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Aegis protects a unit or player from one enemy spell or effect. It doesn't block friendly effects, nor does it stop battle damage from Killer attacks, Relic Weapons, or normal attack and blocking.


Happens as soon as you have a unit of the named type. This can be when you play the unit with Ally or later if there's none of the needed type in play. Ally resets if the unit dies or is returned to hand.


An ambush unit can be played at the end of the enemy player's turn, or any time they are attacking you. If you played against a Killer or Relic Weapon attack, an Ambush unit will jump in the way to block that attack.

Battle Skills

The Battle Skills are Aegis, Charge, Deadly, Double Damage, Endurance, Flying, Killer, Lifesteal, Overwhelm, Quickdraw, Reckless, Revenge, Unblockable, and Warcry.


When played, you may exhaust another unit of the same type to reduce this card’s cost by the exhausted unit’s strength.


Can attack the turn it is played.


Units and spells with Deadly kill any unit they damage, regardless of health. For example, a 1/1 with Deadly can kill a 5/5 attacker.


Isn't usable the turn it is played.


When you draw a card with Destiny, you play it immediately for free and draw another card.

Double Damage

Deals double damage.


When you draw a card with Echo, you receive an additional copy of it. This happens even if you draw it from the void.


Does something when you play a power card.


Units with Endurance ready at the start of each players turn, so they can attack and still be ready to block during the enemy turn. Additionally, they are completely immune to enemy stun and exhaust effects.


The ability of a unit with Entomb will activate when it dies. This combines well with effects that sacrifice units as a cost.


Does something when drawn.


Flying units can only be blocked by other flying units, but can block ground units normally. They can also be directly attacked by Killer units and Relic Weapons.


The special ability of a unit with Infiltrate occurs the first time that unit hits the enemy player. It doesn't work while the unit is on defense, such as when it is attacked by a Relic Weapon.


A unit with Killer can make one special attack directly against an enemy unit. This can be done the turn it's played, and can target any unit, regardless of Flying, Aegis, or other special abilities.


Cards with Lifeforce have an effect when their owner gains health.


Units and spells with Lifesteal give you health when they deal damage, healing you equal to the damage dealt.


Cards with Mentor have an additional effect when played if you exhaust one of your students as a Student. Units that are already exhausted can't be used as a Student.


When you start a turn at Night, draw an additional card and take 1 damage.


The first Nightfall card played in a turn makes it Night and extends it by a turn for each player.


A unit or spell with Overwhelm will deal any excess damage to your opponent on your turn (does not work while blocking).


Units with Quickdraw kill blockers before they can deal damage back. Note that Quickdraw only works while attacking, not while blocking.


This must attack.


When a card with Revenge dies, it permanently loses Revenge and gains Destiny and then it is put randomly into the top ten cards of its owner's deck.


Look at the top card of your deck. You may put it on the bottom.


Remove all text from a card and its attachments.


Cards with Spark have an additional effect when played after the enemy player has taken damage this turn.


Taking an enemy card is stealing. Stealing a card removes its influence requirements.


Interacts with Mentor


Exhaust a unit. It can't attack or block next turn.


Does something when played


When you reach x power, if this is in your hand or deck, it transforms into a new card.


Can only be used once.


Cannot be blocked.


Each time a unit or Relic Weapon with Warcry attacks, it grants a permanent bonus to the top-most unit or weapon in your deck. Even if it's a few cards down, you'll get to stack up the bonuses on it over multiple turns.


You can see cards with Warp when they are on top of your deck, and you can play them as if they were in your hand.