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Titan Onslaught

By ScoreWin ScoreWin+5005



Cost Curve




#How to Win:
- Play Sandstorm Titan.
- Is your Opponent alive? Attack with Sandstorm Titan.
- Did your Sandstorm Titan die this turn? Play Sleeping Draught.
- Is your Sandstorm Titan dead? Play Dark Return.
- Is your Sandstorm Titan dead and Dark Return in your void? Play Excavate targeting Dark Return.
- Is your Sandstorm Titan silenced or are you out of Dark Return? Activate Ayan, the Abductor.
- Is your Sandstorm Titan silenced and massive? Play Haunting Scream targeting Sandstorm Titan. Smack them in the face with your comically ironic Flying Charge Sandstorm Titan.

#Combos / Synergies:
Did you have that in your hand? Nope...:
Excavate + Trailblaze let's you play any Ambush Unit or Fast Spell that was in your void on your Opponent's turn.


Shiftstone Cost (Does not include campaign cost) 48,100
Premium Cost 203,200
Influence Requirements 2 1 2
Power Sources 12 14 15 16
Deck Rarities 12 35 7 12
Card Types 24 0 26 25
Archetype Aggro Midrange
Updated January 4, 2018
Added September 19, 2017
Views 4,781
Eternal Version v1.27 - The Dusk Road
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Revisions (Since last major patch) January 4, 2018



Daarken Eternal Version: 1.27
Rindra, the duskblade instead of Mystic ascendant ??
lifelink, and targeted by Hauntin scream
TheCAnnable Eternal Version: 1.27
Is Mystic Ascendant necessary in this deck?? I'm considering crafting Ayan to play this but I definitely don't have enough dust for both Ayans and Ascendants
ScoreWin Edited Eternal Version: 1.27
Mystic Ascendant works really well with Ayan, the Abductor because he gets big naturally and is a great target for Ayan's ultimate without sacrificing much due to the silence.

Most importantly though, he is in there for the card draw to push into late game. You might be able to get by without him for now, but I would recommend crafting Mystics at some point. They are pretty staple in late game strategies. Ayan is a better craft option first though.

Waystone Infuser is a moderately decent replacement in the meantime.
Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.26.3
Really fun deck!!! Love the original version, but of course it's fun to experiment too. I dropped a few cards and added 4 Steward of Prophecy as targets for Haunting Scream. Any others that you've tried and liked?
Robbe491 Eternal Version: 1.27
Do you have a list of the orginal?
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.26.3
I was trying bring the deck up to the current meta.
Feeding Time is more relevant than Deathstrike in most cases.
Xenan Cultist is great, but he is a win more type of card in this decks' context.
The rest of the changes were made to make it more consistant. :)

Thanks for the feedback though!
Robbe491 Eternal Version: 1.27
Which is the orginal version?
Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.27
The original is on this page, just click on "View Changes".