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Gauntletics® Certified 95% Win, 21 GPM

Gauntlet Deck By


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* Tired of being face-bashed by shamefully unfair Gauntlet bosses?
* Frustrated from importing decks that are all bark and no bit[coin]?
* Grinding your teeth (and never gold) in a seemingly futile pursuit of 3 silver ... gold ... platinums?!?!

Well Gnash, Unrelenting your teeth no more, for Gauntletics® is here!!! Gauntletics® not only crushes the Gauntlet AI reliably, but can accurately measure any deck's gauntlet win rate.


And now for an Eternal first in history: this deck’s Gauntletics® certified* win rates:
All Gauntlet Games190/200 = 95%The culmination of playing 1000+ games, with many deck revisions, results in this overall Gauntletics® rating of 95%.
Non-Boss Games169/176 = 96%Gauntletics® "Lose to Win" analyzes loss factors to improve the deck.
Boss Games (Bossicide21/24 = 88%A section below details the boss approach.
Perfect Runs21/31=68%A key result, ensuring maximum reward more than 2/3 of the time.
Average Run Time35 minThis is a fast-ish deck, about half the time it takes to play seven PvP games.
Boss Chests Average Value796.5 goldIncluding upgrade potential, thanks Siatarr+9419
Gold-per-minute - Perfect Run23 GPM796.5/35 = 23 GPM and 68% of runs will earn this rate
Gold-per-minute - Non-Perfect Run12 GPM32% of runs will net 0-415 gold (avg. 207 gold) in 5-30 mins (avg. 17.5 min.) = 12 GPM (note failed runs produce less reward but take less time)
Gold-per-minute - Overall21 GPM(.68*796.5 + .32*207) / (.68*35 + .32*17.5)

Deck Data to Verify the Above
*Note a minimum dataset of 200 games (n=200) is required for a certified Gauntletics® rating, along with a link to the dataset so that anyone can replicate the result ... six sigma blackbelt optional.

21 GPM overall for Gauntlet is higher than any other "normal" mode (i.e., after dailies/quests/etc.) in ranked. Not only is the average ranked payout lower (factoring in a 50% loss rate vs. 5% loss rate for this deck), the time to play ranked games is usually double or triple gauntlet.

Nothing beats Gauntletics® for sheer gold-grinding power!

Above and beyond everything ... the whole point is to have fun! I enjoy Gauntlet and the stats/grinding aspect, but I also use the gold to play Draft, my other favorite. Enjoy!


Secondly, in history(?) (where's Grammarly when you need it?) here is free access to all the patented Gauntletics® technology for anyone who wants to optimize their own deck, and perhaps try to claim the Gauntletics® deck crown by posting a deck with higher than this one's 95% win rate!

See patented Gauntletics® technology for all the details.

I've seen some great decks that were clearly refined iteratively, maybe even using stats, but I have never seen anyone post data to support their deck's win rate and invite others to replicate. Science, and Moneyball, comes to Eternal!!! I hope this inspires others to try to top this 95% rate, or (even better for new players) post budget decks with great Gauntletics® stats. It only takes a bit of time to record a gauntlet run, and the payoff long-term is to produce a new level of deck quality. And, I have more gold than I know what to do with!


Now that's out of the way, on to this deck, which is a Stonescar variation inspired by the brilliant Swatches deck and writeup The Actual Boss of Gauntlet.

POWER/CURVE - With only one redraw, Gauntlet demands consistently available, undepleted power AND a tuned power curve of cards to match. This deck has 37 ways to draw power, and curved like a supermodel playing a Stradivarius on the hood of a Ferrari. Ideally, you will use every power point, every turn. In practice, you will miss some 2-drops, or maybe wait a turn to play a card, but plan ahead. Turn 1 plays in this deck are Crest of Chaos, Shadow Etchings or other undepleted power, then consider your next 2-3 turns. Use the Crest of Chaos to smooth things out, along with plundering. A mitt-full of 5-bombs at the outset spells an early death, ideally you want a 2, 3, 4 and 5 drop in hand on turn 1. Key Point - redraw to get a starting hand that will take you to 3 power somehow. Amethyst Waytone in the market means merchants a Shadow Etchings can help create a path to 3-4 power.

