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[Masters] Wheel 'em to kneel 'em!

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Hey there, Kira is back from a posting break and today I'm sharing a deck that is build around The Big Wheel! It's Eternals equivalent to the card also known as 'Bob', "Dark Confidant" in MTG, which is an exceptionally solid draw scaling option in midrange decks. Taking damage to draw cards is a pretty simple, but also effective way to keep going for a trade-off that doesn't actually matter that much if you build your deck around it correctly. And i thought Xenan has some amazing tools to synergize with said The Big Wheel. So here's how it works conceptionally;

1. We're fairly low on the ground and cap at 4 power, means we never take a tremendous amount of damage and just die out of nowhere.
2. All of our units are very flexible and support a potentially slower playing style, some have pay abilities like Ayan, the Abductor or effects that make them more relevant in a later stage of the game like Alhed Ascending, or help to stabilize so Wheel can keep ticking down like Sahin, Stateless.
3. Since we will in theory lose a lot of tempo t4, we have to make sure to keep up the pace at turns 2 and 3 with cards like Teacher of Humility and Javan, the Steel Crest, they likely will get answered quickly or provoke a board stall, so they partially slow down the game inherently without us actually being a control deck, which is in our favor.
4. This might be the most important part of the deck what might confuse people, we're actually very tempo efficient and work on an aggressive, but also value oriented gameplan while sitting on Wheel. We have no issue with just beatsticking people, so Wheel is technically the backup plan for longer fights.

And all of this makes this deck very unique in terms of gameplay, you can take the tempo out of games and you're cool with it, and if you want to play aggressively with cards like Huntmaster Vikrum and Sand Warrior, you can do that too. You're piloting the deck so it's entirely your choice what to do! Playing this deck definately can improve your skills as a player if you analyse your games afterwards like in chess and learn! Practice makes Provicient!

Short market run down; Vine Grafter market to help in the aggro matchups, he's the most sticky unit and we don't need the market access like other decks immediately.
Send an Agent just to have a fast removal spell if needed,
Curtain Call is a fantastic way for this deck to stabilize and to protect the board, i had it maindeck for a while but it actually was too bricky sometimes.
In Cold Blood for all the pesky Justice decks, kill one of them takes out all of them.
Xenan Temple because it's temple, you can run Dizo's Office instead, but the Killer possibility really helps the deck to deal with aegis units. We also have cute plays with Sand Warrior, you can play him for 0 with Temple at the same time and make him like a 5/5 regen killer unit, so that's super solid.
Azindel, Revealed for the really long games, we're swarming the board a bit with Dinosaur Nest, so there's always a possibility to just steal like 10 cards out of nowhere.

Budget options: Since i run some fun cards like Sahin, Stateless you don't need to craft them, just try to replace those missing cards with cards that do a similar job, like Vara, Vengeance-Seeker is from a campaign and basically everyone has her, easy substitution. Teacher of Humility really helps against Unleash BS, Magnificent Stranger is a totally reasonable replacement. Ayan, the Abductor is good for all purposes, especially against aggro, run what you have that stabilizes, maybe even another merchant like Ebon Dune Smuggler seems good.

And that's it, questions, recommendations, feedbacks, discussions, drop it all in the comments. Otherwise go and spin the wheel! Get out of here!! :P
Your Kira <3


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25 17 17

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4 20 22 4 22

Card Types
34 8 12 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Awakening [Set1095]
Bastion Rising [Set1097]
Buried Memories [Set1105]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


June 13, 2022


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Fistofsteal Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Good to see another bob deck going around! List seems well tuned to me, have you considered Ubsat the Savior? It seems very strong in the current meta to decks that can support it.
Edit: I've had good success with Waystone Ignitor in my time midrange decks. Could help your game plan.
ArrowofKira22 Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Yeah ubsat is a good idea, i might post another list soon that goes heavier on time influence with time symbols and twinned spitelings and stuff so i definately would play her there. Waystone ignitor is also nice to have i guess, if you happen to play this deck and find the spot for him let me know.
yardglass Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Enjoying the deck - thanks for the writeup and the advice on potential replacements!
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 22.06.08
No worries, enjoy! And don't be afraid to make changes according to your judgement, we all can only learn from them.
Random_7945 Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Where is your Know When to Wheel 'em deck?
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Maybe in the future, not sure what else primal could provide for this deck specifically. Oh btw you should look at Big Wheel with Spire shadows, don't think anyone has tried that yet and it should work.
pensfan62 Eternal Version: 22.06.08
I updated the shimerpack spire to have a big wheel in the market. It's just insane.
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Hey pens, oh you already tried that out? Fantastic! I'm kinda curious how ridiculous this actually can become in combination with Merriest mandrake, since that was and still is a good shell for spire shadow decks and generally ultimate decks would benefit from cost reductions and draw in all terms.