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FJS Vara Combo

By Almost


Cost Curve




A variant of Sir Rhino's means to an end vara combo deck.

This version adds Justice for Privilege of Rank and Harsh Rule.
1 rise to the challenge finds Vara or a combo piece (slumbering, shadowlands, or tyrant).

Ideally you have Shadowlands Guide, Slumbering Stone, and Infernal Tyrant in your void when you play Vara. Means to an end fills up your void while you are comboing, and it kills the opponent if you can gain enough life.

Torrent of Spiders is a value card after you've dumped some creatures into your void.


Shiftstone Cost 43,850
Premium Cost 186,400
Influence Requirements 2 2 3
Power Sources 10 9 17 11
Rarities 9 26 19 8
Units 20
Attachments 4
Spells 26
Powers 25
Type Standard
Archetype Combo
Updated August 12, 2017
Added August 12, 2017
Views 883
Eternal Version v1.22 - Omens of the Past
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