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Grenadin Aggro Budget Deck

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Very efficient, hyper-aggressive, budget deck. I regularly get 5 turn wins (4 turn occasionally)

This is not a subtle deck. It is hyper aggro so get out fast. If the game drags a little, you can still pull off a victory by conserving your grenadin for a mass assault with Fire Conjuring. Lifesteal decks can delay long enough for your aggro to sputter out thus the Factoy Quota. It should be your first pull from the market against Justice/Shadow.

I find the ideal draw has a 1-2-3 drop. In a perfect world this is Grenadin Drone, Coalscrounger, and Assembly Line. This sets the board pretty wide by turn three and hopefully will make Fire Conjuring your winstat. The highest cost card in the deck is only 3 so do not hesitate to accept a draw with only 2 power.

You can also make this work cheaper
-If you can live without a market, just make sure you have two Factory Quotas in the deck and you can replace Blazing Salvo with Grenade

I am pretty new to this game so I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


September 19, 2022

May 19, 2020


Eternal Version
Enter the Arcanum

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Revisions (Since last major patch) September 19, 2022



jiltist Eternal Version: 20.05.21
Curious why you choose to play two barbarian camps instead of opting for an extra two mask makers?
Toenail Eternal Version: 20.05.21
Honestly, it is what I had at the time. I now leave them in just to diversify my buffs. So even after a Harsh Rule wipes the board, I can throw out an assembly line and still have some pumped up grenadin.