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League Guide: Top 10 33-7; "How to League!"

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Sidenote: So this is something different, a league guide that should help and encourage people to play league, especially now that a new set will drop and hopefully some new players or people who quit or took a break from the game will return. I havn't seen this kind of content on EWC yet, only on reddit, so i'll give this a shot and see if people like it or not.

League is a wonderful format, all decks have pretty much the same powerlevel, the rewards are amazing, a lot of games can be decided by how skillful you're as a player and they're a fun way to play competitive when you don't own enough cards yet to built strong decks or when you're not particularily interested in the constructed formats of the game. Since you're given all the cards you don't even have to know all the cards in the pool or need general experience with drafting formats, so league is imo the perfect format for beginner and veterans of the game. I'm going to tell you now how to build your league deck and tips to hopefully make you more consistent at building decks yourself, a skill that helps you to be more successful in all formats while using my league deck as a example.

Step 1: In what weeks should i play?

Now this seems to be a weird question, but that can actually be important because if you don't play the tiebreaker games for each week you'll miss out of them because you only have the ability to do them on the weeks you're playing. I personally don't have much time to do all the games each week so i generally only play on the last week. Since my playing style can't do much tiebreakers (only 20, and i might not even have to do them) i have to make sure my deck is working from the get go but i have the advantage of knowing my whole pool of cards i get offered before starting the first game. If you do the same i can guarantee you it's not that terrible as you might think, i'm pretty consistent with this playing style but it might very well only work for me. But it has the disadvantage that you can't experiment with the cards you get, for example if you play each week you can run a completly different deck during the tiebreakers, a great way to figure out how strong your pool is for each faction. Decide by yourself, there's nothing wrong either way.

Step 2: What faction should i play?
Generally the easiest way to identify what colors you should run is at looking at your rare cards, they're generally solid cards or bombs you can use as your ace cards to win games! In our case we had Iron Priestess and Bloodletter to push damage and to buff units. If you have the feeling you can't do this with just 2 colors add not more then a third one and try to splash that color as a finisher.

Step 3: Identifying the gameplan
So knowing i had those 2 cards in my deck that was at the same time a great sign because now i only had to figure out how i can get enough value of weapons and that was probably playing those weapons on my flyer to win in the air or on Auric Bully. After knowing what direction my deck was going, i moved onto the deckbuilding process. They're a lot of ways to identify your gameplan, sometimes it's easier, sometimes it's harder. Basically you have to figure out what you think will win you games and then you try to support that as much as possible.

Step 4: How the deck should look like:
Now this ofc depends on the cards that were offered but a general rule of thumb are the following points:
1. Run 45 cards! "but kira, i what to play ALL the cards!!! "No, i said 45!" "...but if you really add more, then make them atleast power cards so you don't brick with your cards on 2 power!"
2. Run about 18 power! This again depends on your deck but 18 is atleast for me the best number for league or draft. Plunder and any form of Seek Power counts, not influence fixing like Strangers! For this deck this means 16 maindeck power and the 2 Argenport Blueprints. Personal tip, great power cards to add are off-color runes like Rune of Relocation, when your influence isn't a problem and you have runes lying around those are easy cards to add, i unfortunately didn't find any off-color runes in this month.
3. Add enough units in your deck! We definately kept it short with 17 units but that was because our strategy needs to buff our units with weapons to win. We also had ways to get units back with the Argenport Blueprints so it wasn't that terrible. Those weapons would normally be units so you most of the time end up with 18-22 units.
4. Get a base to work with! This means you should focus on 2/3 drops to get something on board early. I see sometimes people play their first card on turn 5, that's too late!!! When you have atleast something on board you can trade or chip in some damage, fake a combat trick or use them to team block. That's better then bricking on big cards in hand! Those big cards are your finisher, not your base! I'll talk about that shortly.
5. Add ways to interact with your opponent. Now this again depends but you need ways to deal with opponents cards, if those are combat tricks like Saddle Up you use with your units, removal spells like Topple or relic weapons like Talon of Nostrix, get atleast some of them in your deck even if they seem terrible at first like Rebuke. Some interaction is better then no interaction at all!
5. Add Scaling/Finisher: Now those are cardgame phrases you might hear occationally so I'll quickly break them down. Scaling refers to ways to get stronger over time, those can differ from powersinks like pay power abilities like Argenport Blueprints, Glensapper or Siraf, Grand Strategist or buff effects like Valkyrie Militant, Auren Jailer or Rakano Artisan. When you keep your eyes open you'll see a lot of them!
Finisher is pretty straight forward, they're all the cards that end the game for you or they're the big payoff for your strategy. In this deck we had for example Silverwing Augmentor and Hypnotic Valkyrie to get the last points of damage in.
How many of those you should run is your call, generally you want to make sure you see them but not too many because you can brick on too many copies. i sometimes have trouble too finding the right number out after 5000 hours in the game, so no shame!

