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Echoes of Eternity 2.0 Draft Walk Through

Guide by Jedi_EJ - May 31, 2020

Greetings all my fellow Knights and Young Padawans, I’m Jedi, and today we will be going through the drafting process with the Echoes of Eternity 2.0 limited format, in which we are now drafting Curated > EoE > EoE > Curated packs. Maybe you are brand new to drafting and a little curious, or maybe you are a seasoned vet and just wanted to bounce some of your opinions off of another drafter? Regardless, this article will be a resource that can improve anyone’s limited game, including my own!

Small disclaimer: this is one specific set of packs which require their own specific assessment, a variance in card selection could easily change the route we go down and thus how picks are evaluated. That being said, understand that this is A way to draft and not THE way to draft, so it is perfectly alright to agree or disagree with my picks without being wrong. I do encourage you to mention in the comments down below any disagreements and why so we can grow together. So, without further ado, let us begin this Eternal Journey…

This is a very interesting pack 1 pick 1 because of the fact there are no stand out windmill slam bombs, but rather several solid picks that are on even power level. Xenan Guardian has always been an over performer for me in limited as you are paying four power for a 3/3 with a little help from endurance (which I personally think is a good battle skill), but it’s ability to be a power sink late in the game that can out class most other units is extremely powerful. Downside is that your opponent can see it coming and has the ability to deal with it prior two it getting huge or wait for you to spend your turn upgrading it and then removing it.

Tireless Stranger, Seasoned Spelunker, and Ravenous Thornbeast are all fantastic 3/3’s for three which is a solid body in this format from what I can tell. I personally would not fault anyone for taking any of these three considering the stranger giving both sides of the board endurance isn’t horrible, Thornbeast having a chance to be a 5/5 on 3 is always good, and spelunker being a 5/5 as well as ramping you some all being good. My deciding factor is that for the most part spelunker can be great on it’s own, goes with the strongest faction, works with relic synergies, and can ramp you.
Jedi’s Pick: Seasoned Spelunker

Cards to consider here are Ice Sprite for the pseudo removal plus a flyer that can synergize in that archetype. Shakva Evangel for the 2/2 for two with additional influence fixing as the influence strangers are no longer boosted heavily. Finest hour being an absolutely amazing combat trick do to it’s flexibility in defense and offense, negating some removal spells, and of course only requiring you to leave up a single power.

Last but not least Display of Honor, which in my opinion is a house in limited, it is a powerful combat trick with life steal attached to it that can change a race in a big way, has removal that stops even void shenanigans by turning the unit to a 2/1 goat, and in this format the third ability could get back a hook sword or plate mail etc. So despite it being a three factioned pick and going against our first pick, the power level of the display is worth the pick here.
Jedi’s Pick: Display of Honor

I think Eilyn’s Choice does have some applications now that we are seeing more combat tricks, attachments, and the usual suspects of corpsebloom, giants, and sentinels in the format while also going with our honor pick, but to me doesn’t warrant an early pick. I think the true pick is between the 2/2’s for 2 of Evangel and Quirin. Though lifesteal already on a unit can be quite impressive in some games, the potential late game upside of Spiketail Qirin and being a must answer threat at 2, makes this little beaked scorpion guy the pick.
Jedi’s Pick: Spiketail Qirin

Honestly nothing exciting in this pack as well, which I feel might make for a better learning experience for you readers. =) Combrei healer does work at times, but overall has not impressed me, so I will go with a speculative pick here (considering that we have no idea what we are getting passed in pack 2 and 3) and pick up the Consuming Greed. I am already beginning to lean away from the display since I have not seen anything to make me want to play any of its three factions yet and Xenan is a color pairing I am very happy to play. Moreover if we are able to pick up a Waystone Gate, playing it on three to eat it on four with greed to add 16 attack worth of units on the board is pretty powerful. Of note it can also eat the stone from spelunker once it’s done its duty.
Jedi’s Pick: Consuming Greed

Another medium to low pack here, I personally am not a fan of 1/1’s for 1 with little upside… even with more x/1’s in the format I don’t think cub will do enough to affect the board to warrant a pick here. (I’m sure someone will post a screenshot of a cub killing an Inferno Zealot in the comments below) and the burglar is ok with combat tricks, but most of the time he will either just sit around and/or your opponent will just take the 1 damage. Blaze doesn’t have time in it and so I just went with Granite Ring here as it does offer some upside with praxis big units primarily giving them overwhelm so they can no longer be chump blocked.
Jedi’s Pick: Granite Ring

