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Unstable Rush

By ScoreWin ScoreWin+5005



Cost Curve




9/02/18 UPDATE: I swapped out Gift of Battle for Longbarrel. Gift of Battle is fantastic, but it can be difficult to ensure that the unit with Berserk can actually attack a 2nd time. Longbarrel still can activate North-Wind Herald via Spellcraft but has the added benefit of clearing a path for Champion of Fury.

#Description (!whatis Unstable Rush):
Unstable Rush is a meme deck that has somehow managed to achieve measurable amounts of success while also being totally ridiculous. The player's goal is to cheat out North-Wind Herald, Sindok, Rage Incarnate, or Lurking Sanguar. The turn after, the power cost of each resets back to normal. At this point, the player can play Unstable Form to upgrade the unit to a better one that wouldn't normally be achievable that early in the game. The backup plan is basically Skycrag beatdown with a go wide strategy of 4 strength charge units... For more info, ask ScoreWin

- The Power Cost of a Conditionally Free Unit will remain 0 until the end of turn. Wait to play Unstable Form until the following turn or you will end up with a Random 1 Power Unit.
- North-Wind Herald will take into account the Unstable Form that targets it. Make sure that Unstable Form is the first spell used that turn and that you do not Unstable Form more than one North-Wind Herald a turn.

#Market Strategy:
- Watch the Market in action!
- Trail Stories can be fetched and immediately played on another 1 cast spell... which is then played... which triggers North-Wind Herald free activation. Total Power Cost: 3
- Sindok, Rage Incarnate can be fetched and played the same turn if enough damage has been dealt.
- Warhelm can be fetched to allow Ixtun Merchant to immediately attack for 4 damage.
- Longbarrel can be fetched on Power 3 and curved into its Spellcraft on Power 4.
- Stonescar Banner can be fetched as a fail-safe to play any Lurking Sanguars in hand.

Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(s):
A.) Fire Sigil + Trail Stories + On the Hunt
B.) Fire Sigil + Trail Stories + Torch
D.) Seat of Fury + Yeti Spy + Trail Stories + Unstable Form

Turn 2 Lurking Sanguar(s):
A.) Turn 1 Red Power + Grenadin Drone
C.) Turn 1 Seat of Fury + Yeti Spy + Turn 2 Red Power + Champion of Fury
D.) Turn 1 Seat of Fury + Yeti Spy + Trail Stories + On the Hunt + Turn 2 Hellhound
E.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald + Turn 2 Champion of Fury
F.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(A) + Turn 2 Hellhound

Turn 2 Sindok, Rage Incarnate(s):
A.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(A) with Trail Stories targeting Pummel Turn 2 Power + Hellhound + Pummel
B.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(A) with Trail Stories targeting Torch Turn 2 Power + Hellhound + Torch
C.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(A) with Trail Stories targeting Unstable Form Turn 2 Power + Hellhound + Unstable Form targeting North-Wind Herald
D.) Turn 1 North-Wind Herald(A) * 2 + Turn 2 Power + Hellhound

Turn 3 Scourge of Frosthome:
A.) Turn 2 Sindok, Rage Incarnate + Turn 3 Unstable Form

Yeti Spy:
A.) Pummel

- New Season! New Blowouts!
- Watch the Market in action!



Shiftstone Cost 33,450
Premium Cost 157,600
Influence Requirements 2 2 1
Power Sources 16 14 1 9 4
Deck Rarities 21 20 22 4
Card Types 28 5 21 26
Archetype Aggro Combo
Updated September 3, 2018
Added August 25, 2017
Views 31,648
Eternal Version v1.37 - Balance Changes
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Revisions Last Change: September 2, 2018


DonkeyOnTilt Eternal Version: 1.31.6
Great deck, a lot of fun, hard to win if you can't do it by turn 5 or so.
Sciack Eternal Version: 1.31
I love this deck, thanks for sharing.
I just have a question, what you think about including 2 or 3 Kennelmaster copies? I think that with all this cheap spell they can work well. If you agree what you think they can replace? I'm quite new with the game so if you don't can i know why? :D
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.31
Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying it.

