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LaVache's FJS Midrange (Rank 1 Masters)

By LaVache



Cost Curve




This is a FJS Midrange deck that focuses more on applying pressure to the opponent through developing a superior board position. I realize that running two banners in the market is probably controversial, but the stability it brings has won me a lot of games. If you have any questions about playing the deck leave them in the comments and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers!


Shiftstone Cost (Does not include campaign cost) 34,800
Premium Cost 150,400
Influence Requirements 2 2 2
Power Sources 15 16 15 18
Deck Rarities 14 14 26 4 12
Card Types 24 8 20 28
Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Archetype Midrange
Added October 27, 2018
Views 5,732
Eternal Version v1.40 - Bug fixes
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edpham Edited Eternal Version: 1.40
Been playing this deck for a while now and it feels like 2/3 of the time I'm using Merchant to get one of the banners... Should the power count be upped? Usually been stuck on three to four power and can't get the five or six drops out.
mauric Eternal Version: 1.40
Could telut replace rizahan in a budget version?
ETrex4240 Eternal Version: 1.40
Is there a potential Rizahan replacement while I work on my playset? Or should I just hold off on this deck until I have 3 more?
mauric Eternal Version: 1.40
Same question - what would work to replace Rizahan?
SomethingMusic Eternal Version: 1.40
There is no reason for Tavrod to be in this deck. It won't draw any cards and is in just for the body. I think that Amili, Makto, Shadowlands Tyrant, etc. would be as effective with more upside than Tavrod.
Fytzee Eternal Version: 1.40
Discards firebombs as well
Fytzee Eternal Version: 1.40
Discards firebombs as well
Noodlez113 Edited Eternal Version: 1.40
He can draw more Tavrods and Vanquishers Blades and make your Dark Returns better.
o943948830 Eternal Version: 1.40
very good