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Living Whirlwinds - 1 Day Grinder EX

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Silver 3 to masters in one day... possible with this monstrosity of a deck. Living Whirlwinds!

I took a relatively long break from eternal to get back after EoE and finding myself back in the dumpster of expedition and decided life is too short to mess around with quote: "silver 3" (i mean really) and just climb up that damn ladder in exp. Shoutouts to IlyaK1986 to his throne Elf Mechinations [url=http://][/url] deck to inspire me to transfer it to expedition so enjoy this story/adventure of this deck.

Gameplan: Mulligan - Most importantly try to get a hand what at least has a 1-drop unit. There're 12 in the deck so it shouldn't be too hard to get one. Since this deck has a relatively high possibility to start with an undepleted shadow source thanks to its shadow heavy power base and Unseen Longbow you start with Bloodseeker or Direwood Slasher at T1. If you somehow don't get a 1-drop but start with at least 2 2-drops like Tavia, Lethrai Raidleader consider keeping it regarding if you start the game or go 2nd. If you go first you get away with a lot but you can have some rough follow up turns because we don't have that many units (25) in this deck.

Midgame: Most of the time you just try to push damage and extend the board in your favor. Try to have at least 2 units on board to get Lethrai Dead Drop going from your market. It's an amazing way to not lose card advantage if the game tends to go longer (approximately t 4-6). Never lose the board advantage except if you see a way to get lethal in 2 turns what is possible most of the time with the market options or some kind of buff combo with Tavia, Lethrai Raidleader, Sunset Stone or Spiteful Strike. Usually you can just go off and put the opponent to <10 health what is great to get him in range to finish him off.

Finisher: There're not a lot but all of them see places. I was surprised how well suited and flexible Unseen Longbow was with its potential to blow out a board and to get you in position to end the game. Notably you can steal power from your opponent if it sticks or pledge for your early game to solve power problems this deck could have with its 27 power base.
Eremot's Machinations was as a 4-off in the deck but got cut to fit in the Sabotage to draw removal from their hand. While i build the deck in Expedition i found out there was no really good 3-drop to run that was an elf what could help me get full value from Eremot's Machinations and Sunset Stone. When i decided to run Direwood Beastcaller i embraced the meme and went for sabos to let them go through more easily. Don't be disappointed if they just stay at the board and do nothing the opponent is usually afraid enough of Direwood Beastcaller to deal with him so you have the time to find a way to end the game (e.g. preparing a blow out with Condemn. Sometimes that means to play a turn ahead sometimes like sacrificing a unit to just push a couple points of damage.

Market: A breef summary of the cards in the market. First of all why i ran Condemn:
Obviously we're an aggro deck and want to just go face all the time and don't spent power to grab something from the market. 1 power is absolutely acceptable! Condemn also pings units or faceaegis what is actually quite handy most of the time it feels like running Vara's Favor with grabing a market card instead of a shadow sigil.
Edict of Makkar: Just a solid removal card what could be in the main deck if you run into a lot of Combrei colored decks (except armory ftj).
Predator's Instinct: was atfirst a consideration for the main deck because of its shenanigans with Switchblade Deadeye but after the cut downs of Eremot's Machinations to 1 it's fine to just run it in the market. Great to eat some Wild Cloudsnake or stally units like High Prophet of Sol.
Secret Passage: Amazing to get Direwood Beastcaller or Berserk Direwood Slasher through what happens actually more than none of the time i was surprized how many games it won me at diamond level games!
Lethrai Dead Drop: As already mentioned it's amazing to get some cards in the hand to find the fifth power or more units into play. If you run into this kind of deck prevent this deck getting away with Free Draws from this card!
Ornamental Daggers: Last but not least the daggers nobody expects. they're mostly just there to push more damage or to have free cards to trade if you got multiples of Condemn. It's exceptionally sweet with Direwood Slasher or when you have Spiteful Strike in hand. Got me lethal more times than you would expect i almost want to run it maindeck!

Matchups: Those three what're somewhat tricky are Dragons, FTS tokens or Elysian Fliers. You can win all of them but it depends sometimes how aggro your start is. multiple 1- drops -> instant win most of the time. Dragons need more than their one Blazing Salvo to deal with a board full of elves. They only have a chance if they run Eremot's Designs. FTS tokens sometimes struggles to get their Kindling Carver or Profane Nexus going if you consistently attack them. Try to snipe their Shrine to Karvet from their hand with Sabotage! I can't believe how often they lose if they don't have it. Elysian fliers is interesting, their gameplay is mostly as aggressive as ours but they can't deal with it if their board gets interupted by anything while being attacked. Most of the time you struggle to get the last couple of points in so consider just going all out asap.

I hope my "little" explenations helped or let questions open you can ask me or the community. Answer questions asap and i hope you enjoy brewing and playing! i encourage you to play around with numbers and other cards and let me know ;) .
Greetings from ArrowofKira22! <3

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2 2

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15 14 6 4

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9 26 32 4

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25 10 18 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]


February 20, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Link works really appreciate his (IlyaK1986's) idea of elves in just xenan colors.