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Peasant Perspective: Behemoths of Thera

Analysis by noverb - January 27, 2023

Hey everyone! I'm noverb. I haven't been around Eternal much of late aside from the occasional Open here and there. You may remember me, you may not. But there's a new set out in Eternal and, like always, when I see a new set I can't help but look at it from a Peasant angle. Peasant has been my favorite way to play Eternal for a long time. While we haven't seen a tournament in quite some time, I still like to review the sets to keep you up to date in case someone decides to host one.

So what is Peasant? Peasant is a new-player friendly format consisting of only commons and uncommons. Campaigns are not allowed due to their price point. Cards that transform or invoke are not allowed due to their ability to create rares or legendaries. In short, that's it. The goal is for you to be able to download the game, dust your mediocre rares when you first pass the tutorial and build a deck that can tussle with the best of us. If you want to find out more, I have excellent news for you. There is a brand new Peasant Eternal discord launching with this article! Want to learn more about the format? You are welcome to join!

The time has come again where Eternal has dropped a new set. Behemoths of Thera has quite a few eye-catching and exciting cards. I'll be covering the cards that I think might be most impactful on the Peasant environment. This new set also includes cards from previous sets as reprints, those will be omitted. If this were a physical card game, I might make mention of certain key cards as they are made more accessible with their reprinting. But with Eternal's ability to craft any card you want, that's not really an issue, so those will be excluded. I can think of no better thing to start on than something that is sure to shake up Peasant, the Delivery cycle.

New Market Options

Direwolf has graced the format with yet another way to access the Market. This is fantastic news as it adds to increased diversity to how players can draw from the Market. As well as increased consistency for those that really want that their silver bullets or combo pieces. They don't even ask for a card to swap from you hand! But there is a catch to Deliveries. If you don't use the card you grab that turn, it goes to the top five cards of your deck and you draw a card. So either way the effect is card neutral. So instead of having the body from the Grafters (ex. Vine Grafter) or the Power from the Etchings (ex. Primal Etchings), you just get a card from your deck. A solid trade.

What's more is that putting it back into your deck can be fantastic for certain synergies, like Echo, Inspire, and Fate! So having a Living Example or Journey Guide in play when you play your Delivery will give it the bonus once. Then you let it go back into your deck and get the bonus again when you redraw it. This also alleviates the pressure of needing the extra two power to play Delivery as well as the card you grab. Or can you imagine grabbing a Hookblade Infuser from the Market, slamming with your relic weapon, and then get that bonus again later? For those who know me, you know I have a huge obsession with Hookblade Infuser and try to put it in EVERY shadow deck. But it's good this time, I swearâ„¢.

Notably, the Delivery cycle is Fast speed. Which means that you can use them alongside counterspells or Ambush units. There's a lot of neat tricks you can pull with these new Market options. I can't wait to see what people brew with them.


Grove Firebow
Overall sub-par stat line with an interesting set of abilities. The activation costs quite a bit, but gives you reach as well as a way to trigger Frenzy multiple times over the course of the game. I don't have high hopes for this to be a staple, but I think it could find a niche in a Frenzy deck.

This card probably is not good enough, even given it's impressive cost/damage ratio while also being Fast. It doesn't permanently reduce stats, give voidbound, silence, or go face. All of those things are what qualify as a good removal spell in peasant due to void access being very prevalent. However, given the cost and Fast speed, some may want it over the myriad of other Fire burn spells you have at your disposal.

I would usually just skip a card like this due to it's cost of discarding a card. However, discarding a card could be upside in the right deck. You can pitch the card you get from Kindling Carver or Impatient Pyromage. Faceless One, Privilege of Rank, and Send a Message all want you to discard them. Recruitment Effort even pays you off for discarding. I'm not saying this is the best discard outlet you have access to, but it's something to consider.

Grove Supplier
I think any card that says your units have +1 attack is at least worth mentioning. The stats aren't great and it doesn't have a relevant unit type but I'm sure some token players will want this.

Keeper's Strength
Some of you know how much I had been working on an OTK (One Turn Kill) deck in Peasant. The deck was/is hooru and aimed to pump up a threat to knock out the opponent in one combat, usually via double damage/berserk. A few of the units in the deck had Aegis. So with this card alongside Twilight Lantern, I'm definitely interested in testing out Fire for OTK.

