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Xenan Killers is still viable! - FoA Gold to Master

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With just a couple of card changes from it's pre-FoA iteration, I was that surprised that this deck took me to Master in Ranked. Unfortunately, the deck uses many Legendary units.

Notes about some of the cards:

Teacher of Humility - A new addition. She's good defense against early aggro, and good against control decks when she hits. I have had 3 or 4 opponents concede immediately after getting hit by her. I can only guess that these were non-aggressive decks that had plenty of card draw. Don't concede if you are playing this deck and you get hit by a Teacher.

Blistering Wasp - Good defense against both early aggressive units and fatties, even if they're flying. Turns into targeted removal when paired with Xenan Initiation. After that, use Dark Return to turn it into recurring removal.

Annihilate - Good removal against early aggressive units and Time based decks using mono-colored fatties. Also good for mono-colored threats of other colors, such as Kenna, Shaman of the Scale.

Ayan, the Abductor - Another card that is good against early aggro. His lifesteal can be a godsend at times. His ambush can act as psuedo removal against small attacking weapons and units.

Xenan Obelisk - An MVP against other midrange decks and time decks, whereby you always want your own units to be bigger than your oppoent's units. Especially important for pumping your Auric Interrogator so that it will start drawing you extra cards.

Auralian Merchant - Allows you place the 4th copy of some of your Time cards into the market, making space for other cards in your deck. Heck, she herself acts as the 4th to 7th copy of those Time cards. The fact that she ramps your maximum power by one and is out of Torch range is a huge bonus. Out of all the five merchants, I feel that she's the best.

Auric Interrogator - I feel that this is the deck's true MVP. When paired with cards like Xenan Obelisk, Dark Return, or Xenan Initiation, this becomes a threat that replaces itself and has the potential to draw even more cards in future turns.

Banish - Great for removing an opposing Sandstorm Titan or key opposing relics like Xenan Obelisk, Crystalline Chalice, Crown of Possibilities and Combustion Cell. Since it's a Fast Spell, it is also useful against Haunting Scream decks.

Predatory Carnosaur - Removal that can go through Aegis and leaves behind a big body. Perfect for hard-to-handle units like Icaria, the Liberator

That's about it for the card notes. If you intend to try out this deck for ladder, all the best, and good luck!


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21 17 12

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Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


August 13, 2018

July 6, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.37 - Balance Changes

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Revisions (Since last major patch) August 13, 2018


axdrtym Eternal Version: 1.37
axdrtym Eternal Version: 1.37
LadyDeathZA Eternal Version: 1.37
Amazing deck and so much fun! I had two games where turn 3 I played my dawnwalker and they conceded LOL

Thanks for the deck! I had to modify it a little because I dont have all the legendaries or rather sets of them. But super fun! :)
Ninjacan Eternal Version: 1.36
I'm curious if you've tried or considered Alhed, Mount Breaker for this deck. World Bearer, yes very powerful, but has no synergy with the deck, just a big durdle. Alhed can rebuy you killer activations(while growing himself and the killer unit) and can rebuy Ayan occasionally as well if he's already been activated. Also, zero Merchants? I get not wanting to dilute the deck, but even like 2 copies can give you a little more consistency and flexibility. I see you cut them, so i guess you disagree?
Kidsoldja Eternal Version: 1.36
Your number choices are actually triggering many 3 ofs without a market can you explain why you are not playing playsets of certain cards? for example i feel like if you want to play teacher of humility on turn 2 consistently you need to have all 4 otherwise i wouldnt even play her at all... why all 4 obelisks and only 3 worldbearer?