Summary of my league games this month:
So i did all my games on a weekend, and i really had a good opening and went 10-0 so i was really happy because i already planned to share my league results this month, if i had lost my first games I'd definately be concerned about my performance. My first loss was against a deck with Waxing Moon, they just outgrinded me and i couldn't push any damage in time so i didn't really had a chance there. The game immediately after i flooded hard so that was fun too. Luckily this didn't turned into a loss streak i went 18-2 after 20 games, already smelling the top 50 goal i personally set for myself. Later i ran into a lot of faster decks and i was able to stabilize in almost all off those games, but after i lost 2 of them i made a change and cut Ironfist Archon and Turn For The Worse for Valkyrie Militant and Reinforced Baton, leaning more into my weapon strategy. Most of my games by this point were either decided by surprisingly fast openings with Auric Bully and Peacekeeper's Helm into Auren Jailer, a combo that was really effective against some decks that had a slow strategy and by wining in the air with the flyer, as it was planned. So most of the time the deck worked and just won without much difficulty but there were definately some bailbiters in there were i only won with 1 health left and Hypnotic Valkyrie was going for game. There's not much more to tell, i bricked on power once and did one misplay where i didn't play around a rune when i could have and in one game i straight up lost to Overclocked Sentinel with 2 Detonation Cannon... and that's kinda it. I had a fun time playing and i definately got lucky with some of my pulls this month but i don't think i had a deck that would hit top 10.

And that's it, please ask questions if i didn't explain something not well enough (non-native speaker) or when you think something was missing. I hope this quick run down helps you if you don't do well in league and maybe encourages you in trying it out again! PEACE OUT your kira ;)) <3

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League - Chapter 59: Land's Edge
October 1-31, 2021
October 2021 Sealed League


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October 24, 2021


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Hour of Glass

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NULLUS Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Thanks for the write-up. Just recently started playing and joined this past month's league with about 2 weeks left. Focused on building around units and removal, starting with tri-color decks for my first few attempts and eventually ended up using two color decks after the last packs dropped. Only went 13-27, which was far from good, but your article helps in that it opens up the possibility of using other strategies (weapons, for example), and hopefully I'll continue to improve. Thanks again.
maslovk Edited Eternal Version: 21.09.23
This time event rewards were nerfed well enough =\
Nice giude btw. League is one of my favourite Eternal game mode. Personally I'd recommend 1 more thing. Sometimes your first packs are pure garbage. Your potential deck can be worse than average draft deck. Before nerf I'd recommend to resign (this works really well; I switched from 1-9 feeder to top-50 busted fun deck with 3 legendaries, including site, for example), after the nerf I think that waiting for new packs and playing on a last week is better option.
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 21.09.23
Yeah that makes totally sense, i myself play only on the last weeks too so i don't even risk it to start off with a lowroll. But then again with enough experience and creativity you can make pretty much everything work to atleast get top 500
maslovk Edited Eternal Version: 21.09.23
Oh wow, rewards have come and they are awesome! Top-500 golden legendary plus a lot of packs. 27 packs+3200 shiftstone total for a 12500 price and 40 battles are soooo good.
bobby2055 Eternal Version: 21.09.23
great write up thank you.
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 21.09.23
I'm hope it was helpful! :)
Jedi_EJ Eternal Version: 21.09.23
Solid write-up, well done!
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 21.09.23
Thank you very much! <3
Random_7945 Eternal Version: 21.09.23
Oh busted cards wins in general I think. :)
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 21.09.23
they sure do. they sure do...