Lantern's Light
Ah yes, the first example of Behemoths of Thera's new mechanic Hunt. For the sake of brevity, if you don't know what Hunt does, check out their introduction article here. In short, I'd warrant that whatever you value any hunt card at, it's probably at least a little better than that. There are a variety of synergies that you can tap into from discarding cards, casting multiple spells, and buffing units. I'm not saying this card is phenomenal, but that aforementioned OTK deck may be taking a look at this, let me tell you why. The haymakers like Terrazon Echo and Kosul Battlemage want you to cast multiple spells in a turn. What better way to do that than playing the Advantages you get off of hunt? At worst it exhausts a blocker and gives your unit +1/+1, at best it give's them +2/+2 (or +4/+4 in Echo's case), only costs one, AND let's you play another pump spell off that power?!

Twilight Lantern
You know, for card named that I was really expecting a Shadow relic weapon. Definitely not an Oni Explorer. A 2/2 Double Damage for two is a pretty excellent rate. Drawing the second card in a turn with OTK is a cakewalk, and it even fuels you with Nightfall to boot? Sign me up. This should be a great addition to Oni decks as well as generic Fire lists. I can see this becoming quite popular in the format.

Warding Beacon
If people play Curse of the Pierced Heart in Pauper MtG, I think it's safe to say you can shove this card in your Fire deck and be happy with it. It's not a one for one comparison, I know there are quite a lot of differences, but the card is still probably fine? Probably.

Bone Kunai
Versatile is the second new mechanic in Behemoths of Thera and honestly one that is quite hard to evaluate. If you are unaware of what Versatile does, you can read up here. My take for most of the Versatile weapons in Peasant is that they will lean heavily to being wanted for one side, and not the other. For example, I think Bone Kunai favors heavily on the relic weapon side, especially for the cost. If you are able to pump this up with cough Hookblade Infuser cough you could do some real work. But overall this is probably on the weaker side of weapons you have access to.

Youngblood Recruits
Fire has gotten access to some great attachment removal from recent sets. I think this is a bit worse Barbarian Guerrillas on average. But this definitely has it's upsides. A better body, synergies with Muster, and a similar enough toolkit to the Guerrillas that you can play one in Market and four of the other main deck if you so choose.

Granite Beetle
This is actually part of a cycle, and I think the whole cycle is absolutely fantastic. Every which way you slice the hunt you are cool with it. You either get a two cost 2/2, three cost 3/3, or four cost 4/4 and all have charge. Not only that, but if you get the small body, which is generally worse in the middle of the game, you get to Ultimate them next turn with the Advantage!


Maybe this is my nostalgia for when Nightmaul was actually a playable deck, but this card seems sweet. Requiring a ready enemy unit isn't really that big of a deal, because the usecase for this most of the time will be "bounce your blocker, attack you". And most aggro decks want Nightfall because it keeps fueling their pressure as well as ticking off points of health from the opponent. Add this to the suite of potential bounce spells may you ever want one.

Swift Subverter
I challenge you to say this six times swiftly. This card has legs, and it is using them. A hard to block charge unit with a sometimes relevant Summon effect? Seems like a solid consideration for Time aggro decks. I'm not sure what those look like outside of traditional Combrei, but it's worth thinking about.

Wary Distributor
Alright, I know, what are we even doing here? Why didn't we skip this one? Honestly, I just think it's neat. I like it mostly in Inspire decks that already want to play Journey Guide because you can make this a 0 cost +4/+4 and that just seems really cool to me. It's also a neat trick with recursion because most decks can't recur a combat trick but you can recur a unit quite easily. Probably bad, but I'm a dreamer.

Elysian Skies decks were already running Humbug Nest and while this card is not fast, it does have a few things on Nest. First of which is the single influence, which is not nothing in a format where being an aggro deck has a cost to playing non-Sigil Power. The second is that one of the bodies is actually a 2/2, which is a noticeable upgrade. And last but not least, it's a unit which you can search for by activating Majestic Skies if that specific need arises. Solid food for thought.

Colony Steward
This card's stats are on rate but in an aggro deck you gotta do a lot to cost three. Colony Steward makes math hard for the opponent and allows your units to trade up, but I wonder if it's good enough on the average board state. A lot of times this is just going to be a Battlefield Chanter that doesn't do extra damage to your opponent. Is that what you want?