Speaking of large and in charge units we have Runic Protector. Not flashy or anything, but if giants have shown us anything is that sometimes battle skill HUGE can get the job done. There is some additional insurance taking this big guy as it does have pledge so you can swap it for power on turn one, albeit the feel bads when you draw it on turn two.
Jedi’s Pick: Runic Protector

I have found myself cutting Proselytize from my decks practically every time unless I am some form of Xenan or Destruction sacrifice and thus why I’m not considering it. Dusthoof Brawler is a solid C card with it’s 3 health causing it to trade down a lot, but it’s overwhelm making it a spicy target for combat tricks. Horned Vorlunk is a card I've always been happy to run in my deck, the 4 health makes it quite good on defense stopping most of your opponents 3 and 4 drops, while as we just stated overwhelm makes it a good attacker as well.
Jedi’s Pick: Horned Vorlunk

Amaran Shoveler doesn’t have enough hits in most decks to really pay you back for spending a card on this guy, even with some additional void strategies. I can completely respect the Hotblood Barbarian pick here as the ability to pick off an X/1 is upside and the beserk can lead to some huge damage swings. That being said she is an X/1 herself and pretty replaceable in my opinion. So I went with the explorative pick here with Spitfire, just for science. I think Barbarian is probably the correct pick but i’m not losing much to see with a world filled with X/1’s if spitfire will do some work or just be too slow and we’d rather just have 1 ruinous burst. Plus I wanted to find out if we give it deadly through touch of battle if the pings would kill. (pretty sure it doesn’t since the Bottled Storm pings don’t, but you never know)
Jedi’s Pick: Spitfire

I will admit we are leaning towards the kind of deck that can make good work of a Wandering Forge. I don't think it wins against the role that Towertop Patrol takes. It being a flying with a huge 5 health means that it can stop most of your opponents aggressive flyers and blocks humbugs, burningcore drakes, and aerial spotters very well. Immortalize is for sure a consideration as well since we do have the greed for some shadow, but in this new format I like sticking to a lane as much as we can in pack one until we see what we get in pack two.
Jedi’s Pick: Towertop Patrol

So this is pretty much a throw away pick here as none of these cards really appeal to me. I don’t think we are even going to play the first spitfire so the second is for sure a no, the cartographer could be a consideration should primal be open, we go elysian and it is a two drop. Curator is super medium if not lower, but it does block well enough so we went with that as a slight hedge for pack 2.
Jedi’s Pick: Kosul Curator

I think spellsword is just bad and Proselytize is very underwhelming in this format with so many better token makers, but it is in our primary color.
Jedi’s Pick: Proselytize

Sure why not.
Jedi’s Pick: Backlash

So cards to consider here are Xultan Arbalest which is a decent removal spell with 2 for 1 potential. Bookclub Yeti being a solid two drop with the upside of being a removal spell later. The tokens for fixing potential leaning a little more towards creation since it has our main color in it. Last is the over performer of Tattoo Dragon, which is an aggressively stated evasive unit with the ability to synergize with several cards in the set and create additional attackers or chump blockers. It is to be said that the card is not a windmill slam bomb as it does trade with several flyers, burn spells, and weapons in the format, it still is a must answer threat.
Jedi’s Pick: Tattoo Dragon

Let me start off by saying that I do not feel like we are locked into praxis just yet, though Tattoo Dragon does make me want to lean that way. Usually the first pick is the least relevant pick as we have the least amount of information about what the players passing to us our taking. That being said Praxis has plenty of picks in this pack, Dancing Flame being the front runner. Dancing Flame does have a random fate ability, but from my experiences even if it isn’t the one you wanted, there are still benefits. In most cases the three cost 4/4 is the best mode in your opening hand and five cost 6/6 is better late game, but I have snuck in victories with the charge ability as well.

