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Stonescar Gunslingers

By TheSkeeJay



Cost Curve




Got me from D2 to Master in 4ish hours. Played on stream 2/5/2018


Shiftstone Cost (Does not include campaign cost) 41,300
Premium Cost 174,400
Influence Requirements 2 2
Power Sources 14 17 8 4
Deck Rarities 18 20 16 8
Card Types 28 4 16 27
Archetype Aggro
Updated February 27, 2018
Added February 5, 2018
Views 5,676
Eternal Version v1.28 - Draft Changes
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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 27, 2018



Gold47 Eternal Version: 1.28
With the change to ChaCha's unit type, would you recommend playing a full playset of her, and what would you change out?
TheSkeeJay Eternal Version: 1.28
My gut reaction says we probably drop the sacrifice package and Sneaks if we're playing ChaCha and add in Obliterates and Rapid Shots but I haven't had a chance to really try anything yet
RockSoloid Eternal Version: 1.28
Just wanted to pop in to say that this is quite possibly the best Aggro deck for me at the moment.

Can be insanely fast but has more outs to stuff that stalls out regular Stonescar, the removal suite feels more suitable to what's on ladder right now and most importantly, it's far more interesting to play.

Besides, there's nothing quite as satisfying as killing someone with their own Icaria or Tavrod.
Gold47 Eternal Version: 1.28
Not a bad Gauntlet deck to grind with either. Lots of combat tricks and ways to push through the last little bits of damage. Only loss so far was to a very similar deck that dropped 3 Instigators against me with a bit of a slower hand.
TheSkeeJay Eternal Version: 1.28
Good to hear! I actually haven't tried this in Gauntlet yet but I'm glad you've done well.

And yeah, I think anybody would have trouble against a triple Instigator hand haha :)
WanYao Edited Eternal Version: 1.28
This deck is a dank meme, right? Seriously... I don't want to be rude, but I have to tell the truth. This is the losingest deck I've tried in a long time. Way too many cards that spend the entire game dead in hand and not enough firepower to actually close games. Stonescar Gunslingers might work, but it has to be a lot less gimmicky than this.

Kidsoldja Eternal Version: 1.28
he got from D2 to master with this and your calling this a dank meme? why don't you analyze how you play before criticizing the deck. Maybe you should have mulliganed more in a few matches, maybe you weren't being tight with your removal or did not play around certain cards. Its easy to blame your losses on someone else but yourself when something under performs.
TheSkeeJay Eternal Version: 1.28
Ok? No it's not a "dank meme" but thanks for asking. Sorry you couldn't win with it, but answer me this.

What's gimmicky about this? It's literally Stonescar Aggro without Champion of Chaos and Cinder Yeti, and I'm not even convinced they should be in that deck anyway. Instead of Obliterate, you have Madness, which probably gets stuck in your hand far less often than a 5-cost card does. Instead of Rapid Shot, you have Sneak which is literally a reusable Rapid Shot that can still do something even if you aren't using it. Instead of dying to Harsh Rule, you have Ambush and Charge units that punish the opponent, and Devour to turn their removal into your advantage. I'm not sure what you were trying to get at, but I would highly recommend thinking about how a deck works before calling it gimmicky or bad.

If you're having trouble winning, it isn't always the deck's fault. I know we all like it when decks play themselves and we don't have to actually think about it, that way if we lose we can blame something. But there's no need to insult the builder of a deck that you can't figure out a way to win with.
BadBug Eternal Version: 1.28
Thanks for sharing!
Can you plz link the video if it exist or maybe add a short guide.
There are a lot of decsidons need to be done on each turn with this deck and i'll be happy to understand your thoughts :)
TheSkeeJay Eternal Version: 1.28
The only gameplay video right now is the VOD of my most recent stream, which you can find at this link.

I honestly don't know how much strategy i go over in that video though, I try to talk about decision points as much as possible but i might have been on autopilot that night haha.

There have been some requests for a deck tech video for this so I'll try to work on that this weekend.
BadBug Eternal Version: 1.28
Thanks a lot!
Pekelio Eternal Version: 1.28
neiz dick gurl
Waaben Eternal Version: 1.28
Your deck looks super great. I just have one question (im kinda new to the game). You have a lot of "sacrifice your own units", but dont play any units who want to die. How does that work? when will you want to kill you own unit when you need them to push damage in a deck like this?

Thank you in advance for your help :)
TheSkeeJay Eternal Version: 1.28
Grenadin Drone is the main unit that we don't mind dying, but sometimes if I need to sacrifice a crappy dude that outlived its usefulness for greater good then I will. But in the best case scenario, we try to combo those cards with Madness so we can sacrifice our opponent's things instead!
Waaben Eternal Version: 1.28
ofc.. madness. thats nice. did not think about that. ty... I see now it was a stupid question. I have just never played madness my selv so did not think about that combo :)