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Argent Depths Community Draft Set Review

Analysis by jedthehomarid - July 6, 2020

Welcome to the Eternal Community Draft Set Review for Argent Depths.

I started this project with Echoes of Eternity, after being inspired by the MTG Community Set Review, and wanted to continue with Argent Depths with the goal of giving us a way to share our individual experience of the cards in this latest draft format.

The Results

EDIT: Here are the first round of results as of 7/11/2020: Argent Depths Community Draft Set Review Results

You can see the Echoes of Eternity results for reference here also: Echoes of Eternity Community Draft Set Review Results.

I've tried to provide a variety of metrics to help with interpreting the results including:
1. Average of Ratings
2. Most Common Rating(s)--the mode of the ratings
3. Strength of Most Common Rating(s)--a calculation of the amount of agreement among the most common rating(s)

The Survey

To gather this data I've created the Argent Depths Community Draft Set Review Survey.

The survey will ask for a rating of each card in the Argent Depths Draft format, excluding the Eternal Draft Packs. I chose to exclude the Eternal Draft Packs because of the frequency that they change, as well as the fact that individual card ratings like this survey uses are typically more relevant within the first few to several picks of a draft.

The Rating Guide

The ratings system was developed after reviewing multiple other rating systems, including those used by Calebovitsch, Team Draft Chaff, Eternal Journey, and Magic: The Gathering players and content creators, Luis-Scott Vargas and Marshall Sutcliffe (Limited Resources).

It is a numeric system (1-10) that tries to highlight a variety of reasons a card may be considered more powerful and desirable to choose early in a draft with the understanding that as a draft progresses the relative values of cards will fluctuate depending on the needs of your deck and it's plan.

The inherent challenge of this type of card evaluation system is that it is condensing a variety of card evaluation principles into a single number rating, which can be difficult in and of itself, but I find it provides a good starting point for thinking about the cards in a specific format relative to each other and the other cards in your deck.

I hope that this provides helpful information to you as we learn more about the Argent Depths Draft format together. Thank you in advance to anyone that shares their knowledge and experience through this survey.

If you have any feedback about this project feel free to comment here, email me at [email protected], or by direct message on Discord (jedthehomarid#2481).


PandaBroPound Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Thanks for the info! I'll be able to dig through it after work today, just wanted to say I'm thankful info like this is being compiled