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7-1 Praxis Pauper

Standard Deck By


Cost Curve




Lost one game, sigil screw had a big impact on that.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost
Premium Cost 49,600
Influence Requirements 1 1
Power Sources 15 14 4
Power Calculator Shiftstoned Icon View Deck on Shiftstoned
Deck Rarities 62
Card Types 36 2 12 25
Archetype Aggro
Added December 22, 2018
Views 264
Eternal Version v1.42 - Defiance
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BossDominator Eternal Version: 1.42
This deck is AMAZING!!! I know netdecking a pauper deck is about the lamest thing on earth. But I am proudly not above it. All of your card choices are perfect, and oni ronin is literally the only creature that is not double tasking, and it does its one task (beating face early game) really well!!! So many games I was like "how do I possibly win this game?" and then suddenly I draw the exact answer every time. The silence and deadly address almost every issue this deck ever has and I love it!!