In my opinion, Kennelmaster is too "all-in" given this context. He only really goes off at a comparable speed if we have an opening hand with Trail Stories. I definitely do NOT want to include more than 2 copies of Trail Stories for risk of drawing more than 1 in a game.
Sciack Eternal Version: 1.31
Ah ok, thank for the answer. I just thought he can be fun, but i understand your point, if you can't make it work is just a 1/1, comparing him with a 1 drop like the grenadin.
Again thanks for your time
Letho Eternal Version: 1.31
How Viable is this deck to Climb Ladder in the current meta?
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.31
This is great for knocking out a large quantity of games very quickly. Specifically for climbing to get to Masters. Last night, I ran 27/8 before logging off. Not sure how the meta looks like there yet though.
Miygo Eternal Version: 1.29
I've been playing a somewhat similar deck!! It uses cheap spells with Sindoks and Heralds, but has Powergliders and Fevered Scouts as the base, with some cheap spells that give Overwhelm to get in the bulk of the damage. Have you ever experimented with a build like that? I might experiment with running Unstable Forms in my build! Here's the list I'm running if you're curious:
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.29
I provided some feedback on your deck. I would have preferred a Direct Message next time rather than a comment though for this type of question. :)
Tenken Edited Eternal Version: 1.29
Do you still use this deck? I always wanted to craft it, but it was expensive. So many new cards since this was made but it is never changed. I mean I guess Scout slows this down.

Plus new 7cost units suck. But I guess Unstable is just that.
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.29
Yea, this is my go to for when I just want to grind gold or beat a campaign. I have been tinkering with other decks, but this one still holds it own.
fabest77 Eternal Version: 1.27
Hey, this deck is becoming quite popular!
I've played twice against it yesterday, in Gold ladder. I never faced it once before that.
I won both times but I have a deck mostly focused vs aggro.
420AM Eternal Version: 1.27
I like this deck a lot! Built it right before The Dusk Road came out, how do you think it's changed in performance? Lots of new creatures with Bond and high casting costs.
chaostehjace Eternal Version: 1.27
I tested out the deck with what I had, which meant 4 Obliterate as I only own 1 sindok, and he ended up winning me the game. I had to use my unstable form early to survive mono time BS, Game started good, got quick aggro off, i got REALLY lucky with unstable mutations, even turning a Grenadin Drone into a Champion of Fury. Obliterate was able to save me from Echosaurus. The deck feels really strong and makes me consider making more Sindok. I had originally given up on Unstable form when the 10 drop dinosaur was released.
fabest77 Eternal Version: 1.27
Hi ScoreWin,
Don't you think that the Bond units kinda ruined this deck?
I stopped playing it since Dusk Road because it was very frustrating. It was already difficult to have all the pieces together for the deck to be powerful, now it's even harder.

By the way I tried Second Sight instead of Yeti Spy and i was verry happy with it. It's a much safer way to draw and the fact that Unstable Form has Echo is the icing on the cake.
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.27
I haven't had a real issue with Bond so far. Yes, the blowouts are far weaker, but we still cheat out free units consistently. The deck is really just Hyper Aggro that has combo potential. It isn't required to win. Leveraging ChaFu and Hellhounds, combined with mirror image, we can push massive damage early. Cheating out a SIndok, NWH, or LS further pushes the damage. Unstable Form is really just icing on the cake. We already got value by playing the units for free.

Second Sight is NOT better than Yeti Spy in this decks context. We do NOT care about card advantage. Yeti Spy helps us cheat out Lurking Sanguars and is a fantastic turn 1 for setting up a turn 2 Banner. Yeti Spy also curves better with On the Hunt. Always prioritize Yeti Spy first. Turn 2, we can leverage Pummel or Levitate to get him through and still have Power to cast On the Hunt. This also happens to be enough to cheat out a NWH same turn.

Yeti Spy is also one of my favorite targets for an early Unstable Form. Yes, in some cases, I cast UF on Yeti Spy after I proc his infiltrate. This helps us push more damage early and stack damage up to cheat out a Sindok -- which is far better than holding onto UF until after we play Sindok. I have tried Second Sight before and find that it performs poorly and causes the deck to further polarize. We do not have enough early creatures to support LS without Yeti Spy.