Humbug Nest and Turn Back Time are always safe pics, with nest giving you two evasive flyers off of one card and TBT usually being an additional copy of your best unit or removal spell. I have personally gone up on Victor’s Feast as it does give you roughly 2.5 cards off of one (the 0/1 and ramp being worth about half a card), but I do think your deck has to facilitate going to a long game to have the time to play out the giant. Stonepowder Bomber is a pretty generic filler and easy to replace and at the moment I don’t think we have to worry about fixing with the token or Interloper.
Jedi’s Pick: Dancing Flame

Already mentioned the upsides to Victor’s Feast and Turn Back Time in our previous pick. We are nowhere near playing the Strange Sorcerer, we have no weapon for smithing, I am not particularly high or medium on Assault Shield though I admit it can be functional in some decks, and despite only having 1 two drop currently I feel yeti is very replaceable as well.
Jedi’s Pick: Victor's Feast

Water conjuring is by far the strongest card in the pack, not only is its ability to stun 2 enemy units at fast speed a game winning play on it’s own the fact that you can invoke another win con makes it very powerful. That being said it is double primal influence and we have zero fixing for it sadly. (Of note it’s at this point that we might as well cut display from our deck) I think the cards in contention are both plunge being a removal spell that doesn’t go as great with our tattoo dragon but does like up well with greed, patrol, and any potential Archive Curators and humbugs. Carver I think has some serious upside allowing you to trade your smaller or stunned units for better cards, but also does require a little bit of support to be good with cards like nest and feast to give you free cards. I hedge my bets a little here taking the uncommon over the common that tends to go pretty late into the draft packs.
Jedi’s Pick: Kindling Carver

This deck barely wants one carver so we don’t need a second. Contaiminating Ritual can do some work when your deck can bring units back from the void, but we aren’t there yet. I personally am a very big fan of Gravewatch Ancestor as I feel the card does a lot of work for being a simple 3 cost unit. It’s ability to come down early and block most 2 drops and some 3’s in the format is already a great start, then your opponent has to consider trades or their attacks and blocks on bigger units that will facilitate the Ancestor’s ability to just get huge in the mid to late game. Any card that has applications early and late in the game has a high vote for me and is in our primary color. Of note we are seeing a Brood of Eremot here which is a solid unit as well, so that is two strong primal cards back to back and something we should consider going forward as we are still just in pack 2.
Jedi’s Pick: Gravewatch Ancestor

In this pack the fixing does not stand out at me and I dont think we are in the market for Ruinious Burst either. It is between Drake and Crafter, with my usual rule of thumb being to pick up the weapons for crafter to tutor before you pick up the crafter. So with that I went ahead and took the more aggressive and evasive unit.
Jedi’s Pick: Burningcore Drake

If we didn’t take craft I don’t feel we are ready for smithing yet either though I would not fault anyone for taking it speculatively here. Unless I have 2 ways of giving it double damage (and even then) I am not a fan of Inferno Zealot, I just think it’s too fragile of a unit. So we go with the adult pick in the form of Token of Creation as at the very least it cleans up our Praxis power base and could facilitate an Edge of Creation or Siege Provisions later on.
Jedi’s Pick: Token of Creation

Sure we can pick up a speculative smithing here as we aren’t missing out on anything important for the deck we have thus far.
Jedi’s Pick: Soldrain Smithing

Furyblade is a fine card to take this late in the pack as it offers a target for Bladecrafter but more importantly serves a similar role as Ruinous Blast and Sear removing smaller threats. Fire Conjuring is a fantastic pick up for us here as we might not necessarily be the go wide praxis deck, the ability to get in a bunch of extra damage on an A+Space and/or having our smaller units trade up makes this card solid and then of course the inherent ability of the conjurings to invoke a bomb is always great. Of note we have not seen any notable primal cards since the Brood of Eremot.
Jedi’s Pick: Fire Conjuring

This is one of the payoffs of potentially understanding the value of certain cards and which you can expect to see later in the draft. We are able to pick up the bomber here for our late game despite passing several throughout the course of the draft thus far.
Jedi’s Pick: Stonepowder Bomber

That is a very late Bookclub Yeti all but confirming that primal is open, but I’m ok taking the burst here to potentially replace our Spitfire especially if we are able to pick up a Touch of Force in pack 3.
Jedi’s Pick: Ruinous Burst

I mean, I guess...
Jedi’s Pick: Assault Shield

With only one solid two drop I am very inclined to take the Covetous Stranger here as it does facilitate a more aggressive strategy and can lead us to drawing an extra card or two over the course of the game. We mainly just want to make sure we hit our critical mass of early game plays with roughly 5-7 two cost units to make sure aggressive decks can’t simply run us over.
Jedi’s Pick: Covetous Stranger

