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MooMoo and friends

By SooNo SooNo+0192


Cost Curve




This is the list i finished my masters with for dec. Played tokens of different flavors through most of it then closed it with everyones favorite set of moo moos. Trainq feels good honestly.... i like some gambling. Change to vanq if you feel theres more midrange. Anni and protect are fine against those but vanq answers the same and more creatures in those games. Protect felt bad to trim but 2 annis is sad against aggro, never cut a slay, and favor is needed with no seeks.. and i dont think a creature or weapon should be cut before a spell in this deck when you have to try and meet certian numbers to make your cards actually do something is the easiest way to put it... hope if you export the list you have fun and good luck.


Type Standard
Archetype Midrange
Updated December 10, 2017
Eternal Version v1.26 - The Pale Riders
Views 2,998
Shiftstone Cost 47,600 / 198,400 (Premium)
Influence Requirements 2 2
Units 28
Attachments 8
Spells 14
Powers 25
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Revisions Last Change: December 3, 2017