I do not have any real issues in the current meta.
fabest77 Eternal Version: 1.27
Thank you for your detailed answer, as usual :)
I played the game yestersday and had great fun.
Something I noticed though is that Crests make for less explosive starts. I often have a depleted Power on turn 1, which is not great.
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.27
It's a bit of a trade off. I found that they perform better than Diplomatic Seals. Yes, we sometimes run into unexpected Depleted Power, but I have almost no trouble getting double influence requirements for ChaFu or Sindok anymore. With Diplomatic Seals, I often had an anti-climatic 9 damage dealt without being able to drop a Sindok due to double Fire requirement. Crests also help filter. This is extremely important in this deck as we hardly need more than 3 power typically. Or allowing us to ditch a late game Yeti Spy/Trail Stories reducing some of their drawbacks.
andynewin Eternal Version: 1.27
Is there a good replacement for sindok I have most of the deck except for that and would like to try it out?
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.27
You can replace Sindok, Rage Incarnate with Obliterate in a pinch. You should run as many copies of Sindok as you have though as a turn 2-4 Sindok can be pretty devastating and demands an answer, especially when combo'd with Unstable Form.
Agarez Edited Eternal Version: 1.26.3
I'd say one of the downsides is that deck looks like scycrag or stonescar at first. Opponents realize that you're going to rush and become extremely cautios. They throw everything they've got onto your first units to slow down incoming damage and prolong the game to outlast you - yeti and even grenadins catch torches, storms etc. This breaks combos very often.
fabest77 Eternal Version: 1.26.3
After playing the deck a bit more, the only card which I find regularly underwhelming is Yeti Spy.
Are you happy with it?
In my games it happens to do close to nothing most of the games.

Did you ever think of replacing it by a real draw spell, like Trailblaze or Second Sight?
ScoreWin Edited Eternal Version: 1.26.3
Yeti Spy is crucial to the deck. It might be a matter of play priority for why it feels lack luster for you.

I always prioritize my Turn 1 in this order:
- Grenadin Drone if Lurking Sanguar in hand.
- Yeti Spy
- On the Hunt

The reason is that Yeti Spy will not go off if you wait to play him until after On the Hunt. I generally can get him through on the play. I will save Pummel or Levitate and push a Spy through for the card draw as a priority. I regularly get the "piece I need" for a combo or cheat out because of spy.

Spy drew me the NWH here:

I randomly get the 2nd spell for a NWH or a Lurking Sanguar or Sindok, Rage Incarnate off of him though. Spy let's us be more confident on keeping 2 power hands and plays a vital role in getting undepleted Power via Skycrag Banner so we can charge out a Champion of Fury.
fabest77 Eternal Version: 1.26.3
Thank you for your quick and detailed reply. I'll persevere with him, I'll try to play it like you advise.
timsdeathmachine Eternal Version: 1.26.3
I just found this and am loving it so far, turn 4 Sindok for the concession, had 2 more in hand
tooeasy Eternal Version: 1.26.3
Great effort on write up and a clever spin cheers m8
fabest77 Eternal Version: 1.26.3
I play the deck for a few days and I admit it can be frustrating as there are some matches where you feel powerless but on the other hand the deck is fun and interesting to play, and the wins are memorable. That is exactly what I was looking for.
By the way did you make any change to it since you first posted it?
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.26.3
The deck has not really changed since 2 seasons ago. I keep making considerations, but the only thing that was tweaked was the Power base. Glad you are enjoying it though. Good luck and have fun!
HalfwayCrusader Eternal Version: 1.26
0-7 with this in High Masters. Either I'm doing something extremely wrong, or this isn't a remotely playable deck.
ScoreWin Edited Eternal Version: 1.26
I have reliably gotten to masters 3 seasons in a row with this deck. There is a high skill cap to it that requires practice to master. Knowing what your outs are for a given situation, when to hold to mirror image, when to blow Unstable Form on a baby 1/1 to increase your through-put. Initially, I had roughly a 60% w/r. After 400+ games with it, I average around 75%. This season, I launched with 24/4. Got to masters in 7 hours day 2.

It is an incredibly fun deck, but you will need to practice it in order to achieve high success in games that last more than 5 turns.

Hope you have fun. Good luck and keep practicing!
HalfwayCrusader Eternal Version: 1.26
I honestly don't see how that's possible. I'm at 1-12. I'm sure I'm not playing the deck optimally, but I don't think it's been possible to win with the hands I've had, and 1-12 is outside the realms of normal bad variance. I extremely rarely cheat out an expensive unit, and the rare games I have my opponent just removes it and it doesn't matter. I'll have to watch some gameplay videos, because it's incredible to me that I could go 1-12 with a 75% winrate deck.
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.26
If you rarely cheat out any units, you are doing something wrong.