Lacking in relics I actually want to play but also shadow fixing at the moment, I went ahead and moved the Consuming Greed to our pool, which makes Display of Destruction and Triumphant Return also powerful, less likely picks. We only have two dragons to search up so Strange Tracker isn’t really a card worth splashing for either. I will admit though I would consider Biting Winds for a splash as you mainly want to see it in the light game and it is pretty solid removal in the format. Winds or Display would have been the pick for me here except that we have the solid card we spoke about earlier in the form of Dancing Flame and so that is our pick here. Just as a reminder I typically am a conservative drafter and would much rather stick to two colors with a very light splash if I can help it, so it’s ok if you diverge some from my thought process.
Jedi’s Pick: Dancing Flame

Ok a 3rd pick Plagued Gryffyn combo’d with what we saw in pack 2 assures me that primal is open and I think it is completely reasonable to have either an Instinct, Skycrag, or Elysian deck at this point. Fire conjuring is too narrow of a card for us to want more than one of in our deck and so we aren’t taking a second one here and I am still trying to avoid taking a cookmaster so I take a second Burningcore Drake adding more evasive threats to our list.
Jedi’s Pick: Burningcore Drake

The draft client is totally tempting me here and I give some SERIOUS consideration to splashing shadow for most likely Return here as we are happy getting back our dragons and our flames with it. In all honesty I think it might have actually been correct to splash some here though, but I was still very nervous about our influence fixing and stayed the course taking our third Burningcore Drake which is the most I’ve ever had in a deck.
Jedi’s Pick: Burningcore Drake

Here we see another reward for being in a correct lane as this is an extremely late Sear. The card is not amazing removal as it only does 3 damage, but it is still a very good card. It usually can trade up on power economy with what you are removal, has the ability of being a two for one being a fast spell (so you can remove a unit in response to a combat trick) and finally it can go face to give you that little bit of reach to close out the game.
Jedi’s Pick: Sear

Alright, alright you win, the lower end of our curve needs some loving so we will finally pick up the Yeti Cookmaster here passing on just furyblade, which isn’t really a card you want 2 of in a deck. Just to mention it I am not high on calibrate as in most cases it is just a worse seek power, I think you need a critical mass of about 3-5 relics in your deck for it to be better than seek.
Jedi’s Pick: Yeti Cookmaster

Bladecrafter still doesn’t have enough targets for me to be happy taking it here, plus we already have three solid 4 cost units and so I took the Siege Provisions. We have the single Token of Creation in our pool and could maybe pick up a piece of Rakano fixing in pack 4.
Jedi’s Pick: Siege Provisions

If you went the primal route both Raven and Spotter are fine pickups here. I don’t want the double influenced Paladin here for the splash so I just took the uncommon for the shift stone.
Jedi’s Pick: Unity Within

Meh...another shiftstone pick
Jedi’s Pick: Monument Curator

Just in case we want to keep the shadow splash alive Contaminating Ritual.
Jedi’s Pick: Contaminating Ritual

We aren’t playing either of these.
Jedi’s Pick: Ruinous Burst

Pool fodder.
Jedi’s Pick: Furyblade

We are pretty heavy on 3 cost units, but I am not opposed to cutting a drake for an upgrade if the deck requires it, so I am leaning towards Sharpershooter here. As a disclaimer we don’t have very many ways if any to give it quickdraw which does lower it’s value. A few other cards we are looking at here are, Fall Short being able to remove strangers and giants is quite strong, draw strength always being a solid combat trick, and ancient manual to help facilitate the splash.
Jedi’s Pick: Rebel Sharpshooter

Oh man Surgeon’s Saw is such a great card, not only getting back a strong unit from the void but also changing math by giving a unit lifesteal for a single shadow influence is really strong. Moondial does have its applications but I don’t think our deck is defensive enough to accommodate its long game plan. We do not have enough relics to make Monolith Guardian a thing, especially with so much silence running around. So I am going to go with the adult pick here and take the Seek Power as it will work should we decide to splash either shadow or justice in this deck. Not exciting, but still very effective.
Jedi’s Pick: Seek Power

Timekeeper can be a decent unit in a two faction deck, but a silence effect just kills it, so it’s just a liability in my eyes. Sniper is fine but we have plenty of ways to remove small units and only want 1 or 2 more units and so i’m off of it. There is that shadow splash tempting us again with Immortalize, and in all seriousness is the correct pick I think with us having 4 flying units to give exalted to. I actually took Gold Mine here and I’ll explain why. I do think it is a very situational card, maybe even a win more card as you have to be attack and getting in damage for it to do something (ie: draw you a card), but we have 3 burningcore drakes with are evasive and do the right amount of damage to trigger it. I can see a world where we turn 3 a drake and then turn 4 the mine and if our opponent doesn’t have an answer to the drake we can get way ahead on card advantage.