REMOVAL/FLEXIBILITY - Gauntlet isn’t about winning, it's about NOT losing. Yes, you need to kill that 8/8 weaponized AI flyer, but you also need to eliminate key AI synergy cards earlier in the game to maintain a winning tempo. This deck has 18 removals, but more importantly, it has 9 different types of removal (a Gauntletics® discovery countering the trend of taking 4 of any removal) ... all with varying degrees of hardness from Vara’s Favor to Desecrate. This distribution offers the highest chance of having something that will deal with diverse, crazily unfair and ill-timed AI threats. Open Contract is a big reason for Stonescar with this deck, and the fact that it makes AI units cheaper just ensures it is easier to remove the costlier ones later with (guess what?) Open Contract. The balance of fast and slow removals also means you can sometimes wait for the AI turn to perhaps make a sweeter kill. Key Point - save your hardest removal for game-losing situations, and use the softest removal possible in any every situation. Gain experience with the 86 different AI decks so you can anticipate which cards need removing.


Most Gauntlet games with this deck will feel like a cakewalk, but to get the prized triple silver boss win consistently requires cards with great bodies and also synergies to defeat the inevitable time when a) you go second and b) screw your power and c) the AI pulls off an insane-perfect-storm-attack ... and you can still win. In addition, this deck takes advantage of key AI idiosyncrasies that are critical to winning Gauntlet, discovered through Gauntletics® R&D. The cards and synergies are given below roughly in order of importance. There are many other minor synergies you will discover with play. Even synergy-less, these are great cards and will hold up purely on raw attack/defense. Key Point - watch for the combinations described below and work toward them immediately.

Moldermuck & Tasbu, the Forbidden
Nothing makes me happier than seeing the sloppy mess of Moldermuck turn up: it shuts down both aggro and wide AI decks, plus takes big bites out of heavy units or fliers, is un-to(u)rchable at 4/4, and loves to Combust when reduced to 1/1 to take out almost anything scary on the AI side. When warcried with Vicious Highwayman or inspired by Blackhall Warleader (or swap with pistol in market) this card gets exponentially and scarily better, potentially producing a sea of decay units that nothing can get through.

Moldermuck is, potentially, like having 8 units instead of one, and regularly does 3-4-5 for-ones on the AI but here are some key points:
- (almost) always play Moldermuck first of any 3-drop
- (almost) always block with it to split it and decay the AI (except for quickdraw of course)
- (almost) always attack when at 4/4 to split it, or risk having the AI remove it (like having 8 units removed, very bad)
- your attacks will make strategically less sense from 4/4, to 3/3 to 2/2 to 1/1 but there is a case for each.
- attack with 3/3 or 2/2 if AI at low health (go for kill) or to decay a flyer or other AI card needing reduction (the AI will always block Moldermuck in any scenario where the AI unit survives, albeit in a crippled state. This allows for serious denting of flyers and other key units that any sane player would never block into decay)
- with multiple 3/3 or 2/2 mucks, I usually attack with one to have a variety of defense options available and to have a 1/1 ready to sacrifice if Tasbu arrives.
- attack with as many mucks as there are AI units that will block, save the rest for defense
- (big factor) for attack is the presence (or not) of Tasbu, the Forbidden where those tiny 1/1 mucks get a free card every time they splat, for a cost of 1 health. Watch out if your health gets low, because Tasbu, the Forbidden drains one health with each death. Also watch for that glowing warp-light when Tasbu is on top of your deck, a major bonus for this card and the deck as a whole to keep tempo.

I predict Direwolf will nerf this card, it is so effective at Gauntlet because AI makes so many mistakes with relic weapons, removal, blocking decisions, etc. because of the muckiness!

Auric Interrogator & Kerendon Merchant
The former is a beefy presence, and with the latter Kerendon Merchant OR Shadow Etchings to pull Trusty Revolver OR aforementioned warcries or inspires Auric Interrogator starts pulling a free card every turn, again for one health. This is a game-winning synergy. Kerendon Merchant is also your ticket to some key rescue cards (see MARKET below), not to mention how he can hold back a giant gang of cowardly AI units merely by brandishing his deadly wide-brimmed hat.

Blackhall Warleader
This card was in the deck, then wasn’t, and now Blackhall-street's back ... alright! So great for the synergies above, but also because playing it on curve is a game winner if the AI can’t remove it ... like immediately. Gauntletics® knows the AI won’t chump block with adequate health, always cooperatively letting Blackhall Warleader through to its face and getting bigger-er, and inspirer-er. If you need, use removal to keep clearing the way to the AI's ugly mug. If you draw BW late, just slap him and swap him or through him in the Combust-o-furnace ... he burns nicely.

