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JankJunction - Bond Sentinels Guantlet Grinder

By jankjunction



Abyssruler Eternal Version: 1.27
no darude?
jankjunction Eternal Version: 1.27
This was supposed to be a budget version of a deck new players could grind gauntlet with. Darude is 100% in in a non-budget version.
crookedrook11 Eternal Version: 1.27
I was a Gear Master short, so I tossed in a Diogo for fun. Hilarity ensued. Along with swapping in two crests for a Sigil of each, those were the only changes I made before going 7 in Gauntlet. I'm Considering some other Sentinels since I have some rares and a couple legendaries to play with, but deck plays fine as is. Would not recommend messing with the 27 power here, but I suppose if you really wanted to shoe horn in more FACE or possibly a couple of Brilliant Discovery? Maybe?
GhostBear Edited Eternal Version: 1.27
Didn't have Shiftstone to craft the Gear Master x4 needed for the deck, one can be gotten in the Ancient Discoveries Theme Deck.

Subbed in 4 Monolith Guardian as it runs with 2 relics, and it works okay, but the card draw that the Gear Master provides would be nice.

Needed to get and complete The Tale of Horus Traver to get the Power Stone cards for the deck.
crookedrook11 Eternal Version: 1.27
I was skeptical of the Power Stone, but this deck convinced me of its worth.