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Deck Posting Policy

Updated: May 24th, 2022

Information about what your deck is subject to if you post one on Eternal Warcry. The following policies will apply to any decks posted. Any decks found to violate these policies will be removed from the public listings and are subject to being deleted. Repeat offences will have your account subject to being banned. If you post a deck, you are agreeing to the following policies listed below.

These policies apply to any current and future decks being posted.

These policies are also subject to change at any time without notice.

Decks will not contain any personal information

Do not post any information or link to anything that can have personal information.

Decks will not contain any exploits/bugs from the game

Just report the bug directly to DWD in-game or by email or in discord for them to handle it.

Decks will not contain anything political from the real world

The world is already crazy as is. This is a site for the game Eternal. Keep your personal views separate from the decks you post.

Decks will not contain any hate or be offensive, sexual, or be derogatory

We should not have to worry about seeing something on the site that is offensive, religious, or sexual in any shape or form. This is a site for the game Eternal. Keep it PG-13. Keep it clean. Don't even hint at it.

Decks will not contain anything that can be considered as harassment

Don't do it.

All decks are subject to removal/moderation by the owner or DWD regardless of whether or not they fit these polices listed

The listed policies will be the groundwork/base policies that will govern the decks that get posted. Even if the deck you're posting doesn't fall into any of the listed policies does not mean they're free from being removed or moderated or locked.