Gentle Seeker
Look, all you gotta do is tell me you have an effect that happens every turn to get my attention. When that effect is Hunt, I'm interested. While the body is initially below rate, it has the potential to grow and "having a relic" is not a hard hoop to jump through. There are a lot of good relics in this format. However, I'll be the first to note, this is the worst kind of Hunt trigger. You don't get the Advantage to use this turn. You don't get the bigger body to attack with this turn. On top of that, there is a window where your opponent can kill it before it ever get's the trigger off. This one may be fun to brew with, but just be aware of the drawbacks.

Hive Hexagon
Hello? Yes? Valkyrie Station would like a word. Like holy bees I tried so hard to make Station work. And now you are telling me all I need do is have gained life? Theovermaster and I made an excellent Lifeforce aggro deck showcasing just how good gaining life can be. Having access to this, whether in the main deck or Market, could be a steady supply of Flying attackers to send that deck into the long game. Sign me up.

On The Prowl
Another spell that triggers Hunt that's got me curious. I really do think these are better than they read, and they read pretty well to me.

Tending the Hive
A three power draw two from a selection seems pretty sweet. Of course you could miss one, or totally whiff and that would not feel good. Time's options for draw twos aren't amazing, so this could have promise. Do some math on this before you add it to your deck, because you won't want it if you are sub 80% to draw two cards.

Amber Beetle
So I'm gonna guess these are all beetles. So this is the beetle cycle. It's a good cycle. The Time one here has +1/+1 on the Fire one and swaps out Charge for Overwhelm. That sounds about right, and yeah, I think this card is super playable. My first thought for a deck that may want this is any deck playing Unleash cards. If you are getting extra power off of Advantage then you can dump that power into an extra copy of your Unleash unit. Aside from that, these cards get the bonus of being cards that cost four, but don't necessarily "cost four". So you can combine them with Ageless Mentor. That's a card that has seen a decent amount of brewing in Peasant.

Myrmidon Builder
This effect is sweet, but the body is sub-par. Having three health is such a detriment. Sadness. Moving on.

Cautious Mantis
On it's own, I think this card is just overshadowed by Amber Beetle but in something like an Ageless Mentor deck, you may want multiple of these kinds of units.

Jackal King
At seven you start getting compared to Pillar of Amar and Omenscar Wurm so I'm not sure you want this over those in a ramp deck. However I could see this in the Market of decks that want that top end as this card doesn't require that extra power to be effective.


Warrenborn Mistral
There's a lot going for this one drop. Aegis and Flying is a great pairing in this format. The ability to hold weapons safely and the evasion to get in the damage with them is great. In addition to that the Mistral is a Valkyrie, which means it slides right into Argenport Valks. Aegis means that it will safely stay on board turn after turn passively enabling Valkyrie-Warp. All that makes for a very solid card.

Bounding Courier
This card has me excited for the same reason as Wary Distributor. They are definitely different cards, though. You still have a body that gives you a pump effect, but this time it's until the end of your NEXT turn? That means two attacks with your evasive threat. We already saw this card do some good work in TNT's Peasant tournament this week. I wonder if it will make a splash in Combrei aggro?

Great Save
Four and five power is a world of difference in Peasant. I can see this getting more play in formats with legendaries and rares where cards generally give you more bang for your buck. But in Peasant the big units are few and far between. So this card is a hard meta call, and at the moment it doesn't feel favorable.

Myrmidon Drone
There are a few cards in this set that don't want you, or an opponent to attack alone. They all have above par bodies so it makes me think that it's a solid trade-off. Unsure what deck it fits into, but would be worth considering in any J/X aggro deck.

Ziat's Inquisitor
The Inquisitor is about par on stats with a nice Spellcraft if you draw it later in the game. I think the card you have to compare this to is Relentless Deadshot which is something I've played in Combrei aggro before. Deadshot has quite a few more upsides than the Inquisitor, and still rarely sees play, so I'd probably pass on this one.

Ballista Marksman
I'm not particularly sold on this card, but it notably is a Soldier, wants you to go wide, and can give your unit's flying repeatedly. The body is below par and the ability costs a lot for that style of deck, but it's an interesting consideration for the Market or something, but probably not.

