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Temporal Toolbox Control

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I really enjoy playing control lately but i wanted to spice it up a little and i got the idea to try Realign the Stars in a temporal deck and it was unique and fun enough so i decided to share it. There're some players who like running a toolbox in their deck and while they can be useful, usually they're really clunky or not worth running, but a slow control deck like temporal gets a lot from the amplify toolbox. Now you might have the question: "Is it worth it to run Realign the Stars in the first place?" And i'd say Yes, in expedition i think so because of the following reasons:

1. sketches and runes; all the sketches and runes work really slowly and while i'm not impressed by any of them originally, in a slow grindy deck like temporal they're feeling welcomed. Realign doesn't specify non-power cards so you can totally use it to just grab a power from your deck if needed, for example you really need to stun or spin a unit for a turn while hitting your power? Grab Rune of Relocation or Rune of Trickery to stall and keep going!
2. versatility and optionality; like i just mentioned grabing power is useful and needed in some situations, the big selling point are the amplify spells, especially searching Gavel's Insight, From the Heavens or Onoris Roa can save your life and while i'm not advocating to run them in a control deck initially because they're rough to justify on their own, searchable with realign makes them significantly better.
3. additional finisher; now you might say "Isn't Temporal Distortion, Channel the Tempest and The Speaking Circle enough late game to win a game?", usually yes but Davia, Azurebreaker made a big impact in how this deck can play into the board and specifically a well timed Greatblade or Onoris Roa in combination with her can totally seal the deal for you and lets you attack your opponent from a different angle then just burning them down with Channel or waiting for Circle to do it's thing.

As a heads up, this deck is hard to pilot because you have a lot of playlines you can do with this deck and especially if you're not used to control your first couple games can be rough. Don't go down to 6 just because you miss one influence, the only real important one is double primal to cast Wisdom of the Elders, if you got that you're fine. Try to have atleast one interaction and draw card in your starting hand.

And just as an end note, if you don't like the distribution of cards in this deck feel free to change them as you like, it was rough to fit in the toolbox so a lot of 2 offs ended up in this deck which would be normally 3 or 4 offs. If you're still interested in a temporal list that doesn't use the amplify toolbox i can post that too, and that's already it, i'll answer questions asap as always, your kira :))

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July 20, 2021

June 9, 2021


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IAmStev Eternal Version: 21.06.09
This deck has been a lot of fun, and it's great to actually see some tutoring going on. The thing I've messed with the most/had the most trouble with is power. I feel like the combination of so many amplify cards and such a heavy top end, along with only the gemstones for ramp means you really can't afford to miss a power drop. I've found myself with a million tools and not enough power to utilize them. And "just get to turn 5" is no longer a thing. It's more like "just get to 8 or 9" which makes this kind of control pretty tough in expedition.

So at least for me, adding a 26th power and a seek power has seemed to help out. I feel like self-aegis is harder to come by and is pretty important with the shadow discard/sac stuff happening, so maybe investing fully in Eilyn's Favor is better. I also put in two permafrosts in place of a bottled insight and a decree. Just some tweaks that have definitely helped me get to the late game, where this deck has almost infinite options. Tons of fun. Thanks for posting it!
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 21.06.09
power is always a problem but i grab power with realign frequently so i didnt think that was a huge concern, gameplan is to stall anyways but adding more power like eilyns favor is a great idea. imo dont play permafrost there're better ways to defend yourself, i'd recomment retirement, it's a 2 cost spell but it works against everything.
Macronomicon Eternal Version: 21.06.09
This deck is amazing. While I prefer the faster, more aggressive decks, I do know how to pilot slower, control decks.

The first time I tried using this deck, it beat an impressive, quick FS sacrifice deck. I ended the game with 7 life left.
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Glad to hear you enjoy it a bit, especially when you usually enjoy the faster decks! I'm at d3 rn and i'm not even playing that much lately. And yeah you sometimes get low on health but since you're a control deck it's fine. At the end only the last point matters right? ;)