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Titan Onslaught

By ScoreWin ScoreWin+5005


Cost Curve




#How to Win:
- Play Sandstorm Titan.
- Is your Opponent alive? Attack with Sandstorm Titan.
- Is your Sandstorm Titan dead? Play Dark Return.
- Is your Sandstorm Titan dead and Dark Return in your void? Play Excavate targeting Dark Return.
- Is your Sandstorm Titan silenced or are you out of Dark Return? Activate Ayan, the Abductor.
- Is your Sandstorm Titan silenced and massive? Play Haunting Scream targeting Sandstorm Titan. Smack them in the face with your comically ironic Flying Charge Sandstorm Titan.

#Combos / Synergies:
Did you have that in your hand? Nope...:
Excavate + Levitate or Wisdom of the Elders let's you play any Ambush Unit or Fast Spell that was in your void on your Opponent's turn.

Revision 1 25 November 2017


Type Standard
Archetype Aggro Midrange
Last Updated 25 November 2017
Views 2,651
Eternal Version v1.26 - The Pale Riders
Shiftstone Cost 45,400 / 188,800 (Premium)
Units 20
Attachments 0
Spells 30
Powers 25


Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.26.3
Really fun deck!!! Love the original version, but of course it's fun to experiment too. I dropped a few cards and added 4 Steward of Prophecy as targets for Haunting Scream. Any others that you've tried and liked?
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.26.3
I was trying bring the deck up to the current meta.
Feeding Time is more relevant than Deathstrike in most cases.
Xenan Cultist is great, but he is a win more type of card in this decks' context.
The rest of the changes were made to make it more consistant. :)

Thanks for the feedback though!