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Fun Budget deck - Masters

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Fun deck. Got me from silver to masters pretty quickly. Went 17-3 in final run to masters.

Play guide:

Aggressively redraw to get Infernus in opening hand and usually a Oni Ronin or Oni Patrol turn one. (My record is 3 infernus in opening hand, opponent instantly conceded! Felt a little bad but I'm still laughing about it)

Hold power when not needed immediately to use as ammo for Autotread. 5 power is max needed for any non turn 1 infernus or to Ultimate the Pyroknight, but doesnt go that far often.

Ideally use rampage on beserk units, but also good for removal and some face damage.

Don't be scared to use Furyblade turn one and get some damage in.

Acquisitive Crow is difficult to get out as it is 3 power and not charge and is vulnerable at 2 health. Great meme potential and can do some nice combos. Rubbish cards can be used to fuel the Autotread.

Don't forget Dusk Raider does 1 damage to face which is unblockable by aegis and games often go right down to the wire.

Also remember to play the Invasive Species from your market when the condition is met. I often forgot about it and ended turn.

I had Covetous Stranger in the deck for Treasure trove generation, for card draw or Autotread fuel. Also can be good against stranger decks, but it was too situational so I took it out.



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22 16 13

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25 19 24

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September 14, 2021


Eternal Version
Hour of Glass

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