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Big Praxis w/ Snapping Brushstalker [Top 200 Masters]

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I've been playing this deck very competitively around 200-300 Masters and having a ton of fun. The buff to Snapping Brushstalker makes for an interesting choice in Praxis. Obviously Dawnwalker becomes an automatic 4-of, as does Xenan Initiation.

Card notes:

Snapping Brushstalker - Slapping Killer on him is really really good. He dodges Harsh Rule, and basically every other piece of hard removal. I think Brushstalker's biggest value is that people don't know how to play against it. If you can recur it once or twice while it has Killer, you're going to win on value alone. Proc'ing Dawnwalker over and over with this vs Armory is so dirty.

Great-Kiln Titan - The 2x of these are definitely flex spots. A lot of times, by the time I got to play this, I had already won the game. I've actually been thinking of turning them into 2x Seek Power or 2x Amber Acolyte to help curve into Heart of the Vault more reliably on 6. This could also maybe turn into 2x Mystic Ascendant since those pair well with Worldbearer Behemoth.

Xenan Initiation - This is your only "hard" removal so use it wisely. Landing one on a Dawnwalker or a Snapping Brushstalker is just so hard for so many decks to deal with. If you really have to burn one on a Sandstorm Titan or Heart of the Vault just to clear a threat that's fine, but if you can hold out and cast it on one of your guys that recurs, it's just so much better. Attaching this to a Worldbearer Behemoth and using killer on a 1/1 grenadin and overwhelming for 6 (or more) to finish the game happens way more than you'd think.

The strategy here is pretty simple: Play bigger guys than your opponent, use killer to tackle big threats, and punch them in the face over and over.

It's important to know what threats to hold your 2x Purify for. Against Argentport, you really want to hold it to help deal with Tavrod, Auric Broker or to deal with an Inquisitor's Blade.

Other than that, this is a super fun deck if you like smashing with big dudes.


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April 27, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.31 - Sealed Deck League

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Mechavelli Eternal Version: 1.31.6
I would sub the two Kiln titans for Twilight Hunt since it helps you draw and you have 11 targets for it. I'll test it out and get back with results. Congrats on your success!
mdmarra Eternal Version: 1.31.6
That's actually really interesting idea. Let me know how it works out for you!