Vara, Vengeance-Seeker & Vicious Highwayman
These cards aren’t so much about synergy (though they do pair nicely with the above), but lifesteal … and Vara’s buzz-killing anti-aegis field that always seems to come along just when you need it. Remember, Gauntlet isn’t about winning, but NOT losing, and these cards fill that not-losing role. Vicious Highwayman can be a 3-for-1, taking out a key AI one-health unit, then immediately attacking to swing the score by +5/-5 and gaining health. Playing Vara, Vengeance-Seeker into non-token AI units is best (otherwise AI will sacrifice) to ensure a 5/5 lifesteal unit that also snatches a bloody heart from the AI's quivering chest to feed on. Consider saving removal post-Vicious Highwayman to keep him buff, and the AI will quickly crumble.

This card should be called “Expose” because the best thing about it is seeing the entire AI hand, not just removing their best card. Play it early and carefully check your hand against the AI to plot out your next few moves (another Gauntlet difference in that you have unlimited time). For example, if the AI doesn’t have any 1 health units, safely plunder your Vara’s Favour. Swap Exploit to the market when the AI is not likely to have vital cards in hand, unless a plunder somehow helps.


... listed below from most important and frequently-pulled to least, though all of them will save your 3-silver-chest ass many times.

Trusty Revolver is key for the synergies above, but note it doesn’t really work well with Moldermuck despite what you might think. It also makes a copy of itself when it dies, which is sweet if you have another Auric Interrogator. Generally pulled in the early game, otherwise you are going for …

Dizo's Office, which is a late-game a-bomb with lifesteal, amazing spells (including a hard kill) and 4 health. Pull it at 6, 5 or even 4 power, especially if you have card draw that will get you that power in short order. By the time you draw it, you will either be winning majorly, or on the point of losing … either way, it provides a satisfying resolution.

Amethyst Waystone is pretty useless, except when it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL. Don’t be tempted to replace it with something else, even when you don't use it for 10 games in a row. I could be wrong, tell me in the comments!

Execute Kill that weaponized, 8/12 lifesteal flier with regen, usually in desperation.

Blightmoth was in the main deck multiple times, then fewer copies, and now has a somewhat infrequent, but still-useful market role in wiping out a flock of token units before the AI can buff them all. Being fairly unpopular, this card was voted most likely to be exchanged for something else, which leads to other ...


Like I said above, I would love to see somebody track stats and post a better or improved deck. I know there have to be better decks out there, and here are some of my current research ideas for this one ...

Xumuc Shaman I am VERY interested in for this deck, because the stat-reduction of Moldermuck will chain react. I'm currently testing a couple copies, but have no certified results yet. :-)

Dark Return seemed soooo great in this deck for a long time (e.g., to pull a boosted Auric Interrogator from the grave, or double-buff Vara, Vengeance-Seeker). However, it often showed when it wasn’t welcome, and in the market felt way slow, so it was expunged. Maybe somebody can convince me to bring Dark Return back from the grave?

Eremot, Mindsplinter is probably the weakest card in this deck, based on Gauntletics® data showing it goes to the market most often. It also loses any warcry/inspire buff it may have had after burrowing into the AI's brain, re-emerging as plain old 3/5 again. I hate including any card that can’t fully take advantage of synergy, but it does block those pesky 12/12 flyers, and so has a role, I’m just wondering if there are other candidates … Impending Doom anyone?

Icaria, First Reaper was a centrepiece of this deck prior to being nerfed to cost 7, do you think it still belongs? Gauntletics® says no. Love to hear all comments and suggestions.


Go ahead and muck with card quantities, but know the deck was finely Gauntletics® tuned after literally hundreds of games. For example, whenever power flooded/screwed, a 2-drop missed/over-abundant, or a certain removal wanted/unwanted, it was recorded in the Gauntletics® engine and the deck re-tuned. You can trust that this deck is highly optimized, if not perfect. Still, don’t Moldermuck with this deck, at least until you have played dozens of games. You may or may not notice an immediate change in results, but long-term you will likely see a reduced win rate.


