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Millhouse 3

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Here's the version I've been running for a while. Some of you may have played against me last season and thought "Who the hell is playing this garbage deck in masters" but it actually won quite a lot against all sorts of decks. TJP flyers was probably the toughest because aegis is veryhard to deal with. Here is Millhouse in all its glory. Is this deck a meme deck? How can it be, Millhouse is not a meme

*I am not responsible for any loss of MMR that results from you piloting this deck. Please do not send me hate I get enough as a mill player*

You will probably play this deck incorrectly for a while. It takes a lot of getting used to. I suggest playing a dozen casual games or so before you try it in ranked. I got to gold 1 using nothing but this deck so it's definitely possible.

The deck primarily tries to get black iron manacles out as fast as possible. You have tons of removal and don't be afraid to devour literally any of your creatures (ok maybe not a big dreamsnatcher) because once they hit the field their job is to chump block and buy you time (they can come back, that's what shadowlands guide is for). Devour is one of two ways to get card advantage in this deck and the other is Crownwatch press gang which is...well anyway, every card in this deck tries to get cards in your opponent's void. Against warcry keep your fallen oni in your hand until they swing a couple times, then mill their buffed dude. If the creature that gets milled isn't buffed, enjoy getting wrecked by a giant sword of icaria for the rest of the game. Try playing a spitefeeder and praying you don't mill away two lands.

Some of you might want to put an old Vara in this deck to try and combo off. Don't do it

Pros of this deck: You are not playing the same old thing that everyone else is playing. You get to watch people scoop when you start milling cards away. If you do get to mill your opponent down to 0 it is incredibly satisfying.

Cons of this deck: literally none, enjoy


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November 1, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.40 - Bug fixes

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fatalist Eternal Version: 1.40
I lost to this last month or the month before and I was so mad.

Nice deck, in both the sarcastic and non-sarcastic senses of the phrase!
Peachfellow Eternal Version: 1.40
What do you think about the new shadow unit eremot gathering dark? I threw 1 in my deck in place of a 4th solitude cuz I dont have it yet.
Wispr Eternal Version: 1.40
I had him in the sideboard for a while but never actually grabbed him so I put a land in there instead. He's probably a fine card to fill out the list while you gather the solitides, lemme know how it works out.
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 1.40
Crafted a couple of missing Solitude last night before bed. Woke up this morning and first game was a mirror match. Fun watching us both mill each other. Lucky for me, I got my important cards before opponent.
Fun deck. Will fool around with it some more in Gold.
Wispr Eternal Version: 1.40
That's amazing! I've never had a mirror match with this deck before, even when the non-market version I put up got a lot of attention
Wispr Eternal Version: 1.40
That's amazing! I've never had a mirror match with this deck before, even when the non-market version I put up got a lot of attention
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.40
Sweet! I’ve been looking for a fun mill list and tbh when I saw this I was like “eh, it just doesn’t feel right without something like ensnaring bridge” and then I read your description and was like “okay cool. I’m sold. Wanna sell me a car too? Cause I’d buy it.”
Wispr Eternal Version: 1.40
No but I got a 55-gallon drum of snake oil that'll knock your dick in the dirt