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Unstable Rush

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This is a Hyper Aggro Combo deck that has an extremely high damage output and the potential to win Turn 3.

- Stable Rush

- Extremely high damage output
- Turn 3 win potential
- North-Wind Herald has ALOT of good outcomes from Unstable Form. Notably: Icaria, the Liberator + Nightmaw, Sight Unseen

- Struggles against Feln Control.
- Torch - if they are playing Fire, prefer to play a Hellhound over Champion of Fury. In addition, prefer to save Power to use Pummel when attacking with your first unit. This will likely bait out the Torch which be absorbed with the extra 2 Health on most of our important targets.
- Vanquish
- Lightning Storm
- Harsh Rule - If they are playing Justice, go all out pre 5 Enemy Power. If they hit 5 Power, start holding back cards. If the Harsh Rule hits, it's generally game over.
- Auric Runehammer

- The Power of a Conditionally Free Unit will remain 0 until the end of turn. Wait to play Unstable Form until the following turn or you will end up with a Random 1 Power Unit.
- North-Wind Herald will take into account the Unstable Form that targets it. Make sure that Unstable Form is the first spell used that turn and that you do not Unstable Form more than one North-Wind Herald a turn.

Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(s):
A.) Fire Sigil + Trail Stories + On the Hunt
B.) Fire Sigil + Trail Stories + Torch
C.) Seat of Fury + Yeti Spy + Trail Stories + Levitate
D.) Seat of Fury + Yeti Spy + Trail Stories + Unstable Form

Turn 2 Lurking Sanguar(s):
A.) Turn 1 Red Power + Grenadin Drone
C.) Turn 1 Seat of Fury + Yeti Spy + Turn 2 Red Power + Champion of Fury
D.) Turn 1 Seat of Fury + Yeti Spy + Trail Stories + On the Hunt + Turn 2 Hellhound
E.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald + Turn 2 Champion of Fury
F.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(A) + Turn 2 Hellhound

Turn 2 Sindok, Rage Incarnate(s):
A.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(A) with Trail Stories targeting Pummel Turn 2 Power + Hellhound + Pummel
B.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(A) with Trail Stories targeting Torch Turn 2 Power + Hellhound + Torch
C.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(A) with Trail Stories targeting Unstable Form Turn 2 Power + Hellhound + Unstable Form targeting North-Wind Herald
D.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(A) * 2 + Turn 2 Power + Hellhound

Turn 3 Scourge of Frosthome:
A.) Turn 2 Sindok, Rage Incarnate + Turn 3 Unstable Form

Flying Charge Hounds:
Hellhound + Levitate + Mirror Image

Yeti Spy:
A.) Levitate
B.) Pummel



Shiftstone Cost 27,200
Premium Cost 134,400
Influence Requirements 2 2 1
Power Sources 15 14 8 4
Rarities 24 20 14 4
Units 24
Attachments 0
Spells 26
Powers 25
Type Standard
Archetype Aggro Combo
Updated May 5, 2018
Added August 25, 2017
Views 23,921
Eternal Version v1.31 - Sealed Deck League
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