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Aerial Eggs: The Egging (anti-control)

By dog


Cost Curve




This is my own variant of TieTuesday's Aerial Eggs, I get asked for the deck sometimes so I'll be posting it here. Credit to TieTuesday ( for the original concept.

The basic idea of this deck is to counter control decks and removal in general while putting various flying units on the board. Its greatest weaknesses seem to be other midrange decks, units with killer and its heavy influence costs. I opted to play more defensively with this variant, biding my time until I get a decent threat going (usually two or three large units) and then making that threat very difficult to remove. It worked out pretty well on the way to master two months in a row. The biggest changes are the addition of Unseal, Jotun Feast-Caller, with retirement of The Great Parliament and Amber Acolyte. I also chose to use slightly more spells and slightly less units. The most flexible cards in this deck are Unseal and Hailstorm which can be adjusted based on the current meta. Below will be a look at every card and what its purpose is.

Accelerated Evolution: An important piece of this deck, preferably used on a unit with aegis. Copperhall Elite and Shelterwing Rider are the bread and butter for this. It can also be used to give Unseen Commando endurance to evade Torch and Hailstorm. Important to note this can be used on an opponent's unit to break aegis.

Desert Marshal: Good card to slow down the opponent's early game if needed or just to silence problem units. He also patches up a weakness of the deck by being able to ambush killer attacks or relic weapon attacks if Hooru Pacifier isn't on board, with the added benefit of being able to silence those killer units in case of recursion.

Unseal: I added this as a cheaper alternative to protect units, and because Stand Together on it's own seemed to still be a struggle against many decks. It gives some more options to work with as well, such as shutting down Rain of Frogs, Rise to the Challenge or denying card draw for example.

Vanquish: Pretty self explanatory, use it to kill large threats. A prime target is Sandstorm Titan. You can push an opponent's 3 attack unit into range with Accelerated Evolution if there's absolutely no other option to survive.

Hailstorm: Stops aggro decks or kills some small problem units. If you have an Unseen Commando on board you can attack with him first, unless he's blocked or damaged by an enemy spell afterwards he will survive the hailstorm.

Hooru Pacifier: One of the greatest additions to Aerial Eggs, they can protect you from relic weapons or other weapon shenanigans while evading many popular removal spells due to their stats, and is a powerful flying unit for their cost. Against colors that are heavy with weapons you should play very carefully with them, not blocking or attacking unless you're certain the opponent has no response. If their attack is buffed in any way (including by Unseen Commando) they become vulnerable to Eilyn's Choice and Vanquish, which is something to be cautious of.

Stand Together: A great part of this deck, it can be used to counter removal on units or as a combat trick. Particularly useful on Shelterwing Rider after its aegis has been broken. As with most fast spells, try not to use it until the moment you need it and keep power in reserve for it where possible.

Unseen Commando: One of the most vulnerable units in the deck, but offers amazing support due to almost all the units in this deck having two or more battle skills, and the ones that don't can acquire them. On his own he is a decent threat and can help stabilize, but his true power lies in the ability to place him before declaring attacks, giving what should be all your attacking units +1/+1 before the opponent can even attempt to remove the commando. At best, if you can protect them they will win you games. At worst they're a removal magnet that will keep your aegis units even safer.

Copperhall Elite: Very good stats for its cost and with two great battle skills, he can become a monster. If you can get two Accelerated Evolutions on him he becomes 6/6, aegis, overwhelm, flying and endurance, which is nearly unstoppable when supported with Stand Together, Unseen Commando and especially Strength of the Pack. One of the best units in the deck, but must be careful of playing him into an opponents Auric Runehammer and other such threats.

Shelterwing Rider: Similar to Copperhall Elite in the way of very good stats and battle skills for their cost while becoming a monster when buffed. They're a bit easier to shut down than other aegis units because of their text but that just makes them a better target for Accelerated Evolution, Stand Together and Strength of the Pack.

Jotun Feast-Caller: The goal of this card is to play him when you require draws and your opponent has spent a lot of removal already, to either turn the table or secure victory. Another great target for Accelerated Evolution and Strength of the Pack.

Strength of the Pack: A win condition that is almost always never expected. When this clones a unit the clone will be played with all the buffs the original had and all the battle skills, including aegis even if the original unit has had theirs broken. It can also be played in a very tricky manner because it can target the opponent's units, which works best when followed up by a Vanquish or Accelerated Evolution to give your clone the edge.

The power may be a bit of a mess because I'm not great at deck building yet and was struggling to balance depleted and non-depleted power while working with the crests I had available. I think it's important to play things in this deck on curve so I didn't go overboard with crests and I haven't fiddled with the power too much, since it's worked alright a good deal of the time so far. While they could help with influence costs, I didn't like the Amber Acolytes in the deck because they could be a dead draw if you didn't get any time influence. They also didn't accomplish much on board and shared a place on curve with much more important units.

Any suggestions or input is welcome.

(5/12/2018) Revision: Removed Shush because it wasn't doing well in the meta and one Unseal to make room for two Find the Ways in order to smooth out influence problems, thanks to Zauzzie for the suggestion in the comments.


Type Standard
Archetype Midrange
Updated May 12, 2018
Eternal Version v1.31 - Sealed Deck League
Views 2,857
Shiftstone Cost 52,650 / 208,800 (Premium)
Influence Requirements 1 2 3
Units 23
Attachments 0
Spells 26
Powers 26
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Revisions Last Change: May 12, 2018


Zauzzie Eternal Version: 1.31
An easy fix for mana problem would be remove 1 unseal and 1 hailstorn and add 2 Find the Way.
this deck as few 2 spots and it helps make sure your seats come in untapped as well. They will also make sure you hit 7 lands a lot easier.
dog Eternal Version: 1.31
hadn't thought of that even though i've been using find the way in another deck of mine, i'll try it out next time i use this deck