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Rakano Aggro (25-3 in Expedition Spring QCP Challenge)

Expedition Deck By
Team Invoke Lethal


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Inspired by the Mono Fire aggro deck from elle992, this deck has had amazing results for me. It's just way too aggressive for most of the decks in the format to deal with. We run twelve 1 drops, and none of them is particularly hard to answer by themselves, but because they get out of hand if unanswered your opponent is forced to spend removal on them which means they are often out of answers for things like Oni Quartermaster and Thunder of Wings.

For a budget version of the deck, my first cut would be Akko, Inspired Artist, and I would put in some number of Crownwatch Paladin, Ankle Cutter, or Ruthless Stranger. Without Akko the market Press the Advantage goes down in value and could be replaced with Edict of Shavka or Lay Siege.

Happy Laddering!

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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
1 1

Power Sources
18 15 8

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Deck Rarities
14 27 21 9

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26 10 19 0 25


March 7, 2020


Eternal Version
Echoes of Eternity

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Kidsoldja Eternal Version: 1.50.10
I dont think this deck is good now post QCP spring challenge as argenport is a newcomer which has between turns 1 and 2 11 cards that answer your turn 1 plays... Condemn, eremots design, and varas favor. iv been playing the argenport minotaur deck and i can tell you straight up this rakano deck is a bye pretty much.
camomilk Eternal Version: 1.50.10
Argenport minotaurs may be a tough matchup, I need to test it
Serus Eternal Version: 1.50.9
For some reason this deck has been running very poorly for me. Yes, you exhaust early removal from opponents, but then they ramp to their larger units and your units and removal can't get through them or race them fast enough. Am I doing something wrong?
camomilk Eternal Version: 1.50.9
If they are able to ramp to their large threats before you can finish them off, then they will most likely be able to take over the game. This deck needs to be aggressive and win in the early game.
Serus Eternal Version: 1.50.9
Hmm, most just be getting some poor matchups with a lot of early removal in hand then. :(
Comment Deleted
elle992 Eternal Version: 1.50.9
Great deck and great job on the challenge :)