The whole point of Gauntlet is to tell the boss to take this job and shove it.This deck shines in boss matchups, with a Gauntletics® bossicide win rate: of 88%. Some sociopathic bosses are particularly unstable however, requiring complex and special tactics (i.e., luck):

Defender of the Spire (start with 5 influence in every faction) - Somewhat unfair AI gimmick/deck, but can be overcome by Torching baby Champions, and saving harder removal for Champion of Cunning ... er Champion of Cheating.

Limitless Possibilities (units get a random battle skill) - If the AI lucks into destiny-ing a big unit early, it’s THE worst end to a Gauntlet run, though you might luck into destiny and not the AI. So, if they DON'T play a 7/7 on turn 1 scan your units for their random skills ... a little charge, lifesteal, regen or double damage applied at the right time will make all the difference.

Power of Progress (play 2 power cards per turn) - Normally redraws are determined by power, but especially here, you ideally want 3-4+ power to be able to really OD. Especially save hard removal for those nasty units that either spawn 5/5 sentinels, double in strength, draw a card, etc. with every empower.

Company of Exiles (play spell, get a unit) - Not soooo bad, just redraw for spells not power, Exploit their big spells, and prioritize spells in market swaps. If you lose tempo, you will lose the game to a nauseating sea of random spells and units that will make your head spin.

Sibling Rivalry (free scion at 5 influence) - Easy, just save a removal for the Scion. The fairest deck. The rest aren't a problem.

Burn Scars (all units have decay) - Dump Blackhall Warleader which is nullified here, prioritize getting a Moldermuck to block an AI perfect storm, which will be the only way you can lose.


The collecting aspect of Eternal is engaging for me, but feels very challenging, and doesn't seem to be something most people talk about (e.g., collecting all the cards from a particular series). I've never paid for anything, so it takes a long time to craft the legendaries for any set, let alone four of them. With all that in mind, many people will need substitutions to consider for the various legendaries. Here they are, from cheapest on up ...

Cost 2 Replacements for Blackhall Warleader
This card wasn't in the deck for a while, so is highly replaceable with:
a) more Exploit ... or any other 2-spells you like.
b) Syl, Cabal Strongarm which goes well with the other big units
c) Blightmoth can go back into the deck and put something else in the market that does mass removal like Malediction
d) Darkblade Cutpurse because of the heavy shadow influence.
e) Spiritweaver for the lifesteal and the plunder.

Cost 4 Replacements for Vara, Vengeance-Seeker
Add another Eremot, Mindsplinter and I like Strange Burglar for sacrifice potential with Moldermuck and to buff Auric Interrogator. Dakus. Dark Purveyor and Wretched Rats also have the buff potential that the other cards want. Note cards like Ancient Flame are o.k., but aggressive, which doesn't help with not losing. The key in Gauntlet isn't winning, it's not losing.

Cost 5 Replacements for Tasbu, the Forbidden, Vicious Highwayman
These are pretty hard to replace, you may have to simply increase other card quantities, but for 5-cost units you could try Warband Chieftain for his entomb, Xumuc Shaman, Feartracker (which Swatches loved in the deck that originally inspired this one) and Elder Astrologer have very interesting potential for synergy.

Cost 7 Replacements for Dizo's Office
Nope, irreplaceable, buy one (it's all you need for the market) with your first 5 successful runs!


Enjoy! That's the whole point, and feel free to copy the spreadsheet and submit a better deck (with at least 200+ runs) and post any suggestions.[/coin]


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 5

Power Sources
16 26 16

Power Calculator
Shiftstoned Icon View Deck on Shiftstoned

Deck Rarities
13 23 20 3 15

Card Types
30 1 22 1 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


May 10, 2021

May 3, 2021


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Kalikulator Eternal Version: 21.03.23
A Moldermuck deck that doesn't have Contaminating Ritual and no one mentioned it yet? Get that waystone outta the market and throw Contaminating Ritual in there.
Alover Edited Eternal Version: 21.03.23
The waystone is key to avoiding power screw losses, but this could definitely work instead of Blightmoth, which isn't really so much of a lifesaver. I can see how the Contaminating Ritual gets some lifesteal back, blocks a flyer and (I'm guessing because I've never seen it) makes flying, bloodsucking muck-babies!!! Thanks Kalikulator, I will check the new GPM on this v7 deck.
Kalikulator Eternal Version: 21.03.23
That's exactly what you get. The first attacker will be a 4/3 Flying, Lifesteal, Decay, and leave behind an exact copy. Only the attacking one dies at end of turn though, and all subsequent copies keep the stats.
SadRabbit Edited Eternal Version: 21.03.23
If you're not that excited about Eremot, Mindsplinter, consider trying a Statuary Maiden in the 4-drop slot.

