable strategy for non budget shell. CoZ most blink tricks are in common slot.
This is basically budget version of a Clockroach deck.
Hexxen Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.6
20 Likes for a deck tech + play YouTube video.
HeavtMetalHero Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.5
I'm very low level, but have been playing it on ranked and I'm loving it. Thanks for the deck.
The more I play it the more I love it. Over 50% win rate (probably closer to 60%) and I've been drinking.
Hexxen Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Thanks for feedback & kind words.
Stormseeker Eternal Version: 1.46.9
not suitable for Gauntlet, tested in Master Gaunlet three times, not even two almost wins (six wins in a row)