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Eternal Journey Charity Tournament

Article by Jedi_EJ - May 25, 2020

Charity Tournament for Child’s Play

Who: Jedi_EJ and YOU
What: Common/Uncommon Constructed, TBT Round Swiss, Single Elim Top 8, Best of 3, no play/draw rule
When: 06 June 2020, 1100 CST
Why: To raise a donation for Child’s Play (Providing entertainment to kids in medical facilities)

Greetings Knights, Padawans, and all the great people of the Eternal Community. I think we have a fantastic group of people here and would like to do a couple of things that generate a lot of synergy and high value. I wanted to create an event that can bring us together regardless of play skill, collection size, global location, and allow us to be creative (deck building), test our play skill, do some additional good in the world and have fun while doing it. So this is an attempt at creating something bigger than ourselves (or just me at least). Ok enough about the setup, on to the nuts and bolts.

06 JUNE 2020 at 1100 CST (so this coming Saturday) I and the rest of the Jedi Order will be hosting an Eternal tournament for charity. The tournament is FREE to join located in the links within this post and will consist of a COMMON/UNCOMMON ONLY (PEASANT) format. This allows any player that wants to participate to join regardless of collection, use of normal shiftstone fodder build arounds, appeal to limited players, and create another challenge for those creative brewers. All cards in Eternal are legal excluding campaigns and the conjuring cycle from Echoes of Eternity. Tournament will consist of a to be determined (based on participation) number, rounds of swiss with a cut to a single elimination Top 8. All rounds will be best of 3 with no play / draw rule and the Top 4 matches will be played sequentially.

Prize support will be based on community contributions and will be distributed to first through fourth place along with the potential team rewards variant. (I’ll explain in a moment) Of note we will also be giving away various prizes throughout the stream to the chat simply for showing up and supporting the cause and community. Additionally I like how tight knit the Eternal community is and would like to somewhat continue this with a little inner community competition between the various Eternal Teams that have been created. So if a minimum of five (5) teams participate with a minimum (but not limited to) three (3) players each, we will split some of the prize pool with the top three finishers of the winning team! Teams consist of any of the known entities with a title and have been represented in previous Eternal Tournaments such as (Misplay) (TNT) (Barbarian Camp) and the many others. Scoring for the team event will simply be adding the rank of the top three (3) finishes for the team together and the lowest total wins. Example… 2nd, 7th, 11th place finishes equal a score of 20 for that specific team. Let me know if you like this idea or not please.

Child’s Play is the organization we will first be fundraising / donating to. They focus on supplying video game consoles and age appropriate video games for groups of children that are in hospitalized care for an extended period of time to help distract them from such tough times. Anyone can donate as soon as this post is live and can continue to do so until the end of the tournament on Saturday. The link is a third party that is designed for fundraiser campaigns and is independent from my own content, so feel free to click the link below if you decide you’d like to contribute. Thank you in advance for donating and/or for reading this far.

Broadcast of the tournament will be on my Twitch channel ( and will be streaming on a 10 minute delay to avoid the players of any feature matches feeling like they are at a disadvantage. I do encourage anyone that is curious or interested in seeing some great and new players innovate deck design as well as show off piloting prowess to tune in and cheer on your favorites! We encourage everyone participated in the event to join our discord (link down below) as we will have a tournament specific channel setup for our organizers to better assist players and facilitate a smoothly run tournament.

If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact me in this thread or on discord. =)






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