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Aerial Eggs: The Egging (anti-control)

By dog



Cost Curve




This is my own variant of TieTuesday's Aerial Eggs, I get asked for the deck sometimes so I'll be posting it here. Credit to TieTuesday ( for the original concept.

The basic idea of this deck is to counter control decks and removal in general while placing various flying units on the board. I opted to play more defensively with this variant, attempting to get a decent threat going (usually a few large units) and then making that threat very difficult to remove. This is able to climb to master in a control heavy meta, but unfortunately as of set 4 it no longer does so well even after trying to tune it with new tools such as merchants, etc. I may update the deck in the future if it has a place again.


Shiftstone Cost 55,000
Premium Cost 214,400
Influence Requirements 1 2 3
Power Sources 11 14 17 15
Deck Rarities 16 14 23 4 10
Card Types 24 0 24 27
Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Archetype Midrange
Updated September 4, 2018
Added April 9, 2018
Views 3,815
Eternal Version v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport
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Revisions Last Change: July 9, 2018



Zauzzie Eternal Version: 1.31
An easy fix for mana problem would be remove 1 unseal and 1 hailstorn and add 2 Find the Way.
this deck as few 2 spots and it helps make sure your seats come in untapped as well. They will also make sure you hit 7 lands a lot easier.
dog Eternal Version: 1.31
hadn't thought of that even though i've been using find the way in another deck of mine, i'll try it out next time i use this deck