She shuts down bigger attackers, screws up the AI's void-based cards, makes extra junk to swap with valuable market cards, and just buffs your own units a ton. This card has been a gauntlet MvP for me since day one.
Alover Edited Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Ooooooh, that is a great idea, thanks! The buffing weapons would be so lovely on the key card for this deck Moldermuck not to mention Auric Interrogator which we were just talking about below. Will swap it in for Annihilate (though removal is super-key, and I am currently including one Ruinous Burst as R&D so feel ok taking a removal out, and test results in v7. It does make the deck even more expensive for beginners but I have 1 or 2 Maidens and my goal is to get as high a GPM as possible.

Fear of flying was the original motivation for Eremot, Mindsplinter as some losses come at the hands of a buffed (usually justice) flyer with some grotesque weapon.
Kalikulator Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Weapons on Moldermuck is ok, but only to sustain the equipped one a little longer. The copies don't get any benefit.
ColumW Eternal Version: 21.03.23
I want to critique this deck, but I can't seem to lose any games yet. Auric Interrogator hasn't been very impactful for me yet, but I like that they combo with transmuted cabal standards. Sure if they get buffed by a Blackhall Warleader's inspire, that's cool and all... but if that's happening I'm already winning the game anyway.
Alover Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Gauntletics is like Sabermetrics®: some of the players may seem average but somehow they end up winning a lot because of the rigorous statistical analysis

Still, I pretty much agree with you, Auric Interrogator isn't drawing extra cards perhaps as often as I would like. But he has 4/3 and can be swapped if you don't have one of the many buff options available: 1) your inspire method above 2) swapping pistol from the market (most frequent), 3) Vicious Highwayman 4) Dizo's Office is a fourth way to buff but like you said by that time you are likely winning.

I also feel like Blackhall Warleader is another potential change in this deck, because he can get all worked up, then removed before a single unit is inspired. I might look at warcry or other +x to attack options and keep Auric Interrogator.

I am also wondering which is better to play first on turn 2 ... Blackhall Warleader or Exploit? If I have removal to clear a path for him, it's the former perhaps, but also maybe it's always better to check the hand for removal first with the latter?
Contact13 Eternal Version: 21.03.23
I don't see why this deck has so many up votes. Loses about 75% of games once you get into gold.
Alover Edited Eternal Version: 21.03.23
This deck is a fairly straightforward unit/removal deck, but here are the most common play pitfalls, maybe this will help you ...
- you have to be very careful about redraw to get a pathway to 3 power, that's critical
- time removal for the key cards depending on the deck you are playing (takes lots of Gauntlet experience, there are 86 different decks I have seen
- read the synergy section
- do you have all the cards or are there substitutions?
- Moldermuck attack decisions are subtle, usually you always play it, but attacking depends on many factors: AI health, # of units AI vs me, and big one is presence (or not) of Tasbu, the Forbidden ... generally, don't attack with it unless it is at 4/4. If I have multiple 3/3 mucks, I usually attack with one to have a variety of defense options. I predict Direwolf will nerf this card, it is so effective at Gauntlet because AI makes so many mistakes with relic weapons, removal, blocking decisions, etc. because of the muckiness!

I would love somebody to post a budget deck (heck, any deck) with Gauntletics® certified results. To be certified requires 200+ games recorded and a link to the spreadsheet you can copy here, plus, you might have to be certifiable yourself lol.

