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Rakano Aggro

By Paradox Paradox+3422



Cost Curve




A very fast Rakano Aggro list that utilizes charge units like Pyre Elemental, Censari Brigand with "spells matter" units like Rilgon's Disciple, Kosul Battlemage, and (again) Pyre Elemental. Encouragement looks weird, but Warp is such a big deal to make sure you constantly have fuel while also giving evasion. Also, it's a budget deck! No legendaries except Geomar in the market, but that could (and maybe even should) be a Valkyrie Enforcer. Even some of the rares could be changed if necessary.


Shiftstone Cost 19,300
Premium Cost 123,200
Influence Requirements 2 2
Power Sources 12 18 8 4
Deck Rarities 26 28 15 1
Card Types 32 3 19 26
Archetype Aggro
Updated July 17, 2018
Added July 16, 2018
Views 1,404
Eternal Version v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport
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