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Event Deck By

1 Curfew Enforcement x1 1 Embargo Officer x1 1 Fearless Crescendo x1 1 Formbend x1 1 From Anguish x1 1 From Beyond x1 1 Press the Advantage x1 1 Purpose Chant x1 1 Shen-Ra, Unbreakable x1 1 Silverblade Intrusion x1 1 Street Urchin x1 2 Annihilate x1 2 Bar the Gates x1 2 Bring Down x1 2 Corrupt x1 2 Defile x1 2 Devour x1 2 Eager Owlet x1 2 Eloz, Nightmare General x1 2 Eremot's Designs x1 2 Hojan, Crownbreaker x1 2 Icaria, Valkyrie Captain x1 2 Ironfist Chancellor x1 2 Just Desserts x1 2 Kira Ascending x1 2 Lay Siege x1 2 Makkar's Quiver x1 2 Rilgon's Disciple x1 2 Seek Answers x1 2 Siraf, Grand Strategist x1 2 Tax Collector x1 2 Varret, Hero-in-Training x1 3 Bartholo, the Seducer x1 3 Bartholo's Keepsake x1 3 Battle at the Gates x1 3 Blight Pass Smuggler x1 3 Cast into Shadow x1 3 Copperhall Bracers x1 3 Devastating Setback x1 3 Equalize x1 3 Hidden Road Smuggler x1 3 Jennev Merchant x1 3 Kemmo, Ijin's Apprentice x1 3 Kerendon Merchant x1 3 Lethrai Dead Drop x1 3 Order of the Spire x1 3 Pristine Light x1 3 Rhysta, Acantha's Herald x1 3 Righteous Intent x1 3 Rime Conclave Smuggler x1 3 Sinister Design x1 3 Slay x1 3 Stella, the Shotcaller x1 3 Treasury Gate x1 3 Unseen Commando x1 3 Valkyrie Enforcer x1 3 Waylay x1 3 Winchest Merchant x1 4 Burglarize x1 4 Copperhall Blessing x1 4 Copperhall Chancellor x1 4 Crownwatch Traitor x1 4 Ezuzi, Kodosh's Listener x1 4 Forbidden-Rider Outcast x1 4 Geomar, the Steel Tempest x1 4 Honor the Fallen x1 4 Necessary Measures x1 4 Rolant, Iron Tyrant x1 4 Umbren Voidbringer x1 4 Vara, Vengeance-Seeker x1 4 Wasteland Broker x1 5 Amilli, Cloudmarshal x1 5 Aniyah, Arctic Sheriff x1 5 Emerald Maw x1 5 Gates of Hope x1 5 Grasping at Shadows x1 5 Hammer of Authority x1 5 Harsh Rule x1 5 Inquisitor Makto x1 5 Marshal Ironthorn x1 5 Reinforcements x1 5 Sediti, the Killing Steel x1 5 Sodi, Wingbreaker x1 6 Ageworn Vestige x1 6 Black-Sky Harbinger x1 6 Bloodlust x1 6 Camoni, Dusk Rider x1 6 End of Hostilities x1 6 End of the Line x1 6 End of the Story x1 6 Icaria, First Reaper x1 6 Parul, Sealkeeper x1 6 Solitude x1 6 Svetya, Lightbringer x1 7 Eilyn, Clan Mother x1 7 Kenna, Shaman of the Scale x1 7 Severin of the Dark x1 8 Snowcrush Animist x1 Justice Sigil x18 Primal Sigil x1 Shadow Sigil x9 Argenport Cylix x4 Crest of Cunning x4 Crest of Order x4 Crest of Vengeance x4 Seat of Cunning x4 Seat of Order x4

Market 5

3 Warrant Officer x1 4 Yisha, the Equalizer x1 7 Dizo's Office x1 7 Quicksilver Mirror x1 7 Solar Blast x1

Cost Curve




Well it all started with me firing up my stream at 3:30 this morning. Well, seven (German Poker Meme SA-VAAAAN!) glorious hrs later the tea pot is going off, so I gotta jam. GL on ladderz! Yep I decided to play my 1zee deck cause registration for that Event is already closed? We have 7 hrs to go according to the event timer! Not sure but anyhoo we R living our best life, hope the same for errbody out there!

Event Information

Tricky Treats Heroic Event
October 23-26, 2020
Choose your Hero and Singleton deck that shares their factions. Pale Riders will appear on turns 7 and 13 to help spur you on to victory.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
5 4 6

Power Sources
34 17 25 24

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
2 14 59 1 51

Card Types
52 7 42 2 52

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Awakening [Set1095]

Aggro Control

October 27, 2020


Eternal Version

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