Call of Freedom
This card gives me big Hammer of Might vibes. This is not a weapon, so it's not a permanent buff, but it does cost one less and gives Lifesteal. The biggest killer for me here though is not the card itself, but the environment it's being presented in. With Hunt making it's debut it's not necessarily a safe assumption that you get to draw your unit/weapon that you got your Warcry triggers on. So it's a shakey pump spell that probably get's you two-for-oned anyway. So maybe avoid it.

Elite Myrmidon
The Elite is way more exciting than the Drone. Four toughness is that sweet spot where it no longer dies to Torch and can tussle with most two and three cost units as long as they don't attack alone. Having Lifesteal makes this monster incredibly hard to race. That coupled with it costing three instead of two means that you are more likely to have a unit on curve to attack with it. This is gonna make waves.

Mounted Archer
Whoo boy is this card a (Soldier on a) Beast! This showcases exactly where I want to be with Hunt. The body is on par either way you slice it and it has beneficial triggers when you Hunt more. Seems sweet!

Tunnel Blockade
This is most definitely not Xulta Convoy, but you can't play that card due to it being from a campaign. So let's think about this for a second. The unit type (Soldier) is more relevant due to cards like Call On Allies and Daring Swordmaster. Playing multiple weapons onto your Soldiers with Aegis seems quite playable. I could definitely see this slotting into Hooru Soldiers.

Emerald Beetle
This seems to be the worst Beetle, but still not unplayable. Valor is never a bad keyword, but it's not as flashy as Charge, Overwhelm, Berserk, and Lifesteal. On top of that, the Ultimate seems like the weakest of the bunch. Yes, armor synergies exist, but it seems the rest of the Ultimates are generically better. That doesn't mean this is a bad card by any means, but it may struggle to allure players as much as the others.


Apprentice Ranger
Apprentice Ranger is an oddball. Elysian Skies has played straight Locust in the past, but in the time since cards like Endangered Qirin and Glen Scout have been released. Ranger is not better than those, and is not better than any of the many, many one cost fliers the deck has access to. So while the modality is neat, I don't think it's good enough here.

Shining Shell
I like relic weapons just as much as the next guy, probably MORE than the next guy. That's probably why I like this so much. It's very reminiscent of Duelist's Blade with the upside of being able to protect your best threat with Aegis. I'm not sure what deck this slides into, but I could see it finding a home somewhere.

Daring Leap
Primal has Levitate and Valiant Leap already, both of which are fast. The upside to this is that the buff, if it gets one, is permanent. But I think this specifically is the kind of card you really want to always hit the Advantage, and not the buff, especially for OTK. So this will probably be the last option you take of the three, so this card likely doesn't find a home.

Another burn spell to go into my Skycrag Grenadins list? Don't mind if I do. This slots in nicely alongside Steam Blast. I hope that it will give the deck the reach it needed to come into the spotlight.

Cobalt Beetle
So you mean to tell me that this beetle has Berserk and it's Ultimate is drawing cards? That's fantastic. I wonder how easily this just slides into OTK. Realistically, though this is likely the card to go into an Elysian deck alongside Ageless Mentor unless you were to go Shadow to recur the Hunt units over and over, which also seems quite good.

Fisher King
I am quite curious about this card. A four cost 3/2 flier is below rate, I think? Like for four you really have to be doing something good. The fact that this is just sub-par on an empty board is kinda bad. However, it's not super hard to get Aegis in Primal. Cobalt Waystone gives you Aegis right on time if you are playing Mono-P, and Eilyn's Favor is already a card in the format. Other things to potentially curve into this are Snowcrust Yeti, Snowstorm Druid, and Mindbroken Cobbler. I'd be interested to see any brews people come up with for Aegis tribal.

Arcane Stinger
The Stinger is another card that benefits a lot from being played in a deck with Hunt. Playing a spell next to a five cost unit is quite hard. Unless that card is an Advantage and let's you ramp into the Stinger. The body for the stats isn't even a bad trade considering it also has Aegis, even if you don't draw the card. I'll also mention (for the 15th time this article) that Ageless Mentor would love to show Arcane Stinger the ropes. You could put a hell of a beatdown on your opponent with that.

Living Reflection
This is actually quite an interesting proposal. Mirror Image has basically seen no play in the format. I wonder if adding two to the cost and giving you two (separate) Hunt triggers adds to the allure. Separate Hunt triggers create multiple Advantages (as far as I know) if you were to hit that. Which could combo off to some sweet extra spell triggers. But I really just don't know what deck wants this.

