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FJS Removal Dumpster Pile (Reached Masters July 2018)

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Hey guys! As is now tradition, I am posting the deck that I used to reach Masters this season. There have obviously been a bunch of FJS decks running around, because with the addition of Crest of Glory and Rizahn, Greatbow Master, the Rakano Midrange package is looking very strong. I know camat0 and TonyGeeeee were doing some work on decks like this, and certainly others that I'm unaware of.

This is my version. It's gone through a few changes, which I guess I'll list right away:
The original version had 4 Wanted Poster and 4 Amilli, Cloudmarshal. The Amilli's weren't really pulling their weight, and the Posters are not cards you want to draw without a removal spell, so I cut the Amillis and trimmed a Poster. In their place, I added the Runehammers and Annihilates. That original version got me through Diamond 3 and Diamond 2 really quickly but stalled in Diamond 1. After trying a few other decks, I went back to old faithful and pushed through.

One card that I don't think I see in every version of this deck is Sheriff Marley. I love this card. I'm not even sure why, she's solidly mediocre but is great when you need it. If you ever get to activate her more than once then she can pull you out of tough spots, and if you trigger her Tribute then it feels like cheating. Couple that with the fact that if the opponent is killing her, they're generally using removal that would otherwise hurt your big guns.

Wanted Poster is obviously a unique card to this version, as most people have shied away from it since it's nerf. But it's exactly the effect I want in this deck, especially when Time Midrange is so popular on ladder. It's clear that this deck is slanted VERY heavily towards dealing with Time Midrange, and Poster is one of the ways you can actually get ahead in the matchup.

For the Market, I went with these 5 cards because they all serve like silver bullets. If you're stuck on power, you've got a Banner. In midrange matchups you get the 4th Icaria. Maiden is good against Dawnwalker, Highwayman for aggro, and Bore for various attachment things. I think the Market is one of the most customizable parts of any decklist, including this one. There are so many cards you want but only 5 slots, so be sure to tune it for the decks you're facing.

Any of my decks are tunable, for sure. I don't claim that this is the best version of FJS, but it is the version that I've had the most success with by far, and it's the version I want to share. I always encourage people to use my decks as a starting point and to try their own things to potentially improve it.

Thanks for reading everybody! Be sure to catch my stream at and hit me with a Follow! And don't forget to hit the Thumbs Up on this deck, especially if you Export it and start wrecking house!


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3 3 2

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16 22 8 18

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15 23 22 10

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18 5 29 28

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Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


July 6, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport

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jcm3 Eternal Version: 1.36
Like this deck, any changes you've made to it in the last 2 weeks?
TheSkeeJay Eternal Version: 1.36
I tried a version that removed the Harsh Rules for Statuary Maidens and then used the Justice Merchant for Rakano Banner, Citywide Ban, Harsh Rule, Throne Warden, and Icaria. I didn't like the Justice market that much but I do think maindecking the Maidens was a good choice.
NecroSphinX Edited Eternal Version: 1.36
Hello TheSkeeJay :) I started to see your streams and i really enjoy it. Love the way you explain, say your POV and how you keep the stream. Im a F2P player and i dont have much stones to craft lot of decks. I barely have stones to craft 1 deck. In the past i crafted a few decks that seems to do well on ladder but it in my place it didnt go well as expected. I know that for winning games it depends from lot of factors but talking in general.. This deck is solid to hit Masters? Im at Silver 1 losing to Charge Rod, TJP, Praxis Midrange, and JPS. For the moment the meta is kinda mix with lot of decks doing fine and there isnt something that do much better than the rest. I just want to know, from your opinion and experience, if i spend my remaining stones on this deck, if it can fight at ladder :) I dont care hitting high Masters, just hitting for the Chapter Reward. :)
Thank you anyway man!
TheSkeeJay Eternal Version: 1.36
Hey, thanks for being awesome! I have a lot of faith in this deck but it was tuned primarily for the Time Midrange meta. I do think that this deck is still strong enough to make masters but you might need to make some small changes to match up against the decks you face the most
cloudscraper Eternal Version: 1.36
Been playing and liking your deck for the past two days.

I have been facing quite a lot of Control Decks, and I don't love our market options for those kinds of matchups.
And... highwayman has been very hard to cast on curve for me, I was considering cutting it for a control 1of.
Is Flamestoker good enough? Is it the best we could play? Did you ever test it or consider it? Thanks
TheSkeeJay Eternal Version: 1.36
Flamestoker is fine. I never really intended Highwayman to be a turn 4 play, but I suppose it needs to be if it's in the Market for aggro, huh? Yeah, Flamestoker is certainly good enough, especially if control is a common deck to play against.
cloudscraper Eternal Version: 1.36
Yeah, and against aggressive decks getting maiden or bore (if it is Rakano) is probably still good enough. It has happened multiple times that Highwayman became castable around turn 6/7 where killing the x/1 is not exactly relevant anymore. Will test Flamestoker and report :)
Ninjacan Eternal Version: 1.36
I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and try sheriff Marley.. I keep seeing it in lists and i keep rereading it like "am i reading this wrong? Am i missing something?" That card looks like total crap. I just don't see the appeal. I'll try it though i guess.
Tarot Eternal Version: 1.36
Sheriff Marley looks to me like a more relevant Throne Warden (or one that curves out better in a deck like this one)... and I don't think I've ever thought of the latter as total crap. So I'll be trying Marley out too.
Goliath Eternal Version: 1.36
New dark Icaria, nice job !!! Before 3 months was my basic deck in ladder. I already miss the Ripknifes and Makto.