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#1 Masters Mono Time Killers

By DarkestHour



Cost Curve




Tuned this Mono Time deck to hit Masters on the day of the reset from Diamond 3 after losing a lot of frustrating games to Icaria variants. I will recommend trying it out in a metagame heavy with Icaria and Removal Pile.


Twitter: @jasonl0h


Shiftstone Cost 79,400
Premium Cost 278,400
Influence Requirements 4
Power Sources 26
Deck Rarities 8 14 21 19
Card Types 42 4 8 26
Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Archetype Midrange
Updated October 2, 2018
Added October 1, 2018
Views 5,909
Eternal Version v1.38 - Card and bug fixes, onboarding campaign changes
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Gaze73 Edited Eternal Version: 1.39
Went 0-5 at gold 1 against 5 different decks, typical mono time garbage. There is no good reason to play mono time over combrei if your gameplan is to play fatties. Combrei has great comeback mechanics with sword of unity and crownwatch tactic instead of super slow Rhinarcs. This deck has zero fast spells and is super vulnerable to removal.
DarkestHour Eternal Version: 1.39
I lost 5 games so deck is bad, typical Gold 1 netdecker garbage.
Gaze73 Edited Eternal Version: 1.39
Can't take criticism? I've been in masters every single season, usually with my own decks. I don't see any reason why mono time would be better than any dual combination. You have no fast removal so you lose to chargers and buffs. Your pseudo hard removal is clunky because it requires you to have superior creatures on board against an opponent with no fast spells . Also killer and big creatures are useless against Deadly such as the omnipresent Vara, Azindel's critters or even ripknife assassins. I'd love to see how you deal with 4 dark returned or screamed Varas. You have no board clear or lifesteal to ever make a comeback. All your creatures are vulnerable to super cheap removal such as vanquish or annihilate or permafrost which you can't even get rid of. Also you have no aegis against harsh rule so you can never have more than 2 creatures on board against Icaria or temporal. Also your nightfalls give aggro more tools to finish you off and others to draw into more removal. Also you have no silence against anything ever. Basically there's a laundry list of weaknesses, and what's the trade off? That you're 100% likely to have TT influence on turn two, and can play that one copy of Kerasaur. Definitely worth it.
DarkestHour Eternal Version: 1.39
Your opinions would be a lot more substantial if you had results to back them up; good job getting to Masters with your own deck and yet here you are playing my deck and complaining about losing with it. I like how it didn't occur to you that you might be playing the deck poorly, or making questionable play decisions, or just having a poor run with a small sample size of 5 games. All those weaknesses of this deck you mention are very very valid, but I don't think you factored in the fact that this deck was made pre-Into the Shadows, so you are basically here trash talking a deck after playing it in a new metagame that the deck wasn't designed to be played in, so good job to you :)
Gaze73 Eternal Version: 1.39
Lol, your first defense is that I played the deck poorly? It's probably the most straightforward deck in the game. Play fatties, hope they don't get removed, smash face. What else can you do? Mono time has been around since forever and it was always mediocre at best because it always had the same flaws. This deck might've been good for two days but now there's Vara and Azindel and they're not going anywhere. You still haven't even tried to argue why mono is better than any dual time faction. But you don't have to, just keep playing mono and I hope to see you on ladder with my xenan or combrei decks :)
DarkestHour Eternal Version: 1.39
Pretty hard for me to assume you know how to play the deck if you can't even figure out not to netdeck a deck made for a previous metagame. Just for your information, I'm not running this list anymore, and I don't think I'll see you on the ladder cause I'm in Top 10 Masters lmao
Gaze73 Eternal Version: 1.39
Way to be a condescending ahole. Of course you're not running the list because it's trash in this meta and you know it. But instead of admitting it you're saying I don't know how to drop SST on curve like your majesty. I tried your deck only because I've never seen a good mono time deck and I was proven right again. Mono time is a subpar gimmick. It's like playing mono fire instead of skycrag.
DarkestHour Eternal Version: 1.39
I'm not running the list because I've tweaked it; still on Mono Time. Sorry I'm being condescending, someone came into my post, used my deck, went 0-5 with it at Gold 1 when I used it to climb to Masters on reset day in 10 hours, called it typical mono time garbage, and I'm the condescending asshole lmao. Talk to me again when you have any considerable amount of success yourself please.
DarkestHour Eternal Version: 1.39
Also, urgh, I looked up your username on Reddit, didn't realise I was arguing on the internet with a bigot piece of shit, last reply.
Gaze73 Eternal Version: 1.39
Oh I got an e-stalker, cool. Can't wait to see your mono time in a tournament, scrub.
SottoSopra666 Eternal Version: 1.39
Ok, I know that with only 10 matches, it's hard to say if the deck is good or not. But I played with it, and it seems that FINALLY, we have a nice mono time deck!! Let me explain: I always wanted a solid mono time deck, I tried thousands of variants, but I never finded a solid one. Now, that deck seems pretty solid, I've also been lucky enough to have a mirror match, not against the same deck, they had Venom Rider, but the deck was always a mono time, and I won it thanks to the killers.