Pheromone Flytrap
Talk about top end. This is what I want to see slamming down when you have seven power. Giving two other units Killer is sure to break up board stalls and gaining Berserk multiple times can really close out a game. I'm not sure what deck this fits in, but I think it's splashy enough that someone will find a home for it.


Wildlands Scavenging
Shadow is definitely lacking in the ability to remove relics. So while this is not the best, especially if the opponent has multiple relics to choose from, it is one of the few options you have. There's also the upside of it being rarely "dead" due to it's ability to make them discard a card. I could see this finding it's way to a lot of Shadow Markets.

Dangerous Gambit
Gambit is one of the most catch-all removal spells in the format. It will answer things from the smallest Oni to the biggest Sentinel at a cost you may have to pay. I mentioned earlier that what makes a good removal spell in this format is it's ability to lock down the void. This may be an exception in that it can really answer anything. Sometimes you just need the catch all.

Hecaton Recruiter
I'm hesitantly excited for this card. At one point Xenan Lifeforce was playing Oasis Seeker. For the trade-off of +1/+1, we get a permanent lifesteal, which means growing it over time is better. As well as having the opportunity to spellcraft when we draw it late to make them discard a card. I think Hecaton Recruiter could see play in that niche.

Maggot Swarm
Feln Dredge was already playing Umbren Deathwatcher. While this doesn't grow both sides, it does gain a boatload of power to apply pressure with Haunting Scream just the same. There's another card in this set that creates Maggot Swarms and I think it's interesting to evaluating the pros and cons of both. The upside here is the fact that it is a unit, therefore it applies power to other Deathwatchers and Swarms while in your discard. I think some people will opt to play this in their Dredge lists.

Obstinate Rat
This is a big unit that likes to be paired up with other big units. I think this card will find its home in Stonescar alongside cards like Darkblade Cutpurse and Barricade Basher to overrun your opponent with big unit after big unit. I would have much preferred a 3/4 to a 4/3 to avoid dying to Vanquish and Torch, but you can't really complain for the size/cost.

Rotting Sickness
Rotting Sickness is exactly the kind of removal spell I like to see in Peasant. While it may not be fast, it's debuffs are permanent. That means it will likely lock things into the void. You can get rid of their Vine Grafter by avoiding damage altogether or just sweep those X/1s off the field. Shadow just keeps getting more and more good low cost removal. You can add this to the suite of options to choose from when building a Shadow deck.

Tenebrous Bonepicker
A one cost 2/1 Nightfall and a two cost 3/2 Nightfall are both on par. That being said, I'm not sure this aligns itself with any specific deck that already exists. I'd just throw this into the pile of "Hunt cards that are generically good." If you want to use it, you probably won't ever feel bad about it, but more synergistic cards could probably fit the bill better.

Bone Music
Another card for Feln Dredge to consider. Bone Music let's you pitch a unit you want to reanimate with Haunting Scream or just feed into your Maggots. The downside is that this is a non-unit card in your deck that cares about units going into your void. But eventually those Maggots will end up in the void and get you more units in there in the end.

Hand of the Hecaton
There is a lot of synergy to be had with this card on a number of axes. I think this might find a home in a deck that wants to play Eremot's Machinations as you get to use your Advantage to ramp into that card more quickly. Even if you don't get power off of it, you get a bigger unit to combine Deadly/Overwhelm later with Machinations. I think those decks struggled to have three drops it wanted to reanimate and this is as good as any.

Hecaton Defiler
I am very unsure of where I stand on this card. On one hand it could be a build around, where you play a bunch of units with Aegis and then remove everything to make Defiler huge. On the other you could use it as a stand-alone threat to hate on units that want to have Aegis. Similar to the purpose Vara, Vengeance-Seeker served, this could be a generic threat in Shadow lists. It doesn't have a super high ceiling given that it has no combat skills, but it seems to be a solid playable.

Amethyst Beetle
Amethyst Beetle is one of the better beetles. Lifesteal may make it slot into Lifeforce decks. Maybe not the hyper aggro variants, but definitely the ones that want to play Hive Hexagon. Overall the stats are on par or above for every step of the curve that you get and then it also has an Ultimate that acts as a permanent removal spell. I'm pretty sold on this card and am sure it will see a decent amount of play in the right decks.


