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Aerial Eggs

By TieTuesday

Work in Progress


Cost Curve




There is too much removal in the meta right now.

I will make them regret this

Deck isn't super tuned to say the least, since you have 4 stand together don't feel the need to hold them just for tricks/blowouts, feel free to drop one or two as an Obelisk+

I upped the parliaments to a full 4 suite because again the flexibility especially when followed by stand together late game, is disgusting.


Deck Type Standard
Last Updated 09 October 2017
Views 2,687
Eternal Version v1.25 - The Tale of Horus Traver
Deck Archetype Midrange
Shiftstone Cost 39,600 / 172,800 (Premium)
Units 23
Attachments 2
Spells 25
Powers 25
Common 12
Uncommon 22
Rare 22
Promo 0
Legendary 6

Comments (1)

Harlock Eternal Version: 1.25.1
Does Celestial Omen often feel to slow for you? The rest of the deck looks pretty aggro.