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Aerial Eggs

By TieTuesday

Work in Progress


Cost Curve




There is too much removal in the meta right now.

I will make them regret this

Deck isn't super tuned to say the least, since you have 4 stand together don't feel the need to hold them just for tricks/blowouts, feel free to drop one or two as an Obelisk+

I upped the parliaments to a full 4 suite because again the flexibility especially when followed by stand together late game, is disgusting.


Type Standard
Archetype Midrange
Updated 09 October 2017
Eternal Version v1.25 - The Tale of Horus Traver
Views 4,626
Shiftstone Cost 39,600 / 172,800 (Premium)
Influence Requirements 1 2 3
Units 23
Attachments 2
Spells 25
Powers 25
Deck URL


TheThreadWeaver Eternal Version: 1.26
Thanks for putting this up. I've been running into nothing but permafrosts, silences and board wipes today, and it was making me feel like an idiot for wanting to play anything that tried to take the board. The highlight of the night so far was forcing a concede by using Vision of Austerity on an Azindel's Gift.
Harlock Eternal Version: 1.25.1
Does Celestial Omen often feel to slow for you? The rest of the deck looks pretty aggro.