I am going to be writing a detailed guide which should help out those who try to play this like a normal deck. I have a consistent win rate with it, but I also exclusively played it to get to Master 3 seasons in a row. The deck itself is not 75% win rate... because the deck does not play itself. If you are looking for a straight-forward deck, then play Rakano or Stonescar. Part of what I love about this deck is that it has a high skill cap which lets me scale my win rate the more I learn the deck. There are a ton of decision points.

Ultimately, the deck is not for everyone's play style and can be a fun casual deck for the light-hearted. For those willing to learn the finer points, players can achieve really great success in ranked.
HalfwayCrusader Eternal Version: 1.26
Honestly I'm inclined to believe you, and your success is all the more impressive given how extremely poorly I've done. I'm not trying to play it straightforwardly, but I just seem to not be able to get the kill before I run out of gas, or never have any gas to begin with. I'll be looking forward to that guide; obviously I'm very intrigued.
ANDROSMERE Eternal Version: 1.26
I've had the same bad experience with this deck. If you get a great starting hand, it's pretty much unstoppable. But the other 90% of the time, you're going to lose. I practiced the deck in gauntlet for a long time first to learn the ins and outs. I really wanted to like this deck, but it's really bad. I'm sure winning streaks are definitely possible, but this is the worst deck I've ever tried in Ranked mode.
ScoreWin Edited Eternal Version: 1.25
ScoreWin Edited Eternal Version: 1.25
finalprodigy Eternal Version: 1.24
nice deck
ScoreWin Edited Eternal Version: 1.24
Just hit Masters tonight piloting this deck!
ScoreWin Edited Eternal Version: 1.24
Turn 3 Shenanigans...
Drave Eternal Version: 1.24
Thanks for sharing this deck! Love how it throws card advantage down the window and simply rushes the opponent down. Really fun!!!
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.24
Glad you are enjoying it! I actually just piloted this to Diamond today. Having a blast.
ScoreWin Eternal Version: 1.24

Turn 1: Trail Stories targeting Unstable Form + On the Hunt + North-Wind Herald.
Turn 2: Hellhound + Unstable Form targeting North-Wind Herald. Gives me a Icaria, the Liberator.

Lombar Edited Eternal Version: 1.24
Hey! I like the idea of this deck, I was trying to put together a super budget aggro on these colors and I'll take some ideas from here.

However, do the Lurking Sanguar perform? It seems to me like you're spending 7 slots on a 4/2 that really doesn't bring a lot to the board.

ScoreWin Edited Eternal Version: 1.24
It's really easy to get Lurking Sanguar in play in this deck. The combo's listed above are just the really early ways to play it. We are not spending 7 slots -- only 4. Because of the amount of Charge units in this deck, it is super easy to get his out. Levitate helps push past blockers. In addition, Mirror Image on a Charge unit works too. Specifically, the Overwhelm part of Champion of Fury synergies well, because even if they block -- you generally still deal 1 damage from this souce. Grenadin Drone is also an obvious way of playing him.

a 4/2 by itself is not a huge deal, but having ANOTHER 4 power unit in play turn 2-3 makes it really hard to play against. It is an additional target to remove and if they don't remove it, he makes a great target for Unstable Form.

This was 5 mins ago...
Lombar Eternal Version: 1.24
Yeah, I'm a complete noob, I thought that you needed the shadow influence to play it, reason why you were playing Diplomatic Seal (which I realized also today that it's not a spell, it's a power).

Sorry, I was completely wrong. Great list mate :)
ScoreWin Edited Eternal Version: 1.24
Thanks! Yea, there is a subtle difference between the keywords Free and Cost Less. Free removes influence requirement as well. This is why Sindok, Rage Incarnate still requires FF even if 9 damage is done.
YGAlexander Edited Eternal Version: 1.23
You need at least FF to play Sindok, so it is impossible to play it on turn 1. Which means it can not combo with Infernus.
ScoreWin Edited Eternal Version: 1.23
You're right -- mistake on my part. Thanks for pointing this out.