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Argenport Snacks

By Eyestrained


Cost Curve




Someone forgot to feed Scruffles McFluffington. Plenty of ways to pop face aegis for the extortion and Harsh Rule is like one giant combust vs big dumb units like Praxis. Couldn’t care less about Hailstorm or ICB since everything replaces itself and makto s just fodder not a wincon except vs decks that dont run ICB.

I can’t stop playing this deck please send help.

EDIT: Swapped Tock Ticks for Shadow onions as an extra way to pop face aegis and maybe mill something important. Dizo and Prowlers are interchangeable depending on how much face aegis you run into.

EDIT 2: OK Feln is a really rough matchup don’t forget to specifically save your devours in response to ICB since maktos the only thing big enough to hold back champs.

Trying some Sabos because Protects we’re too clunky to hold up and couldn’t hit relics.


Type Standard
Archetype Midrange
Updated April 22, 2018
Eternal Version v1.31 - Sealed Deck League
Views 5,872
Shiftstone Cost 28,500 / 140,800 (Premium)
Influence Requirements 2 2
Units 32
Attachments 0
Spells 18
Powers 25
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Revisions Last Change: April 22, 2018


OldGuardian Edited Eternal Version: 1.31
I continue to be very pleased with this deck, however, I disagree with the -2 Harsh Rule, +2 Sabotage decision as Rule has just been way too good for me to even want to consider dropping its number.
What I have done is -2 Fallen Oni, -1 Dark Wisp, -1 Direwood Prowler and +4 Tranquil Scholar.
The pupils + Memory Dredger add so much to the deck that I find it to be incredible and haven't regretted the changes for a moment.
Who doesn't love an Aegis, unblockable, Double damage Makto? XD
cwhitman Eternal Version: 1.31
I just posted my updated version of this deck on here, that I've been doing incredibly well with on ladder. Argenport Sacrifice Valuetown
Comment Deleted
Zeiner Eternal Version: 1.31
This deck is really insane... unbelievable thank you!!
SteveH1972 Eternal Version: 1.31
wow, omg!!!. I’ll give this deck 5 thumbs up if I could. Amazing deck. You cant lose. You literally fall into wins with this deck. Great build.
OldGuardian Edited Eternal Version: 1.29
Played this deck ton, switched out Torrent of Spiders and a prowler for 3x memory Dredger. Love the deck, Lots of fun with it!

I really enjoy how it can play control and yet, at the same time, snub its nose at other control decks.
Void Edited Eternal Version: 1.29
Well , i change 2 torrent spider into 2 memory dredger cause i dont have torrent spider . This deck quite amazing if i must honest ( im considering dark return but dunno is it really worth or not )
frmorrison Eternal Version: 1.29
I added memory dredger instead of 2 Makto to get more units.
Gregorious Edited Eternal Version: 1.29
Really fun deck. Only have 1 Makto so threw in three Inquisitor's Blade.

EDIT: Crafted another Inquisitor Makto. So 2 now. Also an additional Torrent of Spiders. Removed 3x Inquisitor's Blade's.
Gaze73 Edited Eternal Version: 1.29
For some reason I can't import this particular deck, first time I encountered such error. Might be a Dizo thing. Edit: Yep, just remove Dizo from the clipboard and it imports fine.
VaylinArcher Eternal Version: 1.29
So much fun! So much card draw! The only problem is that it needs MORE Dizo! but im not sure theres room. Also, maybe -1 Vara's Favor +1 Torrent? The card is too good to just have 2.
Eyestrained Eternal Version: 1.29
Thanks but if you cut Vara’s Favor you’ll have less ways to pop face aegis for the extortion. I’m thinking of going 3/3 prowler/dizo split or maybe 2/4.

I found those deck doesn’t fill it’s void as fast as other sacrifice decks so I started with 2 and I’m not sure what I could cut for it. Plus this deck doesn’t buff its units like obelisk so al the little spiders still die to storms/bsh. It’s amazing vs time decks and harsh rule however.
Wind Eternal Version: 1.29
Is Makto replacable in this deck with a more budget option?
damanjeff6 Edited Eternal Version: 1.29
Inquisitor's Blade? Build your own Makto
Maybe +2 Dizo and +2 Blade?
Lagrangian Eternal Version: 1.29
Another choice might be Umbren Reaper - it's quite a good Entomb, but very fragile.
frmorrison Eternal Version: 1.29
Try Colony Matron or Amilli.