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Xenan Control

Played by LightsOutAce


Cost Curve



Tournament Information

Name TCG eSports Weekly - Top 8
Date 10 August 2017
Placed 2nd


Deck Type Standard
Last Updated 11 August 2017
Views 4,345
Eternal Version v1.22 - Omens of the Past
Deck Archetype Control
Shiftstone Cost 50,900 / 200,000 (Premium)
Sideboard Cost 9,550
Units 31
Attachments 2
Spells 17
Powers 25
Common 14
Uncommon 22
Rare 12
Promo 0
Legendary 12

Comments (1)

RavePossum Eternal Version: 1.22.4
Why Champ of Mystery? Seems super hard to hit the influence requirements.
TheLastDefense Eternal Version: 1.22.4
The 7/7 body is incredibly relevant in the given meta which seems to be heavily 6/6 focused. The influence requirements are very unlikely to be there on turn 6, but you don't necessarily need it on turn 6. The abilities in some match-ups are completely just eventual upside.