My whole point for doing all this was to bring some legitimacy into deck claims, as well as providing some way to measure deck efficacy. The key stat with Gauntlet for me, ultimately is gold-per-minute (GPM). I am playing at masters, over 200+ games with this deck above, and am currently at 25.4 GPM for for v7 of this deck, which will likely drop a bit once I get to the 200 games required to certify Gauntletics® results.
ColumW Eternal Version: 21.03.23
I just won 2 gauntlet runs IN A ROW at master level, so this sounds wrong to me. Feel free to message me and you can stream some games to me via discord. Maybe I can offer some advice.
Doomfarer Edited Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Great deck and awesome writeup. Personally I'd run Feartracker over Vicious Highwayman. And why not just a Shadow Sigil in the Market instead of Waystone? Sometimes triggering Nightfall can be fatal. Goes both ways though.
Alover Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Thank you. :-) Feartracker is a great common substitute for a legendary, stealing 3 health immediately 100% of the time, however rarely did I find the power/time to pay for the second time. Vicious Highwayman steals 5 health immediately more than 50% of the time (about 3 so comparable to Feartracker) plus 5 more for each subsequent turn with removal. Damaging the AI is not nearly as important as the lifesteal that gives time to build an insurmountable board. Then there's the Warcry which is a huge factor, buffing Moldermuck and Auric Interrogator ... and then there's the charge, which makes the health gain immediate and also the attack. Many times that card is the TSN turning point. Thinking about this now, I question the Blackhall Warleader more and more because inspire doesn't do squat if the AI removes the card, whereas with warcry at least you know some benefit will eventually arrive.

Waystone is ideal for me because if I have to go to the market for power it's usually dire, and so the extra card is likely to help me more than the AI. The AI nightfall deck "Hiding in Darkness" comes up 1% of the time according to Gauntletics. I played with a depleted combo. power but the undepleted power is key, and I currently have a stat of "fire influence (want)" of 1 loss event vs. "undepleted power (want)" with an event frequency of 4 ... so v7 I'm currently playing as a sigil swapped for the emblem to try to enable the seats.
RumblerX Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Hey man, good read. I too thought the list would be amazing with Dark Return. Your above mentioned critique of the card was spot on, save 1 missed point. Blackhall Warleader is a very good synergy with Return. Used on a card like Moldermuck!?!? Pretty devastating even at +1/+1. I do understand when it's ill timed you can utterly hate the card, but more often than not(on paper) it looks to be solid. We are however talking about gauntlet and it's "randomness" is total garbage.
ColumW Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Actually Dark Return does somewhat poorly with Moldermuck, because most of the time Moldermucks in your void will be 3/3s 2/2s.
Alover Eternal Version: 21.03.23
What would you take out to put in the Dark Return ... or maybe one in the market? Again, it's all about the stats ultimately, as to what leads to a reliable win-rate across all Gauntlet matches. Winning isn't a problem in Gauntlet--at all--it's not losing. Tempo loss, power screw (either way), lack of cards showing up on curve are all quick ways to lose gauntlet although Dark Return is very efficient.
RumblerX Eternal Version: 21.03.23
I replaced Torch with it. Suffocate did exactly what torch does for this list save that it can kill the pesky 1/x's that torch would inevitably miss. The 1/5 deadly radiant comes to mind since I just played against it.
Alover Edited Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Love Suffocate too but what about 4+/3- units? That's why Gauntletics pointed to a variety of removal. Loss factors also indicated the need for more removal overall so Dark Return was eventually squeezed out

Still, maybe I will try one again, but not in the market (next comment about replacing the pistol) because Gauntletics clearly shows more occasions when you want to buff a card on the board, not in the void.

Most of the time, the feeling in your gut when a card turns up tells you all you need to know, even before a spreadsheet can.
Rykerboy Eternal Version: 21.03.23
I would swap Trusty Revolver for Dark Return
biologynut99 Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Great write-up will give it a test later!
Shoriu Edited Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Awesome writeup, thanks for sharing it (and all the tools).
It clearly is to expensive for me as I'm saving shiftstone for the new set but I'll be sure to give it a try when I can craft those L.
For now I'll swap warleader with spiritweaver/grafter for the synergy and tanking and tasbu/highwayman with feartracker/xumuc shaman.
Alover Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Thanks for the great feedback, I just added some substitutions for the legendaries, I think Xumuc Shaman has great potential.

Where's the lamb sauce?! ... epic. :-)
mauro29 Eternal Version: 21.03.23
hahahahahah Best description ever
Wh3resDLambSauce Eternal Version: 21.03.23
This is the best AD i've ever seen!
irv_blitz Eternal Version: 21.03.23
As an avid Gauntlet player this was one of the best articles I have ever read in gaming
ElmoLesto Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Great writeup, and impressive commitment to grinding! I love the spreadsheet (and had thought of making one myslef, but in the end, it seems I'm just not that commited). It will take forever to get to 200 games, but I'll try. Thank you!