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Turn 4 Scourge Argenport

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Built this after seeing Random's deck and wondered what argenport would look like. Still need to test it but just uploading it for now as a proof of concept.
From my testing I have found that:
1) [img]Argenport Blueprints[/img] > [img]Fear[/img] as we never really cast fear and use it for power, therefore getting two dudes back is usually better than just a discard 2 and getting shadow which isn't our main faction (justice)
2) Savior of the Meek is a great filler card that just provides some stability, fast mana early thanks to untapped banners, and a reasonable reanimation target when Scourge of Frosthome and Great Kiln Titan don't show up.
3) As for our non hero reanimation targets I believe Scourge and Titan are the best options. Cards like Surge Wurm and Zaxo just don't have enough of an impact. We could potentially use our market to reanimate stuff like Vara but that clunks up the deck imo.
4) I found that it was preferable to run more merchants over more main deck reanimation as they had synergy and were actual reasonable blockers as well. Giving us the option of wrathing on 4, hand hate on 4, or executing our game plan on 4 was great to have those options rather than maindecking 4 Life for a life and being all in on the plan.
5) Being able to kill Curse's was very valuable as Steyers Eye's is a common card. This outweighed the advantage of Toxicology being able to be a bad blazing salvo and not requiring a discard. As far as other removal Send a Message and Fatal Misstep provide a ton of synergy. I have tweaked the manabase to have consistent untapped turn 2's despite zero insignias. If you cut Fatal Misstep you can afford a few sketches or runes but I don't think it's worth it and you'll lose games against aggro that way.

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Influence Requirements
2 4 3 3

Power Sources
24 17 16

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Deck Rarities
11 18 26 16

Card Types
25 0 29 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Hour of Glass [Set1115]


May 23, 2022


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