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Auralian Ratcleaver

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Some other people have been throwing around brews that combine Porcelain Mask, Shepherd's Horn, Rat Cage, and various lifeforce/token synergies, and this is my take on the idea.

This deck is primarily built around pumping up Hatecleaver with the previously mentioned combo, with Katra, the Devoted appearing as an alternate win condition. The relic package is built mostly for controlling the board in the early-mid game, Lethrai Courtier and Recon Tower help with getting enough power to do stuff, Display of Knowledge and Elvish Swindler are there to help get key relics, and Cabal Scavenger helps trigger the deck's lifeforce synergies when you don't get the Porcelain Mask or Shepherd's Horn early.

The market is designed to help draw through the deck or void for important combo pieces, whether it's Disjunction pulling a buffed Hatecleaver out of the void, Vault of the Praxis drawing a bunch of cards, or Display of Knowledge pulling combo pieces out of the deck, or Shepherd's Horn being that very combo piece in the market.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
2 2 2

Power Sources
15 13 16 18

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Deck Rarities
14 26 32

Card Types
18 31 5 0 26


February 2, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.42.3 - Balance Changes

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