Man, I have to thank you so much, for made my dream come true!!

I hope that mono times get always better!!

I think that, compatibly with my work schedule, I could try to use this deck in some tourney, someday.

Thanks again, man, big up for you!!!!!
DarkestHour Eternal Version: 1.39
Hey there, thanks for your comment :) Glad you liked it, hope it treats you kindly
SottoSopra666 Eternal Version: 1.39
Had a bad lose streak today, but I had a bad series of redraws, the deck is good, 12 killers in the deck are what this archetype needed to become competitive. Again, great job man!!
Comment Deleted
Comment Deleted
SKiTHx Eternal Version: 1.39
It's a good deck. I've lost to it myself once or twice. I just can't see not playing Hotv though. And I like having torch for the enemies Teachers when on the draw.
DarkestHour Eternal Version: 1.39
Those are all fair statements, Praxis is definitely strong.
BiblicalBeluga Eternal Version: 1.39
Is this deck really worth crafting? Or should I just craft a cheaper deck
Comment Deleted
cloudscraper Eternal Version: 1.38
Do you feel Like this deck IS a real contender…?
Werewolf Edited Eternal Version: 1.38
Having just played it for an hour, no, this is not good. I don't know what the meta on his climb was but its not working at all in gold 2. Big Praxis seems like a far better choice. If someone drops hteir alhed first, you have no chance at winning, none, whatsoever
cloudscraper Eternal Version: 1.38
I am 12-1with this deck currently between silver 3 and silver 1
Werewolf Eternal Version: 1.38
I'm 1-8. I've lost to everything except a praxis tokens list I managed to stall out.
DarkestHour Eternal Version: 1.38
Just because it didn't work for you doesn't means it's not any good. Perhaps the deck isn't your style, or you are making bad decisions with mulliganing and keeping hands, but I would appreciate if you didn't say my deck was bad after playing it for an hour :) Something must be wrong if people are going 12-1 and I have won my last 20 games with it and you are going 1-8, try justifying it with something other than "Deck is bad".
Werewolf Edited Eternal Version: 1.38
Well, its not good against praxis because praxis has more options. Its not good against icaria. Its too slow against combrei aggro. Its not good against other Alhed decks unless you get lucky and get yours down first. Its not good against harsh rule. I switched to praxis and started actually winning games, so yeah, it's not good. Big praxis does everything it does but better.

And the 12-1 was in silver, so he's playing against plebes who either haven't played in a while or are new.

What was the meta on your run?
DarkestHour Eternal Version: 1.38
If you actually read the deck description you would have realised I said that the deck is awesome against Icaria variants :) Personally I feel that Combrei is a good matchup as we have so many Killer effect, we can stymie their early game plan and go bigger :) I'm not very interested in having a discussion about my deck with someone who played it for an hour, relies on anecdotal experience and has no data to support their arguments unfortunately, and I especially do not have Time (hehe) for someone who judges people based on their rank lol. This will be my last reply to you, hope you have a nice day.
Werewolf Eternal Version: 1.38
You sure wrote up quite a long reply for not caring. Sorry your deck is bad and looks like every big time deck on here right after FoA released.
HRgGR Edited Eternal Version: 1.38
5:2 first hour on gold 2, I think the Deck is funny and currently could work at the actual Meta.
Kriegsgeschrei Edited Eternal Version: 1.39
I averaged 60% win-rate through G3-G1 with some minor modifications to combat temporal/torment Mono Time v2.

opp L W W Rate
ps 2 5 71.43%
ft 2 4 66.67%
tj 1 1 50.00%
fjs 1 3 75.00%
unk 0 1 100.00%
f 0 1 100.00%
fs 1 1 50.00%
ts 1 2 66.67%
fp 2 2 50.00%
tps 1 0 0.00%
jps 1 2 66.67%
fj 2 1 33.33%
fps 1 0 0.00%
js 1 0 0.00%
fts 0 1 100.00%
t 1 0 0.00%
jp 1 0 0.00%
ftp 0 1 100.00%
tjp 0 2 100.00%
ttl 18 27 60.00%

Biggest thing I want to add next is at least one quicker source of silence. I may drop Novaquake Titan for it as that has only really been a 'win sooner' market card. The deck is utterly destroyed by Cirso and certain inspire drops.
DarkestHour Eternal Version: 1.38
I think it's definitely playable in the right metagame, and fairly strong, can probably hold its own against most decks.