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Best 13-7 League deck ever?

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I feel like the card quality of this deck is off the charts, though the influence requirements are quite steep. Three FF, two JJ, and one PP, which is why we need all the strangers, the bannerman, and the diplomatic seal.

Despite the high power level of the deck, in leaderboard games, it went 13-7 in the first two weeks. I think this was mostly due to some really bad luck at times. In some of the games, I did genuinely get beaten as well. The real evidence that the deck should have done better is in the tiebreakers, which were 30-10 - the highest tiebreaker wins at the 13-7 W-L record.

Update: Finished week 3 leaderboard games. Went 8-2 (with one loss having just about the worst imaginable draws after the opening hand). So, the deck now stands at 21-9. Most important change this week was having the sudden realization that I have two merchants who can both pull Ijin. So, I moved Ijin out of the main deck into the market. Best choice ever. Deck list here is for week 3, but not a ton of cards are different from the first two weeks.

Funny sidenote: turn 1 Unmoored Valkyrie into turn 2 Cloudsnake Saddle is quite a thing. And it's happened more than once in my 80 games played so far.

Event Information

League - Chapter 30: Dark Frontier
May 1-31, 2019
“The Shadowlands will rot yer insides and dry you out if you’re not careful; it’s a deadly place to wander without a guide.” – Jekk


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2 2 2 1

Power Sources
5 7 5 1 1 1

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21 7 6 1

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20 3 10 0 17


May 20, 2019

May 16, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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