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TPS Haunting Mask

By Batteriez Batteriez+5505
The Great Parliament



Cost Curve




Shiftstone Cost (Does not include campaign cost) 51,050
Premium Cost 202,400
Influence Requirements 2 1 2
Power Sources 11 18 11 15
Deck Rarities 13 28 12 12
Card Types 24 4 22 25
Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Archetype Combo
Added April 9, 2018
Views 1,799
Eternal Version v1.31 - Sealed Deck League
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Gaspitsgaspard Eternal Version: 1.31
With all the mask decks running around at the moment, what do you think of Banish instead of Equivocate?
Aphelion Eternal Version: 1.31
"Has science gone too far???"

For real this deck looks amazing. If you could fit 2x Crown of Possibilities in here, I think that could make for some fun Screams!

flippyflop Eternal Version: 1.31
Batteriez Eternal Version: 1.31
You quite likely want it over Black Sky, I just don't own it LUL