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(Budget) Greed is Good, sometimes

Throne Deck By
Eternal Brew


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Tempo based deck with big threats and good synergy. Althou this list consistent on it's plan I barely did a positive win rate with it due to the current meta power level. I wouldn't suggest to rank up with it, but it will do if you need to finish some daily quests. Best choice for ranking among budget lists will be
(Budget) Frenzy Burn. It will be an easy walk up until diamond.

Game Plan
Play Pillar of Progress or Devotee of the Sands turn two and Eternity Core turn three. This way you will have a 6/6 weapon or a 7/7 scaling threat turn four. Default market draw is Reset the Day due to amount of cards we play each turn we need to refill our hand. Hopefully resource lead will make this play unsymmetrical, but restrict this play if you are playing vs control decks, they have more removal than we have threats. Unless they have face aegis.

Cards & Reasoning
- Devotee of the Sands: ramp on 2, always shift it to protect or to go in for Combrei Blueprints unblockable damage.
- Speed Grafter: market access with a Charge buff for our big threats.
- Timekeeper: big guy in a long term, one of our winconditions.
- Enraged Towertall: big guy with protection, one of our winconditions.

- Combrei Blueprints: faction stabilization as well as a win condition.
- Defiance: early game conditional removal.
- Alessi's Choice: flexible conditional removal.
- Ancient Lore: card draw.
- From the Heavens: mass removal as well as win condition. It's a common situation for this deck to Amplify this spell 4-5 times.

- Pillar of Progress: ramp on two and weapon buff for Bejeweled Knuckles
- Eternity Core: ramp on three if Pillar of Progress or Devotee of the Sands played on two.
- Bejeweled Knuckles: removal/win condition with a downside. Good synergy with shifted Devotee of the Sands.

- Gavel's Insight: reach and mass relic removal.
- Porcelain Mask: reach.
- Silent Hysteria: two in one strategy breaker, main reason this is here due to unwinnable matchup vs Arcanum's True Heart without this card.
- Reset the Day: we empty our hand in a rapid speed, this is the way to fill it. Best played when enemy has Aegis, this way it is one sided hand fill.
- Omenscar Wurm: plan B with a draw.

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4 2

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24 19 16

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5 65

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17 13 23 0 27


September 7, 2022


Eternal Version
Enter the Arcanum

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