Relentless Hare

"That's one big bunny." -spiffirific

That is one big bunny. Seven also just feels like a million though. This is the card I really want to play in the Inspire Delivery deck where I play Journey Guide on turn one, Delivery on turn two reducing it to six, and then getting it by turn five to cast on five. I can dream. Hunt also makes casting this a lot easier, so this could go in the "Big Game Hunt" deck. So there are possibilities, but it probably won't see play. Probably.

Steelwarren Responder
Armory is alive and well in Peasant across a few faction combinations. As I mentioned before, Warcry is not at it's best right now due to Hunt. The body isn't that great either. But what it lacks in stats in gains in ability. Drawing a weapon and giving it +1/+1 is a big game. Before you slide it into your deck be sure to do the math on hits. There are a lot of good mathematicians in Eternal to help you out on odds for this kind of thing. It's for reasons like that that I played Furyblade over Torch in my FTJ Armory deck to make sure I had enough hits for Calibrate. This is a similar premise. Also Lutestrung Bow seems better in certain situations at this point, so consider that as well.

Blurwing Raider
This is a solid unit but might be too awkward to find a home. Not many decks want a three cost 2/2 Flying, even if it does have Aegis. However this does get better over time by Hunting repeatedly. I just don't know what deck wants that specific set of things.

Repurposed Wares
Smuggler's Stash did just get buffed back to it's original glory so that makes the question of which to play a little harder. Not too hard, though, in my opinion. Giving a unit Lifesteal and Overwhelm permanently is quite something. The games where the you can actually play all four cards you got off of Stash were few and far between. So I think that makes Wares the better of the two, likely Market, options.

Tongue Lasher
Tongue Lasher is quite interesting. I'm not quite sure what deck specifically will want it, because it doesn't really fit into the "Big Game Hunt" deck because it doesn't cost four+ naturally. But it will give you an exact attack/health equal to the power you end up spending by giving you an Advantage to recoup the power. So this card could be quite good in a deck that wants to reserve power from one big turn to the next.

This card has a very specific niche that it wants to fill. If you are playing a deck that not only wants a Dark Return style of effect while also wanting to rebuy a summon effect, you'll want this. But that's a huge tempo hit and for being in two factions this is quite a small niche. I doubt we will see it played much.

Ranger Prodigy
Awakened Student still sees play in Peasant Combrei lists. This card is probably just as good if not better. On turns where it doesn't increase in strength you get to skip ahead a turn in power. That seems ridiculous. Not just is this good in generic Hooru decks, but OTK can stockpile the Advantages to play a lot of spells in a single turn to nuke the opponent.

Ziat's Recruitment
I'm assuming someone wants to assemble the contraption of this, Recruitment Effort, and Soil Renewal. Just make the deck that wants to churn through your own deck assembling an army as a bonus. I could definitely see this card slotting into that archetype. This also triggers off of Hunt sometimes, which is a side effect of Hunt I hadn't touched on much yet. There are decks that want to be milled. So hunting isn't always just good for the person doing the Hunting.

Mental Image
I really don't know what to make of this. Four is about rate to spend on a draw two that isn't just straight "Draw two cards." But there are underlying hints of this card doing some cool combos, I just don't have a grasp on what with. At the very least it lets you turn a Delivery into double copies of your Market card. Is that good enough?

Rift Crystal
Alright. Last soapbox of the article. This card seems perfect for the Rat Cage deck which has shown good numbers over the years. I was already trying to dip into Fire to make TPSf to play Display of Menace and was using Unfamiliar Interloper. So instead I wonder if this is better to better enable the relic synergy instead of enabling the sac synergy. This also is a second relic (outside of Blitz Stone) to pay off Disgraced Cadet. So maybe Rift Stone fuels a FJS Valks deck?

Bonus Card!

This happened a while ago but during one of the balance patches Prodigious Student got reworked to be a one cost 1/1 (from four cost 3/3) which really opens the door for it to be playable in Unseen. Unseen was already a pretty solid deck, I wonder if Student can make an inclusion.


I think Behemoths of Thera had a lot of very powerful or at least very interesting cards for the Peasant format. The landscape will surely change and adapt to include the new cycle of Market cards and the powerful new mechanic Hunt. I look forward to seeing all of the unique decks people can brew up in the events to come. Did I say events? Oh...we'll see. For now you can just join the discord to be kept up to date on announcements. Thanks for joining me on this first impressions tour of Behemoths of Thera through the eyes of a peasant.

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