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Clutch of Worms

By Diablolee85



Cost Curve




I want to start off saying credit for the base deck goes to Bullettime, though ive made some major changes in the form of a little more control, and more market ability. And going 12-4 in low masters with it, i thought if share the fun!

Over all you just want to ramp and drop Pit, while killing, stunning, or throwing things back with equavicate.

And the name of the deck stands true! So many clutch wins with 5 or less health!

Give the deck a try and if you enjoy, leave a comment and give bullettimes a look as well.


Shiftstone Cost (Does not include campaign cost) 27,100
Premium Cost 156,800
Influence Requirements 3 2 4
Power Sources 10 15 15 13
Deck Rarities 14 27 26 2
Card Types 10 11 33 27
Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Archetype Tempo Combo
Added January 11, 2019
Views 848
Eternal Version v1.42 - Defiance
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Agenight Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.2
How does Eternity Core] work for you ?
In my 6 games i havn't used it once.

How about Knight-Chancellor Siraf when you have that ampount of power ?
Or more The Great Parliament in hte main deck ?

I think it somehow need a wincon more that just Pit of Lenekta.
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 1.42.2
76 card deck?
Diablolee85 Eternal Version: 1.42.2
Ops! Drop a seat of order! Thanks for pointing that out lol
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.42.2
+5 points to the name if you add clutch of talons to the market.
+10 to the decks power if you add clutch to the market
I’m gonna finish crafting this deck and have fun now lol
Diablolee85 Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.2
You know what, I didnt think of that card! Back to the drawing board!
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.42.2
Get. On. Discord.