Of note the Gold Mine can come down AFTER damage has been dealt and will still trigger, so if we attack with our drake and it gets kill, we can simply develop our board instead of playing the mine. So for the sake of science, we took the Gold Mine.
Jedi’s Pick: Gold Mine

I like Living Mountain and I think it’s an ok body for the stats (see Dancing Flame) and has the upside of getting in some damage the turn it comes into play with it’s summon ability of giving another unit +2/+2 and overwhelm. My problem is that we already have four 5+ cost units and so I’m not excited about it. Desperate Gambit is a replaceable card, but in our deck I like the fact it can make our flyers a little more resilient and I have decimated it to have positive trades in combat and/or straight up kill our opponent more than once.
Jedi’s Pick: Desperate Gambit

Well our deck doesn’t really need any more 3 cost units but this one is an allstar. Rusty Grenamotive will also give us the ability to ramp into some of our bigger units a turn or two early, while also being a good blocker. Yup we are snagging that bad robot up.
Jedi’s Pick: Rusty Grenamotive

Submerged Titan is serviceable though I am not excited about it. I would have really liked to see additional support for it with cards like humbug nest triggering it twice in one turn, but if it comes down early and sticks, it can get pretty big.
Jedi’s Pick: Submerged Titan

Sure we already mentioned how we felt about Living Mountain so we will take it here.
Jedi’s Pick: Living Mountain

We aren’t playing any of these so I just snagged lightning strike to make deck building a little easier.
Jedi’s Pick: Lightning Strike

Nothing special here and much like our base level spells we don’t really need a second gambit so just took the ring for easier deck building.
Jedi’s Pick: Cobalt Ring

We are for sure low on 2’s and Pyre Adept attacks on average about the same as cookmaster but blocks better.
Jedi’s Pick: Pyre Adept

Death from Above can win games and has its place, but not in our deck.
Jedi’s Pick: Rainfall Accord

Jedi’s Pick: Master Cartographer

Just a note I actually enjoyed the way this draft went for educational purposes, because of the fact it was not a clear and cut lane and in fact we have several paths we could have taken. I’m genuinely interested to see how many of you would have dipped into primal or splashed a third faction? After some serious deliberation we decided that really wanting double fire on turn 3 made our deck less likely to splash and none of the splash cards were worth the inconsistency so we stuck to just straight Praxis.

The deck is not super flashy or an easy 9 out of 10 but minus at least one solid form of removal it has everything we need to get us to the finish line. In attempts to try out the sketchy Gold Mine we valued any unit that did 3 or more damage, which was the majority of our deck surprisingly (even at the 2 slot lol) We cut all the other relics as they just didn’t seem great and only ran one Burst and Furyblade as they all overlap with each other and Sear. We kept the Token and Seek in the deck to smooth out our early games draws, regardless of only being two factions. Another notable abnormality is that we went with 8 three cost units, which is a really high amount, but I was banking on dominating the mid and early late game potentially having a 3 cost unit and trick up on turn 5.

The deck started off a little slow going 0-2, which did have us questioning the build but to my surprise managed to pull off the reverse sweep going 7-2. We were able to enable our game plan a few times with drakes and goldmine, but as expected most of the games ended with us in a racing situation as our late game was a little lacking. Burst, Gambit, Sear, and Blade all helped us sneak in additional damage or keep our drakes alive to ride to victory. Minus one game I recorded the games to the deck which you can find in the link down below.

I hope you were able to learn a little or a lot of something from this walk through as I do encourage everyone to enjoy the many facets of this great game we all enjoy playing, Eternal. If you’d like to ask more questions please feel free to open discussion with me and/or the rest of the Eternal Journey crew on our discord or live on Twitch in the links down below. Thank you so much for reading and until next time, may the force draft with you.

Draft Game Play:

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Keep up the good work!
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Thank you for tuning in, I hope this article helped increase your Eternal fun!
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Well said, sir..
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Glad you got something out of it friend!