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By LightsOutAce



Cost Curve




Inspired by Isomorphic's Dragoncrunch and BassoonBuffoon's alterations.

Gameplay video:


Shiftstone Cost (Does not include campaign cost) 48,300
Premium Cost 200,000
Influence Requirements 3 3
Power Sources 19 19 12
Deck Rarities 30 20 12 11
Card Types 20 9 25 26
Archetype Midrange
Updated September 5, 2018
Added July 17, 2018
Views 9,634
Eternal Version v1.37 - Balance Changes
Deck URL

Revisions (Since last major patch) September 5, 2018



Mrjtrain Eternal Version: 1.37.4
What are the bad match ups for this deck? I can see aggro being an issue if they can't stabilize. I've had alot of issues playing into this lol
LightsOutAce Eternal Version: 1.37.4
The weakness is multitudes of flyers, like Rakano Valks or TJP with Stand Together.
Maor23 Eternal Version: 1.37.4
This deck is fine I guess... (don't let them know that this deck is tier 1)
MarshallDillon Eternal Version: 1.37
Actually, the official name is "J. F. Kennadin"
Tufford Eternal Version: 1.36
I saw Gallop talking about this list last night and tried it out. Afterwards I laid in bed and thought to myself, "You know what would be the perfect deck name? Kennadins."
Looks like you were a step ahead. lmao

Fun deck!
Luchito Eternal Version: 1.36
wish i could see this deck in action. Video or vs it on ladder.
LightsOutAce Eternal Version: 1.36

(Skip the first five games) I played it for several hours last night on stream.
Luchito Eternal Version: 1.36
those were some fun games! good content man! thanks!.. btw, i remember there was an Eylin combo deck a long time ago with a chalice base andchannel the tempest+strengh of the pack. the first deck you played reminded me of that one.